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The day before the winter vacation, the students all came to the school, and the majority of them began to be concerned about their grades.

In front of each class, the score ranking table was posted. 

Hu Ying dared not to look at her own grades, so she pushed Mu Qi and said: “Qi-ge, please help me see what rank I am from the bottom.” Being in the bottom of the pile in the past had cast a shadow, and there was no confidence at all in the making up of lessons before the exams.

Mu Qi glanced at the ranking table, then taking advantage of Hu Ying’s inattentiveness, pushed her directly to the front of the ranking table, and said with a smile: “See for yourself.”

While Hu Ying said that she didn't dare to look, she secretly opened her eyes.

As she slowly looked for her name from the bottom to the top, her eyes gradually opened wider and wider.

When she saw that she was in the middle of the class, she shouted excitedly: “Aaaah, Qi-ge, Qi-ge, I’m not the last one, hahahaha......”

The people around her immediately looked at her name, and indeed, she was not the last one, with an overall score of over four hundred points.

Over four hundred points, naturally, is insufficient to be seen in the school ranking list, but in the class, it's in the middle, which is not bad for Hu Ying.

At this time, Su Yanxi also quickly forced her way in, and the first one she looked for was not her own grades, rather, she looked for Mu Qi’s.

When she saw that the other party was in tenth place, her face turned red with excitement.

Not daring to believe it, she turned towards Mu Qi, and with her eyes glistening as she looked at the other party, she said with a loud and clear voice: “Mu Qi, you’re in tenth place!”

“What! Qi-ge is in tenth place” Hu Ying, who was still excited, hurriedly came over to see that Mu Qi was indeed in the tenth place of the class, with more than five hundred points.

And Su Yanxi’s grade, was naturally, without a doubt, seven hundred and forty points, with points deducted from the Chinese language composition, and from a question in mathematics that she missed.

Yet, that was it, her grades are also the first in the class and first in the whole year, with a full twenty points higher than the second in the whole year, which is enviable.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that I, Hu Ying, could be very awesome when I get serious!” Hu Ying immediately made a stinky fart (!).

(!) 臭屁 (stinky fart): A slang used to say that someone is showing off, being arrogant, being cocky, etc.

No idea how to write ‘stinky fart’ without it sounding weird.

However, there were joys and sorrows.

Among those who made up the lessons before the exams, some improved forward by one or two places, but some regressed.

Seeing their grades, a person collapsed immediately, “The make up lessons were not useful to me at all, don’t tell me, am I a natural waste” The person began to doubt his life.

At this time, the head teacher, Li Wei, came over with a smile on his face.

Seeing the students at the door, he immediately called out “The head teacher is coming", and everyone swarmed back to their seats.

Seeing the smiling faces of some people and the very dispirited faces of others, Li Wei clapped his hands and said: “This final exam, everyone did well, and especially before the exam, I saw how hard everyone worked, and I am very happy with the results.” 

Someone below suddenly shouted: “Teacher, can we do less homework for the winter vacation”

The voice fell, and there were other people who agreed.

Li Wei smiled and said: “No.” Seeing everyone’s disappointed expression, he continued: “It’s one thing to do well on the exam, but you still have to do your homework.” A group below wailed.

Li Wei clapped his hands to calm everyone down, and continued: “Starting from tomorrow, we will officially enter the winter vacation.

I have talked about safety issues many times in the past, so I won’t talk about it today.

I hope that you will put safety first when you play.”

“Understood.” Hearing these words made his ears calloused.

Li Wei said: “Okay, I won’t say any more about it, I wish the classmates a Happy New Year in advance.”

“Happy New Year too, teacher!” Perhaps it was because the winter vacation was approaching, but the students who were usually too afraid of their head teacher now shouted boldly one by one.

Li Wei wasn't only not unhappy, but instead, he walked away with a smile.

Next, the teachers of each subject came over and assigned homework, and at the same time, wished everyone a Happy New Year.

Soon after, school ended at noon.

Starting from this moment, everyone officially entered the winter vacation, and everyone was awfully happy, and chatted with each other with their schoolbags on their backs.

“Mu Qi!” Fan Siyu, who was at the back, saw Mu Qi and them and immediately shouted loudly, and ran over.

Mu Qi frowned, and as soon as the other party ran closer, she couldn’t help saying: “Didn’t I already tell you that day not to look for me”

The smile on the corner of Fan Siyu’s mouth froze because of these words, and she forgot to respond for a while.

“Qi-ge, what’s going on Why are you so fierce towards other people” Hu Ying couldn’t help but pull on Mu Qi’s sleeve.

Su Yanxi pursed her lips while looking at Fan Siyu.

She disliked the other party for approaching Mu Qi.

Fan Siyu said miserably: “Mu Qi, I just want to become friends with you, don’t tell me, this one small request is out of the question” She heard today that Mu Qi was in the top ten of her class, and this grade let her see hope.

Although Mu Qi had already told her that day that she was not allowed to find her again in the future,  she, however, could not believe that the other party’s words were true.

Besides, since childhood, she had never been rejected by anyone she wanted to be friends with.

Mu Qi sneered, and at this moment, she was not polite at all.

She squinted her eyes and said: “Don’t pretend in front of me, if you have a little self-respect, you’d better stay away from me!” 

These words were really not polite at all.

Su Yanxi, on the side, listened, and looked at her with a bit of surprise.

Hu Ying found herself to be even more dull.

Fan Siyu’s face turned red at these words, and finally wanted to slap Mu Qi, but the other party grabbed her wrist and looked at her coldly.

Fan Siyu struggled several times before breaking free.

Miss (!) Fan, who was always held up by others, now had tears on her face, and she said angrily: “I hate you!” After speaking, she covered her face with her hands and ran away.

(!) 大小姐 (miss): Refers to the eldest miss(es) of rich and powerful families; Also refers to pampered girls, and can be used as an indecent title for girls. 

Su Yanxi and Hu Ying: “......”

“Qi-ge, you beast.” Hu Ying couldn’t help saying.

Su Yanxi looked at Mu Qi, her mouth moving several times before finally closing her mouth.

Mu Qi, however, acted as if nothing had happened, and took the two by the shoulders and walked towards the school gate with a trace of coldness flashing across her eyes.

The last time the other party called her to the back door, not only did she mindlessly say that if she kept mixing with Hu Ying, her grades would never go up, she later said that if she was going to become a person of high status, how could she play together with the ordinary Hu Ying and Su Yanxi.

When the other party said these words, Mu Qi almost couldn't endure stopping herself from beating the other party.

If not for the fact that the other party was a girl, then she would have really done it.

But today, the other party came over again as if nothing had happened.

If it weren't for seeing Su Yanxi and Hu Ying beside her, she would have really punched the other party.

Hu Ying, however, didn't know what Mu Qi was thinking, and the matter of Fan Siyu just now was also forgotten by her.

For her, playing was the main priority, and nothing was as important as playing.

“Qi-ge, can I go to your house this afternoon to continue playing that game There are still a few more levels to pass.” Hu Ying said.

“Sure.” Anyway, Mu Qi was bored at home alone, so Hu Ying can come and play.

Then, she looked towards Su Yanxi beside her, and asked: “Do you want to come to play”

Su Yanxi hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said: “Yes.”

Her mom and dad were going to go to her third aunt’s house today, so she would be the only one home.

With nothing to do at home alone, it was okay to go to Mu Qi’s house.

On the way back, Su Yanxi went to the vegetable market not far from the community gate.

Seeing her go, Mu Qi stared blankly for a moment. 

Usually, she is alone, so she will also come over to buy vegetables (!) every time.

(!) 菜: Can mean ‘vegetable’, ‘dish’, I might switch between the two depending on context

“Why did you come to buy vegetables today” It was already eleven o’clock.

If her mother bought vegetables, she would have already gone home and cooked them by now.

It was impossible to let Su Yanxi still come and buy them, so this made Mu Qi puzzled.

Su Yanxi smiled and said: “My parents went to my third aunt’s house today and asked me to buy some vegetables and cook it myself.”

“Can you” Mu Qi couldn’t help but laugh and tease her.

Su Yanxi nodded, and said obediently (!): “Yes, my mother taught me.”

(!) 乖巧: Can mean ‘cute’, ‘obedient’, ‘clever’, etc

Seeing this obedient appearance,  Mu Qi couldn't help but always want to touch her head.

She smiled and said: “It would be better to come to my house to eat, it just so happens that I am also alone, and having a meal alone is boring, so let’s be together.”

Su Yanxi frowned and pondered, then finally said: “I’ll buy the dishes.”

“Half per person.” Mu Qi insisted.

Su Yanxi bit her lower lip and finally nodded her head in agreement.

After that, the two of them bought vegetables together.

Some people here already know Mu Qi.

After all, she was so beautiful, and now, there is also a cute little girl beside her.

The owner of the vegetable shop couldn’t help but ask: “Xiao Qi, is this a classmate”

“Right.” Mu Qi smiled and nodded.

Su Yanxi said sweetly: “Hello, auntie.”

“Hello, to you too.” Not only was the person cute, but her mouth was also sweet, and the lady boss couldn’t help giving them more dishes.

Mu Qi wanted to refuse, but the other party forced her to deal with it (!), so she couldn’t do anything about it, and helplessly looked at the Little Cutie moving beside her.

(!) 塞: Many definitions, including ‘to cope with’, ‘to stuff’, ‘cork’, etc

Su Yanxi also didn't expect these aunties to be so enthusiastic, and gave a bright smile to Mu Qi.

The two of them bought their dishes and went back.

Because she had been at Mu Qi’s house, Su Yanxi was also familiar with it.

They went upstairs together, opened the door and went in.

Originally, when Mu Qi was the only one at home, there was only one pair of slippers prepared.

Later, when she thought of inviting Hu Ying and Su Yanxi to come to her house to play from time to time, she then bought two pairs of slippers at the supermarket downstairs.

The one she bought for Su Yanxi was pink with a rabbit doll on it, which appeared very cute.

Su Yanxi felt a little helpless about her buying these pink slippers.

Mu Qi laughed and said: “Who made you buy me a thermos that is also pink”

At that time, Su Yanxi wanted to buy a blue one to give to the other party, but she felt that the blue one was not very good-looking.

So, she chose the pink one next to it, but of course, there was a bit of her bad taste in it too (!).

(!) 也有她一點惡趣味在裡麵: Not sure how to translate this but the above should be close

She saw that the other party didn't like to use these bright colours, so she thought to give a pink one to add some colour, but she didn’t expect that the other party would be secretly bitter until now.

Thinking of this, she covered her mouth and snickered.

Mu Qi also smiled, and carried the vegetables to the kitchen, and said: “You can sit on the sofa and watch TV.”

“I’ll help too.” How can Su Yanxi possibly watch TV, inside her mind at this moment are scenes of her preparing a meal together with Mu Qi, and the warm scenes made her a little impatient.

Mu Qi saw her insisting, so she let her have her way.

She chose the vegetables herself, and let the other party wash them.

Because the water is warm, the other party will not freeze her hands.

After washing the vegetables, she cut them, then finally stir-fried them in the pan.

After Su Yanxi finished washing the vegetables, she turned her head and saw Mu Qi’s serious side-profile while stir-frying, unwittingly looking a little foolish.

After Mu Qi asked for a plate, she suddenly woke up with a start and returned to her senses, and immediately handed over a plate.

“What are you thinking” Mu Qi turned her head to the side and looked at her as she served the dishes, obviously seeing her lost in thought just a moment ago.

Su Yanxi smiled and shook her head, she dared not to say that she was looking at her in a trance just now.

The two people worked together quickly, and not a moment later, three dishes and one soup were ready.

One sweet and sour pork ribs, one braised fish, one mapo tofu, and in addition, a winter melon pork rib soup, it could even be said to be extremely sumptuous.

The smell was pretty good, and Su Yanxi couldn’t wait to clip a piece of sweet and sour pork.

With her eyes glistening, she looked towards Mu Qi, and said with a smile: “Delicious!”

Mu Qi also smiled.

Usually, she is alone, so she casually stir-fries one or two dishes.

Today, there is Su Yanxi, so she could not help stir-frying more than two, and now, seeing the other party’s happy appearance, she also couldn't help but be happy, and she said: “Delicious, then eat more.”


Because it was a dish made by a person she likes, and in addition, it was really well made, Su Yanxi couldn't help eating more, and frowned as she propped herself up.

“Full (!)” Mu Qi looked at her funnily.

(!) 撐: Has many meanings including ‘to support’, ‘to prop up’, ‘to fill to bursting point’, etc.

Su Yanxi pointed towards her neck, and said: “It’s here.”

Mu Qi laughed out loud, and stood up to tidy up the tableware, and said: “Get up and walk to eliminate digestion.”

“I’ll do it.” As soon as she saw her tidying up the tableware, Su Yanxi immediately stepped forward to do it.

Mu Qi, however, rejected her and said: “I’ll do it, be good, you go take a walk.”

Mu Qi could not help but blurt out the word ‘good’, however, when this word fell, the two people were stunned.

Mu Qi pretended to be calm and held the tableware to the kitchen, but the pace of her feet involuntarily accelerated.

Su Yanxi’s face, however, immediately blushed, and spread.

After entering the kitchen, Mu Qi slightly relaxed, but at the same time, was a little embarrassed.

She, just a moment ago, could not help saying that word.

Reflecting on it now, although she’s a little embarrassed, she also felt good. 

On the other side, Su Yanxi did what she was told and obediently walked around the closely packed living room.

At the same time, her mind was filled with the word ‘good’ that Mu Qi said just now.

The more she thought about it, the less calm she became, and the redness on her face didn’t dissipate for a long time.

Because Hu Ying will arrive an hour later, Mu Qi asked Su Yanxi to take a lunch break.

But because there was no living room at home (!), she let the girl share a bed with her and asked: “Do you mind”

(!) I think they mean there’s not enough space for someone to lay down and sleep in the living room

Su Yanxi blushed and shook her head gently.

Today, this one day gave her too much stimulation, now, looking at the big bed, she couldn't help but think of messy pictures in her head, and stood at the door for a while, not daring to go in.

Mu Qi set up the bed, and seeing that she still hadn’t come in, she thought she was shy.

She got up and said: “How about I go to the living room

“No.” Su Yanxi felt that she had spoken too quickly, and afraid that the other party would think too much, she quickly explained: “I… have never slept in the same bed as others, so I’m a little uncomfortable.” After speaking, she blushed a little and said: “I’ll get used to it just fine in a while.”

“Okay.” Mu Qi nodded, then began undressing.

The air-conditioning was on in the bedroom, so it didn’t feel cold, but now, it was a little hot.

Seeing the other party undressing, Su Yanxi secretly glanced.

Soon after, afraid of the other party finding out, she immediately bowed her head, and went in and began undressing.

After Mu Qi took off her clothes, she went in the bed wearing long johns (!).

(!) 秋衣秋褲 (long johns): Check here to see what they look like. 

Su Yanxi accidentally saw it, and her face turned red.

The long johns stuck close to her body, outlining the other party’s figure perfectly, making the scene in her mind more wonderful.

Mu Qi, however, didn't know what the Little Cutie beside her was thinking about.

Now, she was holding her mobile phone and sending a message to Hu Ying.

As soon as Su Yanxi climbed up the bed, and into the blankets, she just finished sending it. 


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