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When Old Lady Xiao saw Xiao Yuanshi entering, her talent for acting manifested.

She pounced.

“My son, youre finally here.

“If you are still not here, your wife will be going full-mental to your girl and I.”

Xiao Yuanshi hurriedly held onto Old Lady Xiao, and his head instantly hurt.

It was a waste that his mother didnt become an actress.

He emphasised, “Mother, Liu Ru and I are innocent.”

After he met Liu Ru, he felt very relaxed to chat with her.

So he would come over from time to time to sit in the courtyard, or to taste her cooking.

They didnt do anything out of the ordinary.

He had always known that Liu Ru wanted to marry into an ordinary family as the first wife, and she didnt want to be a concubine.

Old Lady Xiao thought of rolling her eyes.

A man and a woman were in the same courtyard so often.

How innocent could she be

However, she pretended to glare at him.

“Then why did your wife come here to send her away She even called her a slut who purposely seduced you.”

She then pointed at the unconscious Tao Liu.

“Look, your wifes slap mark is still on her face.

It hurt me to see this.

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“Since shes not your mistress, your wife is going too far by coming here to sully her purity.

“Now that the neighbours have seen it, how would she be able to get married”

Xiao Yuanshi looked at the obvious slap on Liu Rus face and could not help but frown.

Obviously, he did not expect Ge Chunru to do this.

He looked at Ge Chunru, whose face was pale, and asked, “Where are you sending her to”

Before Ge Chunru could say anything, the old lady continued, “Where else could it be Definitely to a dirty place.”

Although she was just making things up, she pointed out the truth.

Seeing Ge Chunrus expression change, she curled her lips and said, “Its not like your wife hasnt done it before.

Shes very familiar with those places.”

Ge Chunru gasped, this damn old lady wanted to destroy her.

Xiao Yuanshi asked himself, did his mother have to be so straightforward What nonsense was she spouting

Ge Chunru immediately shook her head.

“No, I just wanted to send her to a manor in the outskirts of the capital.”

She looked at Xiao Yuanshi with tears in her eyes and said, “Then Ill update you.”

Old Lady Xiao said disdainfully, “Ptui, if you wanted to tell me, you would have told my son long ago.

Do you have to send her to the manor first

“When the time comes, you will definitely say that she left on her own.

“Do you think you can hide your little trick from me”

For the sake of Xiao Yuanshis reputation, she added, “And my son.”

She exposed Ge Chunrus thoughts.

Ge Chunru really wanted to take a needle and sew her mouth shut.

She bit her lips and shook her head with red eyes.

“I didnt.”

Old Lady Xiao detested her vixen appearance the most.

“Who are you trying to show off to There are still many men standing outside.


“Are you trying to cheat on me and humiliate my son”

Ge Chunru really wanted to kill her immediately, especially with many men standing outside.

She wanted to faint instantly.

Xiao Yuanshis face was almost green.

What the hell was she talking about

He turned his head and saw many foreign men.

He suddenly felt a little disgusted.

“Alright, lets talk about it when we get home.”

He really wanted to send the old Xiao family to the northern border as soon as possible.

This was not the first time he was humiliated.

He also regretted listening to Ge Chunru.

If he had sent them away earlier, such a shameful matter would not have occurred.

Ge Chunru also regretted not sending these scourges away earlier.

She also wished that she could return to the generals residence as soon as possible.

However, the old lady obviously would not go along with her wishes.

“My son, then what about this young lady

“She crashed into the wall to protect her reputation.

Now, you cant just leave her here, right”

She said earnestly, “Moreover, her reputation has been ruined by your wife.

Why dont we bring her back to the generals residence and make her your good concubine”

Ge Chunru was so angry that her chest hurt.

“No, with her status, she doesnt have the right to enter the generals residence and be a good concubine.”

She was already disgusted that they were in the same courtyard.

Old Lady Xiao immediately turned around and cried to the outsiders who were watching the commotion.

“Everyone, look.

I wasnt the one who wronged her previously.

“She has ruined the girls innocence.

She doesnt even want my son to bring her back.

“Shes trying to force an obedient girl to her death! Why is she so vicious”

She deliberately glared at Ge Chunru.

“You vicious woman.

Since you cant give birth to a child, you want my son to have no descendants, right”

She then looked at Xiao Yuanshi and said with concern, “My son, you and Zhenger are no longer related.

“This woman cant even give birth to a child.

In the future, who will help you to burn the incense and settle your funeral when you die!”

Xiao Yuanshi sighed, he was still young.

What was the point of discussing what would happen when he died

Although it was not pleasant to hear, it made sense.

His people had already found out that the divine doctor was really dead, and he only had Xiao Hanzheng as his disciple.

With his sons temper, it was very unlikely that he would treat his wifes illness.


He was already in his thirties, and he still hoped that he had other sons in the generals residence to inherit his family name.

He looked at Liu Ru, who had fainted, and had an idea.

He reluctantly sighed.

“Alright, then bring Miss Liu back to the generals mansion.”

“Her purity is gone.

I will take responsibility.”

He did not want to touch the concubines that his mother and the others had bought from the brothel, but he did not dislike Liu Ru.

He even felt that there they had a common topic to talk about.

Moreover, his wife had really ruined her reputation.

After making such a scene in public, how could she marry into a good family next time

If his wife could not give birth, letting Liu Ru bear a child was also a viable solution.

If this did not work out, she could just give the child and let his wife raise him up.

Ge Chunru looked at Xiao Yuanshi in disbelief.

Her face was pale and her whole body was trembling.

“You… you really want to bring her back”

Seeing Ge Chunru like this, Xiao Yuanshis heart ached a little.

But he still said, “What else can I do

“She and I are only acquaintances.

We have never done anything beyond our boundaries.

“She even asked me to help her find a good family.

“But you took the initiative to bring your people here to ruin her innocence.

“If I dont bring her back, how will she be able to live”

He continued, “Look at her now.

In order to maintain her reputation, she has even bumped onto the wall.

If we let her stay here, we will be forcing her to die.”

Ge Chunru said in a rare high-pitched voice, “She is lying to you.

It is impossible for her to marry into a good family.

“Xiao Hanzheng and his wife arranged for her to seduce you on purpose.”

She was sure that this was definitely the work of Xiao Hanzheng and his wife.

The damn old woman and the others must have been instigated by that little b * tch Shi Qingluo.

When Xiao Yuanshi heard this, his face could not help but darken.

“I think youve lost your mind today.

Dont talk nonsense.”

Right now, the people in the capital still did not know about his relationship with Xiao Hanzheng, and he did not want to publicise it.

Ge Chunrus heart ached terribly, and tears streamed down her face.

“You actually said that I was crazy.

I didnt talk nonsense.

“Her original name is Tao Liu.

She came out of the brothel.

This was arranged by Xiao Hanzheng and his wife.”

These words made Xiao Yuanshi frown.


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