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Eldest Young Master Wu was going all out.

Without further delay, he immediately ordered, “Kill everyone here! Kill them all!”


The thugs immediately charged towards the bailiffs and Xiao Hanzheng.

Shi Qingluo pulled Xiao Baili behind her.

“Dont be afraid.

With your brother and I around, you can hide behind me.”

Xiao Baili had never seen such a situation before.

She was indeed scared and nervous.

However, when she heard her sister-in-laws words and how she was protecting her, her heart warmed.

For some reason, she suddenly felt less scared and nervous.


She would definitely not drag her brother and sister-in-law down.

The knife came slashing at her.

Shi Qingluo raised her leg and kicked her opponent, pulling and breaking his arm.

Then, she snatched his knife.

Very quickly, she fought with those who came slashing at them.

Xiao Hanzheng knew that his little wifes skills were very good, and he had taught her a lot these days.

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It shouldnt be a problem for her to deal with these people.

As expected, he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she was fine after fighting with a few people alone.

He also snatched the knife of the person who attacked him and joined the battle.

He also helped a few bailiffs who were almost injured.

Mo Qingling was born in the marquis mansion.

Although his father did not care about him since he was young, his mothers clan hired people to specially train him.

Especially after he toned down his playboy personality, he persevered and learned martial arts for a long time.

Although he wasnt as skillful as Xiao Hanzhengs, he wasnt weak either.

He also defeated two thugs who were slashing at him.

After he took the knife, he continued to fight back.

He even rushed to save a few bailiffs.

Eldest Young Master Wu looked at the three people who were extremely skilled and was completely dumbfounded.

“Ah, how is this possible”

What happened to the county magistrate, scholar, and village woman who were said to be weak


How could they be experts

These three people were too shameless.

They actually hid themselves so well.

Their skills were actually better than his outlaws.

He simply could not understand.

Especially since Shi Qingluo, a young woman, was able to fight against three of them at the same time and had someone protecting her from behind.

He felt like he was in a dream and it did not feel real at all.

The three of them had high combat strength and they were fighting in a methodical manner, unlike these outlaws who were fighting ferociously.

Together with the resistance of more than ten bailiffs, they quickly subdued more than thirty outlaws.

Seeing this, Eldest Young Master Wu could not help but panic and immediately ran towards the courtyard entrance.

He wanted to quickly inform his father.

He did not know what to do now.

But how could they let him escape

Xiao Hanzheng used his feet to kick two stones from the ground, which flew towards Eldest Young Master Wus legs.

“Ah!” Then, his legs were hit by two stones, and he fell heavily to the ground with a scream.

The sharp-eyed bailiffs quickly ran up and tied him up.

They did not care about those dead thugs on the ground, and those who were injured or knocked unconscious were all tied together.

The Wu family actually had so many desperadoes.

It seemed that the things they had found in the past were only the tip of the iceberg,

Mo Qingling was even more curious about what was down there.

“Lets go down and take a look.”

Xiao Hanzheng pulled Shi Qingluo.


Shi Qingluo held Xiao Bailis hand again.

Half of the bailiffs remained, and the other half followed them down to the basement.

Because there were people living there, the surrounding walls were lit with oil lamps.

After passing through a corridor, what entered their eyes was a place that was similar to a prison cell.

There were a few rooms at the front, and a few cages at the back.

Inside, there were children between the ages of three to ten and also teenage girls.

There was even a cage that held a few youths who were quite pretty.

Seeing Mo Qingling in official robes and the bailiffs, these peoples numb and despairing eyes finally revealed some light.

“Sir, are you here to save us”

When Mo Qingling saw these people, he tried to look as gentle as possible.

“Thats right, Im here to save you.”

Then, he ordered the bailiffs to cut off the lock of the cage and save them first.

He walked to the front with Xiao Hanzheng and the others and looked at a few rooms carefully.

One of them was similar to a study room, and the other rooms were where the fugitives lived.

Mo Qingling had the bailiffs search the study room.

They only found some unimportant books.

He turned to Xiao Hanzheng and said, “Jinyu, Ill have to trouble you to look for any traps in this room.”

He had not expected that Xiao Hanzheng and his wife would not only know martial arts, but were very skillful in it too..

Xiao Hanzheng seemed to be better at these traps.

He nodded.


In his previous life, when he had taken care of the Wu family, the Wu family had already moved to the prefecture capital, so the underground secret room in the rockery should have been abandoned long ago.

He did not know where the account book was hidden, but he believed that he could find it.

He looked around carefully and touched it again.

He did not find any hidden mechanisms in this room.

He thought for a moment and said, “Ill go to the other rooms to take a look.”

This study room was most likely set up on purpose as a cover.

Mo Qingling had similar thoughts.


Xiao Hanzheng went to the other rooms to check.

Sure enough, in one of the most inconspicuous rooms, he found something wrong and cracked the mechanism.

Suddenly, a secret compartment popped out from the wall by the bedside.

There was a sealed wooden box in the secret compartment.

He took it out from the inside.

He found that there was actually a mechanism lock on it.

If he used something to forcefully break it, the things inside would also be destroyed.

He told Mo Qingling the truth.

Mo Qingling realized that the Wu family was very careful.

With so many mechanisms out, the things inside must be extraordinary.

He cupped his fists and said, “Jinyu, Ill have to trouble you to unlock the traps again.”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled and said, “Ill give it a try.”

After an hour of research.

The wooden box made a cracking sound.

Everyone looked over.

Xiao Hanzheng stretched out his hand and lifted the lid.

Then, he saw not only some letters and ledgers, but also a very thick stack of banknotes.

He did not flip through them and directly handed the wooden box to Mo Qingling.

After Mo Qingling received it, he skipped looking through the banknotes and flipped through the ledgers and letters.

The more she looked at it, the uglier her expression became.

“Damn it, the Wu family actually did so many heartless things.

“They are simply worse than bullies.”

Xiao Hanzheng saw that Shi Qingluos eyes were filled with curiosity, so he asked Mo Qingling, “Other than human trafficking, what else did they do”

Mo Qingling did not hide anything.

“Putting money, human trafficking, raising assassins to take on the business of killing people, and also a business path for brothels.”

He said in a low voice, “Whats more serious is that they are also smuggling salt iron.

Its possible that they are transporting it out of Liang to be sold.”

“We still have to carefully investigate the details.”

Xiao Hanzheng frowned.

“The Wu family is really bold.”

He reminded, “We have to do this one shot.

Otherwise, it will be very troublesome.”

Mo Qinglings eyes darkened, and she nodded.

“Yes, Im going to report it.

Ill ask the emperor to send more people to investigate thoroughly.”

The account book recorded the whereabouts of a lot of profited money and some letters.

Not only that prefect, but many seventh rank and above officials were also involved.

Although the emperor was his uncle, he was, after all, only a seventh rank county magistrate.

He did not have the qualifications to investigate thoroughly.

Nor did he have so many people to do it.


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