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“Snap out of it!”

Sukyung slapped her cheeks lightly and left the changing room.

Sungwoo was looking at some outfits when he noticed her walk out.

His eyes narrowed as he ordered her to turn around.

After a few seconds, he pointed at the mirror and ordered

“You go have a look at yourself.”

His tone was commanding, but Sukyung was just glad that Sungwoo didn’t criticize her in front of the employees about her choice.

Feeling relieved, she looked at herself in the mirror. 

The moment she saw how she looked, Sukyung immediately knew she made a mistake with her outfit.

The blouse had too many decorations and the pants made her legs look short. 

The employee quickly approached Sukyung and began chatting,

“Do you like it” 

The employee tried to compliment her, but Sukyung shook her head.

She thought she picked out a decent outfit, but it looked like Sungwoo already knew she made a mistake.

Feeling disappointed, Sukyung tried to return to the changing room.

Just then, Sungwoo picked out another outfit and handed it to her.

He ordered,

“Try these on.”

“But this is a skirt, and you told me I needed to get a pair of jeans today.”

When Sukyung protested, Sungwoo replied quietly, 

“Just put them on.” 

Because the employees were looking at them, Sungwoo put a smile on his face as she told her.

But his eyes told her that if she didn’t change right now, he was going to do it for her. 

With a sigh, Sukyung accepted the outfit and returned to the changing room.

She put on the two shirts to create a layered look and wore the skirt.

When she was finished, she looked at herself in the mirror.

Unfortunately, she realized that this outfit didn’t suit her either.

The shirts looked very unbalanced against the skirt, and they were a little too short, showing her belly.

The skirt was a low rise, and Sukyung worried that her underwear might show.

The skirt had puffy lace and it was so short that it reached about 10 cm above her knees. 

Was it okay for her to walk out in this outfit Did Sungwoo make her wear this to show her what not to wear With a frown, Sukyung slowly walked out.

When she glanced at Sungwoo, he gestured for her to come out. 

Sukyung murmured, 

“Umm… This… doesn’t look good on me either.”

“Hurry out.

I need to have a look to know, don’t I”

He sounded annoyed.

With another sigh, Sukyung dragged her feet out to stand in front of him.

No matter how she looked at herself, this didn’t suit her at all.

She looked like an older woman pretending to be a young girl. 

Sukyung argued, 

“Isn’t style too young for me There are too many lacy layers here.

This is something a teenage girl would wear.” 

Sungwoo only stared at her without a word.

He looked up and down at her, making Sukyung feel uncomfortable.

She stood awkwardly and looked at him. 

“Umm… Mr.


When she murmured, Sungwoo looked up at her face and pointed in the mirror.

Feeling awkward, Sukyung studied herself in the mirror.

Just then, the employee walked over and exclaimed, 

“Oh my, it looks much better on you than I thought! It’s rare for someone your age to pull off an outfit like this.

If you just do something different with your hair, you’ll look so much younger!” 

The employee continued to chatter, but Sukyung wasn’t really listening.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she thought that she didn’t look like her usual self.

She actually looked… pretty good.

It wasn’t that she suddenly became pretty, but she certainly looked lively.

Her chubby thighs didn’t look bad, and she looked youthful.

Sukyung realized that if she wore a hat and hid her face, she might really look like a teenage girl. 

When Sukyung turned to look at Sungwoo, she saw that he was already paying for her outfit.

She stared in confusion before rushing forward. 

“Umm… Shouldn’t I be paying for it myself”

“Don’t worry.

I’ll put it all on your bill later.”


“This is just more convenient for the tax returns.” 

So he was going to write everything off She supposed it was a good idea.

He would pay less taxes and still get everything back from her later.

Sukyung was busy doing quick calculations in her head when he tapped her shoulder.

He ordered, 

“Grab your clothes.

And keep that outfit on.”

“You want me to wear this”

When her eyes widened and asked, Sungwoo frowned and replied, 


You buy the clothes to wear, don’t you Or do you usually just keep all of your clothes in a bag”

“But you said today’s goal is for me to…”

“We’ll do it next time.”

After signing the bill, Sungwoo accepted the receipt.

Sukyung quickly grabbed the clothes she came in with in a bag the employee offered her before following Sungwoo.

The department store was beginning to announce that it was going to close in 30 minutes. 

When Sungwoo walked quickly to the parking lot, Sukyung asked, 

“Do we have to hurry like this They said they still have 30 minutes left till they close.”


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