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The next day, in the morning court.

As expected, the yushi flipped through Xiao Yuanshis record.

Although he was mentally prepared, the complicated and disdainful gazes from his colleagues made him very irritable and unhappy.

He regretted breaking off his relationship with his son, Xiao Hanzheng, the most.

In addition to todays incident, all these were caused by Ge Chunru.

Therefore, he felt a trace of resentment toward his beloved little wife for the first time.

The emperor was originally dissatisfied with Xiao Yuanshi, so he took this opportunity to criticise him in the imperial court.

This made Xiao Yuanshi very embarrassed and a little flustered.

It seemed that he could not delay presenting the treasure map any longer.

Only when he sacrificed, would there be gains.

After the court session, a close friend of his took the initiative to walk to his side.

“Is Xiao Hanzheng really your son”

Xiao Yuanshi did not want to answer this question, but he held back his impatience and nodded.


Because of the incident with the old profligate, several people who had a good relationship with him had deliberately kept a distance from him.

Now, there were not many people who would interact with him in the court.

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He gave a disapproving look.

“You were muddle-headed in this matter.

“Lets not talk about whether Xiao Hanzheng is a good-for-nothing or not.

“Hes a big boy.

How can he break off his relationship with you just like that”

This was also because he really treated Xiao Yuanshi as a friend.

Xiao Yuanshi could only sigh.

“At that time, my current wife had a miscarriage because of Zhengers mother.

I did such a thing in a moment of hot-headedness.

“Actually, when I was returning to the capital after paying my respects to my ancestors, I wanted to bring Zhenger and his siblings back and raise them together, but Zhenger was not willing.”

His friend thought for a moment and tried to persuade him.

“That wife of yours is really not a good person.

You should listen to her less in the future.”

They had all heard that this little wife of Xiao Yuanshis, was not only a mistress, but had even deliberately created a miscarriage to force his original wife to step down.

After all, Xiao Yuanshis mother said it, so no one suspected that it was fake.

Xiao Yuanshi was very annoyed when he mentioned this, so he could only say perfunctorily, “Yeah, I didnt expect her to be like this.

She wont be like this in the future.”

The two of them chatted for a while more before they parted ways.

Xiao Yuanshi also knew that Ge Chunrus reputation was almost ruined because of this.

In fact, if his mother had not told him about it, he really would not have known that Ge Chunru was the one who plotted against the Kong family.

Back then, he really loved Ge Chunru.

When he saw her crying her heart out and had a miscarriage because of Mdm Kong, his heart ached.

He was also sad that the child he had been looking forward to was gone.

That was why he was angry at Mdm Kong and the children she had given birth to.

Now, because of Ge Chunru and his mother, he became a big joke in the capital.

Hence, Xiao Yuanshi returned to the generals residence.

He had originally wanted to go to Ge Chunrus courtyard, but he suddenly stopped and turned to go to Liu Rus guest courtyard.

Of course, Liu Ru comforted him very considerately.

She was thinking from Xiao Yuanshis shoes, and she was also very respectful when talking about Ge Chunru.

Old Lady Xiao and the others also changed their attitude toward Tao Liu.

They took the initiative to get close to her.

It was as if Tao Liu was their daughter-in-law.

Ge Chunru was so angry that she became ill.


She couldnt help but urge Xiao Yuanshi to send them to the northern border as soon as possible.

She really couldnt take it anymore.

When he mentioned this, Xiao Yuanshi felt uncomfortable again.

After all, back then, he had said that he was going to send her to the northern border.

It was Ge Chunru who had left the Xiao family to deal with that bad daughter-in-law.

But now, he had been stabbed a few more times and faced a lot of humiliation.

However, he was still resentful.

It was still necessary to send them away as soon as possible.

Therefore, he quickly made some arrangements and went to the old ladys courtyard.

The old lady was drinking birds nest while Mdm Wu was massaging her shoulders.

Seeing Xiao Yuanshi come in, the old lady hurriedly revealed a loving smile.

“Yuanshi, youre here.”

Xiao Yuanshi forced a smile.

“Mother, I have something to tell you.”

Old Lady Xiao nodded.


Xiao Yuanshi said, “The county magistrate in the northern border is sick and needs someone to hand over the matter urgently, so our eldest nephew has to go over early.

“Ive prepared everything for you.

Well set off in three days.”

Old Lady Xiao knew that her second son had a plan.

Wasnt he just trying to send them off as soon as possible

She heard from Liu Ru that Ge Chunru had been giving her son pillow talk and wanted to send them away.

However, since they were going to leave, she would not deliberately make things difficult for her son.

She would still need him for many things in the future.

She nodded.

“Alright, its up to you.”

She continued to ask, “Then what about the silver”

Xiao Yuanshi was already afraid of them.

Anything that could be solved with silver was not a problem.

“Like what I said before, I will get the butler to prepare it.

You can reconcile the accounts.”

He did not dare to let Ge Chunru handle this matter again, or else the two sides would have trouble again.

When Old Lady Xiao heard this, her smile deepened.

She held Xiao Yuanshis hand and said, “Yuanshi, I know you are a filial son.”

Xiao Yuanshi sighed, he did not want to.

He continued with a sweet mouth.

“Mother, I will bring you back to the capital earlier.”

Old Lady Xiao smiled even more lovingly.

“Then we will be disturbing you again.

“By the way, I am still worried about you.”

She looked worried.

“Im afraid that after I leave, that problematic daughter-in-law of yours will act up again and break up your family apart.


“So tomorrow, consummate your marriage with Liu Ru and give her a title.

“Then I can go to the northern border without worry.”

If they did not really take her into the manor and confirm her identity, what would happen if that little hoof sent Liu Ru away

That would definitely not work.

They still needed Liu Ru to do the pillow talk and get Xiao Yuanshi to transfer Eldest Grandson Xiao back to the capital in two years time.

If that little hoof gained power and pressured their son every day, it would be terrible.

They would never be able to come back.

Xiao Yuanshi was stunned.

“Mother, isnt this too fast”

The old lady gave him a look.

“This concerns your descendants.

How is this fast

“Its not wrong to listen to your mother.

I wont harm you.”

Xiao Yuanshi thought to himself, havent you harmed me enough”

He said awkwardly, “This, Im afraid Liu Ru wont be willing.”

It was also hard to explain to his wife.

He originally wanted to take it slow and let his wife accept Liu Ru as his concubine.

Old Lady Xiao thought of rolling her eyes.

It would be strange if she was unwilling.

She said, “Leave this matter to me.

I promise that Liu Ru will be willing to be your concubine.”

Xiao Yuanshi immediately shook his head.

“Mother, forget it.

I will handle this matter well.”

Old Lady Xiaos face sank.

“Then I wont go to the northern border.

I will stay in the capital.

“After you have one, then I will go look for your father.”

Xiao Yuanshi uttered under his breath, please dont hurt me.

He raised his head and saw the serious look on her face.

His heart skipped a beat.

“Alright, then Ill have to trouble you, mother.”

He did not want Old Lady Xiao to stay.

Now, he did not need to explain to his wife because he had no other choice.

Old Lady Xiao smiled again.

“Thats right.

I will definitely help you settle the matter properly.”

Hence, that day, she went to the guest courtyard.

She tried all sorts of persuasion, and in the end, she even threatened to hit the wall and commit suicide.

This was why Liu Ru had no choice but to agree to stay in the generals residence to give birth to a child for Xiao Yuanshi.

Of course, the two of them were putting up a show.

Ge Chunru found out about this and knew that this was intentional.

However, Xiao Yuanshi did not know.

He even lamented that although his mother was unreliable and would harm him from time to time, she was indeed concerned about his children.

He felt even more guilty towards Liu Ru.

If his mother had not threatened him with her life, why would she have to discount herself for him.

He did not know that this was a move by his bad daughter-in-law.

Otherwise, he would have a different idea.


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