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As Shi Lingzi admitted defeat, his figure disappeared from the arena in the next instant.

Wang Baole narrowed his eyes and looked outside.

At first glance, it seemed like he was watching the battle between Yue Lingzi and Yin Xi.

However, in reality, he was rapidly analyzing the pros and cons of his participation in this trial.

After confirming his choice once again, the light in the depths of his eyes became more determined.

Shi Lingzi and the white armor clearly dont want the first place.

If I hadnt appeared this time, Im afraid they would have used a similar method to make themselves fail

However, compared to the few of them, Yue Lingzi and Yin Xi… These two seem to be determined to win the first place.

Wang Baole stood in the arena, his gaze piercing through the air bubble where he was, he looked at the spot where Yin Xi and Yue Lingzi were fighting.

Even though he couldnt hear anything, from the undulations between the two of them, he could tell that even though neither of them had gone all out, the determination in their eyes grew stronger and stronger.

It seemed like the other battle between them had been conducted through voice transmission.

It was obvious that both of them were fighting and talking at the same time.

Even though Wang Baole couldnt hear what they were talking about, he could roughly guess that they were trying to persuade the other party not to fight for first place with him.

Its impossible that these two dont know the consequences of becoming first place, but… its still the same.

Wang Baoles eyes were filled with complicated emotions as he stared silently at them.

As he stared solemnly, the cultivators from the three sects in the outside world all had strange expressions on their faces.

However, there was no longer any conversation or discussion between them.

It was because Shi Lingzi had admitted defeat earlier that they felt that something was amiss.

However, that wasnt important.

They couldnt figure out what the truth was, so most of them felt that it was just Shi Lingzis own actions.

Therefore, very quickly, everyones eyes turned to look at Yin XI and Yue Lingzi.

The battle between the two of them grew more intense.

The shadows formed by the music spread out in all directions.

Even though no sound could be heard, their increasing speed and the fluctuations of the bubbles caused by each time the music touched each other.., all of this was enough to prove that the battle between the two of them was reaching an extreme.

In fact, that was exactly what was happening.

Yin Xi looked at Yue Lingzi, and with a wave of his hand, the sound of heavenly music could be heard, and divine will could be transmitted out from within his mind.

“Yue Lingzi, why do you have to fight with me for the right! ”

“Eldest senior brother, according to the rotation, this time… it should be me who becomes Masters incarnation.”Yue Lingzi pursed his lips, and his eyes shone with determination.

Yin Xi was silent.

However, in the next instant, his eyes shone with intense light.

He lifted his right hand, and the law of listening erupted out from within his body.

It instantly rose to an astonishing level, it even affected the volcanoes of the three sects, causing everyone to feel as if their ears had gone deaf.

In the next instant, countless musical notes spread out from Yin Xis body and gathered in front of him, forming a huge finger.

The finger was illusory, as if it existed between reality and falsehood.

It was as if it wasnt in this world, it was also as if a part of it had fused with the mysterious, bizarre world of listening, and was carrying an indescribable suppressive force as it shot toward Yue Lingzi.

It was so fast, and so powerful, that Yue Lingzis face fell.

Even though she was not ordinary, there was still a gap between her and yin xi, especially since… Yin Xi had clearly used a trump card that required a very high price, that was why Yue Lingzis eyes were filled with sorrow and unwillingness..

However, she could no longer Dodge.

In the blink of an eye, she was slammed right in front of the finger, pushing her backward and crashing into the inner wall of the bubble.

With a loud boom, the bubble collapsed.

Yue Lingzi spat out a mouthful of blood as her body was blasted away.

The disciples from the three sects in the outside world widened their eyes in shock.

Their minds were buzzing, but their mouths were completely silent!

Wang Baoles pupils constricted.

As he stared at Yin XI, he also focused his attention on the finger in front of Yin Xi that was still in the illusion and reality.

The finger emitted an intense glow.

However, upon closer inspection, one could still see that it was completely made up of musical notes.

Every note within it was not musical notes, but the sound of all living things.

The sound of all living things that formed this finger was no longer important.

What was important was that… to a certain extent, it could be considered as a key.

A key that could open the listening realm and release a portion of the listening realms power!

With this key and this identity, it could be said that in the law of listening, it was an absolute position.

Other than the desire of the master, no one else could be stronger than him!

Unless… there was someone like Wang Baole who could enter the listening realm without any obstacles.

He didnt need such a key because he was already part of the listening realm.

More accurately speaking, the path that the other party took was actually the same as his.

The difference was that the former was the sound of all things fusing into one, while Wang Baole had a single note superimposed to the extreme.

There wasnt much of a difference.

It was the same at the end.

However, Wang Baole had reached the end of the path, and Yin Xi had just started.

If this person is given enough time, he… might be able to do the same as me.

Wang Baoles eyes shone with a strange light.

As he looked at Yin Xi, Yin Xi, who had shattered his bubbles, turned his head around expressionlessly, he looked at Wang Baole.

Their gazes met in an instant.

In the next instant, Yin Xis body moved abruptly.

His entire body turned into an afterimage as he charged towards the bubble on the arena where Wang Baole was.

He closed in on the bubble in an instant, smashing it open and appearing in the arena!

As the bubble was torn open, it was as if an external force had fused into it.

In the next instant, it healed again, and as light flowed in all directions, it seemed to become even stronger.

All of the disciples of the three sects were panting, and their eyes were fixed on the two people standing in the only bubble in the arena!

This was… the final battle.

The Victor would become the fourth direct disciple of the desire master.

Before this, the desire master had only accepted three direct disciples.

Although these three had become legends, and had gone into secluded meditation to gain enlightenment of the Great Dao of listening and listening.., no one had ever seen them again, but their stories continued to spread.

Too many people believed that one day, the three personal disciples would come out of seclusion and descend upon the world.

As everyone watched, Yin Xi, who was looking at Wang Baole from the bubble arena, suddenly sent out a telepathic thought.

The moment the telepathic thought entered Wang Baoles mind, Wang Baole was stunned.

Before he could respond, Yin XI finished his sentence and stopped speaking.

Instead, in a flash.., he seemed to have transformed into a ray of light and fused with the finger in front of him.

He charged toward Wang Baole.

His aura was earth-shattering, as if he wanted to destroy everything in his path!

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