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Qi Xiao hurriedly board the plane and quickly find her seat,

Her seat is beside the window, and near the comfort room, this spot is perfect for her.

She was about to close her eyes to relax but she almost cuss loudly,

Her face paled when she look at her right side,

Special assistant Chen is there standing while looking at his phone, after a while, he hid his mobile phone and look in front.

Qi Xiao look too and her heart stopped for 3 seconds!

Han Min is walking toward special assistant Chen, he sat down and the assistant says something,

Qi Xiao didn dare to look anymore, she was scared, and her heart is beating erratically!

She thought that she calmed down a little bit when she left but unexpectedly her heart can really stay still when he is around!

She thought that she is already in a bad situation but surprisingly two men came in, and she know that these two people are part of those inconspicuous groups!

The special assistant received a message that the group who is chasing after Qi Xiao is also in the country S!

Coincidentally Han Min was there for a business trip.

Han Min knit his eyebrows and told assistant Chen to contact their people to come to them.

After a while, Han Min squint his eyes when he saw two men wearing dark clothes board the plane,

Qi Xiao felt that this is the most exciting time of her life, it is more exciting when she rode a lion, touch a huge shark underwater, or jumped into a waterfall that is more than 20 ft. high!

Especially when the two men actually sat in the front and back of her seat.

Her nerves tighten when she felt a that Han Min glance at them,

Its good that she is wearing natives clothing, their cloth is covering most of their body, and she covers her face and hand with thick makeup to cover up her real complexion,

Now she had a golden brown skin color, her hair is covered tightly, her eyes are brown with thick eyebrows, and she is wearing 10 inches heels that are hidden under her huge and long clothing.

Qi Xiao closes her eyes to relax, and hide her anxiety, the first stopover will be after 1 hour,

Qi Xiao didn open her eyes even when the pilot announced that they are ready to take off.

After taking off the attendants start asking the passengers what they needed and requested,

Qi Xiao open her eyes, thicken her voice and ask in her natives language and accent if she wanted something,

She make her voice a little louder so the men around her will hear, she made it look like it was natural.

For the whole flight, Qi Xiaos nerves didn relax, she felt like her heart is in her throat, it was really nerve-wracking!

Her nerves become tenser when the pilot announces the first stop, Qi Xiao stays still,

While on the flight, Han Min didn know why but his eyes keep inavertly fall on the native person on the other side,

He doesn know why special when he heard her voice, he felt that he will recognize it no matter what.

After a while, he look sideways and said in his mind that it is Qi Xiao! although not knowing how but he is certain,

So even though they are now at the stopover Han Min didn leave his seat.

Qi Xiao judge her surroundings, when it was time to go out, she unhurriedly stood up and took her bag,

And so are the two men and ooh Han Min and assistant Chen as well.

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