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Third elder Shi took the initiative to suggest that if there was any movement in the Shi family, as long as it was related to Shi Qingluo or the Xiao family, he would secretly tell them.

Shi Qingluo went to take another three incense sticks and kicked the switch.

Only then did she return and pass it to third elder Shi.

“Ill trust you for the time being.”

“Master, if you can barely trust him once, then show your spirit again.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a gentle breeze blew over his head.

Third elder Shi immediately took the incense and walked very devoutly to the old Daoists tablet.

He knelt down and said, “Old Immortal, I will definitely do a good job.

You can rest assured.”

This time, the last trace of doubt in his heart was dispelled.

Showing himself once was said to be an accident, but twice was impossible.

Moreover, every time it was the girl who said it, the wind would come.

If this wasnt an apparition, what else could it be

He also made up his mind that he would definitely listen to this elder daughters words in the future.

When the old immortal was happy, he bestowed him with a son.

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After offering incense, Shi Qing Luo waved her hand at him in disdain.

“Alright, you go back to the village first.

Well leave in a while.”

The corners of Shi Lao Sans mouth twitched.”…”this girl was really disposable.

HMPH, for the sake of the old immortal, he didnt mind.

He wouldnt call her a damned girl anymore.

It was too strange.

He even forced a smile and nodded with a good temper.

“Alright, then Ill be leaving first.

Ill look for you guys again if I need anything.”

Then, he tactfully left the main hall.

Hearing the sound of the Daoist Temples door being closed, Xiao Hanzheng looked at his little wife and gave her a thumbs up.


Previously, his little wife had called Xiao Mu and his son to the Taoist temple to get something, but he did not know what she had done even though he was studying in the county.

He did not expect that his little wife was going to make an old god appear.

Not to mention that this trick was not just commonly effective.

Even if Shi Laosan, who was both bad and smart, was scared of him, the hatred and dissatisfaction in his heart would only grow deeper and deeper.

He might even be taken advantage of and couldnt help but take revenge and do bad things.

It was very difficult to make the other party do good.

After all, it was hard to change ones nature.

But now that his little wife had made such a move, it could be seen that this cheap father-in-law of his was really going to change.

Shi Qing Luo smiled proudly.

“Of course!”

One had to use the same method to deal with the best of the best.

As long as one had a weakness or something that they were eager to pursue, it wouldnt be wrong to make a move on this point.

In front of the old Daoist priests memorial tablet, the two of them consciously didnt stick together.

“Other than this, is there anyone else who can manifest”With the little wifes personality, she would definitely hold back a few tricks.

Shi qingluo smiled and blinked.

“Of course.”

“Do you want to see it now, or do you want to see it again in the future”

If the little husband wanted to see it first, she could make an exception and let him see it.

Xiao Hanzheng smiled lightly and said, “Lets save it for later when it shows itself.”

This way, he would have a greater sense of anticipation.

The two of them went to the backyard to take care of the corn and chili before leaving.

In the capital.

The top-grade goods of old Xiaos family had been living quite comfortably recently.

They could buy whatever they wanted to wear and eat without saying anything.

There was also quite a lot of silver on the bodies of brother Xiao and the others.

In the room where Xiao Da Lang lived, he slept on the bed like a dead pig.

A woman got up from the bed and put on her clothes.

She reached out and patted his face.

Seeing that there was no reaction, she kicked him off the bed in disgust.

Then, she opened the door and left through the side door.

She sneaked into another courtyard.

It was already dark.

In the courtyard, Xiao Yuanshi was talking to GE Chunru.

GE Chunrus maidservant knocked on the door and brought her in.

The woman immediately bowed to the two of them.

“Greetings, General and Madam.”

Xiao Yuanshi played with his teacup.

“You got them all”

The woman replied respectfully, “Yes, I got them all.”

“Its what I said earlier.

It was taught to them by Xiao Hanzhengs wife from Nanxi County.”

“They had been writing to each other previously.

If they encountered any problems, that little wife would give them advice.”

Then, he told them all the information that he had gotten from the drunk Xiao da Lang just now.

Including how the little wife had taught them.

After hearing this, Xiao Yuanshi and Xiao Yuanshi both had ugly expressions on their faces.


The expert that they had gotten this woman to talk to from Xiao Da Lang was actually Xiao Han Zhengs new wife.

They had also discovered how Xiao Da Lang and the other party had been writing to each other.

Half a month ago, Xiao Yuanshi had also successfully intercepted that letter.

However, looking at the contents of the letter, which were all about showing off how he had acted arrogantly in the generals residence, he thought for a moment and still had the letter sent out.

After that incident, perhaps because he had been warned by the old lady and the others, brother Xiao had kept his mouth shut.

Today, the people he had arranged to get brother Xiao drunk behind the backs of the other members of the old Xiao family had only managed to get him to tell them everything.

Xiao Yuanshi thought for a moment and asked, “Are the letters still there”

The woman shook her head.


The little wife had instructed them to burn the letter immediately after reading it.

She said that she was afraid that you would find out.”

“So every time they read the letter, they would listen to her instructions and burn the letter.”

Xiao Yuanshi tightened his grip on the Teacup.

“ZhengERs little wife doesnt seem to be simple!”


She had actually controlled the Xiao family so tightly that all the ideas she had come up with had succeeded.

The key point was that she was very meticulous.

She had made these idiots burn the letter, so naturally, she would not leave any evidence behind.

She only had to wait for the other party to reply and come up with some ideas for these people so that he could deal with them easily and leave them as evidence.

However, Xiao Yuanshi also did not expect that his upright and elegant son had already guessed all of his thoughts.

Hence, Shi Qingluo did not plan to reply to his letter this time.

GE Chunru was now hating Xiao Hanzhengs wife whom she had never met before.


If not for that little B * tch, her reputation would not have been ruined and she would not have had to endure so much suffering from the old lady and the others.

Her brothers future would not have been ruined either.

“It seems that he is a vicious and merciless person with a belly full of evil intentions.”

She looked worried.

“I dont know if he will corrupt ZhengEr.”


She never thought that Xiao Hanzheng was so harmless.


However, she knew Xiao Yuanshis thoughts.

After all, he was his son.

Even if he gave up and did not want to see them again, he could be ruthless, but he might not like them to speak ill of him.

Therefore, she never spoke ill of Xiao Hanzheng and his sister in front of Xiao Yuanshi.

Instead, she always acted as if she was thinking of them.

Anyway, one day, she would remove all these thorns in her eyes and would not bother her anymore.

As expected, these words made Xiao Yuanshi frown.

“The Kong family is still so weak and not smart.

They actually married such a vicious and bad wife for ZhengEr.”

He then looked at his trusted aide.

“Have you arranged for the people to go to Nanxi County to set off”

His trusted aide replied respectfully, “They have already set off at full speed.

According to the time, they should be able to reach Nanxi County within two days.”

Xiao Yuanshi narrowed his eyes.

“The plan is still the same.

Let the Wu family and that daughter-in-laws family deal with her.”

“Regardless of her identity or personality, she is not worthy of ZhengEr.

If theres a chance…”

He did not finish his sentence, but he made a hand gesture at his trusted aide to slit his throat.

Of course, he did not mean to arrange for someone to kill his daughter-in-law directly.

After all, if this matter was exposed one day, it would not be good for his reputation.

He would not leave such evidence behind.

He wanted to use someone else to kill him.

His trusted aide had followed Xiao Yuanshi for many years, so he naturally knew what he meant.

“Yes, I will send a message over.”


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