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Chapter 595 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished P2*

You… you are just...

aaaah… mean to the extreme, Eren Idril.

This … owieee… is not what I meant when I said you ssssssstop acting like a dead fishhhhh.


Agatha said and clenched her fists as she felt Eren\'s hot rod slowly but surely drilling into her rear entrance.

She pursed her lips but still couldn\'t help but let a few moans escape from her mouth.

Eren just smiled but didn\'t reply with words.

He let Agatha process his actions at her own pace.

His patience paid off.


Agatha leaned completely on Eren\'s torso and adjusted her pelvis.

She then stretched her legs more and made her anal opening more accessible.

Ssssslow… go slow!

Agatha whispered as she dispersed her spell.

She had already been charged up once again by Eren\'s stamina.

Nevertheless, the pain of getting her ass **ed could not be relived by replenishing her stamina.

Eren chuckled in amusement and chose to oblige.

He wrapped his hands around Agatha and slowly started to thrust his cock inside the tight entrance.

It felt pleasant to feel the anal walls squeeze his dick with even more pressure.

The temperature inside was even more pleasurable for his little guy than Agatha\'s lady hole.

Agatha didn\'t take long to adjust to Eren\'s thrusts.

She slowly sat straight with her legs spread apart on Eren and started to enjoy riding her master\'s dick with her anal opening.

This… aaaahhh...

I could get used to this.

I… I could get aaaaaaadicted to thisness.

Altashia mumbled to herself as she started enjoying the surprise anal session.

It wasn\'t long before her anal walls got completely adjusted to the butcher\'s rod, allowing her to adjust her bouncing acts with liberty.

Come… come… with me!

Agatha placed her open palms over Eren\'s chest and commanded him to bounce aggressively on Eren\'s dick.

The latter smiled and nodded before holding her ever-restless hips with both his hands from either side.

He made his leg muscles take charge and started thrusting deep into Agatha\'s tight cavity, meeting her downwards thrusts with even more power.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

The sound of flesh meeting flesh became even more prominent as a result.

The butcher accelerated his thrusts and drove Agatha into the next level of insanity induced by ecstasy.

Eren could see that Agatha was going to come again after a few more thrusts.

So he matched her timing and nutted deep inside her just as she crashed onto his torso with all her stamina drained out of her body.

She was finally satisfied.

More than satisfied.

She was blissfully happy.

It was just that her ass rim felt like it was on fire.

She lifted her head and looked into Eren\'s eyes, ignoring the discomfort.

That… that was really good, Eren.

You\'ll never steer away from catching me off guard, will you Hehe.

But I adore you all the same.

Agatha smiled and planted a soft kiss on Eren\'s cheeks.

She then rested her head on Eren\'s chest and lay there for quite a time.

The butcher knew that Agatha was satisfied.

And he was content with their extended session too.

So he didn\'t demand more from her manager and let her rest.

Their room was filled with a soothing atmosphere as a cool breeze entered the room at midnight.​

Eren remembered he had to give Agatha something.

This was the set he had prepared just for her before coming to the city of New Beginnings.

Hehe! Miss manager, do you remember what I had said to you before either of us left for Nightshade Duchy

Agatha was just silently enjoying being with Eren and resting when she heard him ask a question.

Her expressions were puzzled as she rolled to Eren\'s side and propped her head on her folded arm.

Is it about the potion distribution channels and relocating our potioner staff in the nightshade duchy I\'m just waiting for the…

Agatha was about to continue to state out her plans when she was interrupted by the butcher.

Not that.

I had told you I\'d take care of your ranking technique problem.

Well… here it is.

Eren took out a runic book that was manually written along with a scroll and a bunch of vials.

He then explained the items to his guild manager.

This is what I have come up with.

The book contains a ranking technique that is based on your current one in the Novice rank.

But it is not anthrope-specific.

Not really anyway.

And yet.

You\'d still be able to practice it just fine.

Hehe! What\'s more It covers everything till you can break through into Expert rank.

You\'d have no bottlenecks at least when it comes to the ranking technique till then.

Eren flashed an I am awesome smile at Agatha while tapping on the book with his open palm.

The latter was surprised that the book contained everything that she needed till she reached the D-Rank.

What surprised her, even more, was the fact that the technique was not therianthrope-specific.

That meant she would have more freedom to choose conventional spells that are related to her element.

Plus, her progress would be as fast as a normal ranker without any additional difficulties.

Agatha snatched the book from under Eren\'s palm and started reading it as quickly as she could.

She muttered a few incoherent words before saying her mumbling out loud.

How… how did you find such a thing

Eren understood Agatha\'s question even when she had not yet constructed it.

She was asking him how he managed to find a technique meant for her while not making it anthrope-specific.

So he chuckled before replying.

It\'s all because of this potion.

You\'d just have to drink it to make your body adapt to the technique before practicing it every time.

The scroll contains the recipe for the potion.

And these vials contain the potion itself.

So you\'d be practicing a normal-like technique that would allow you to cast almost all the water-element spells we can think of.

All while remaining an anthrope and taking advantage of all the perks it has to offer.

Agatha put the book away and picked up the scroll to check out its contents.

By now she had picked up a few nuances of the potion recipes by seeing so many of them.

She didn\'t understand everything.

But she could see that the potion was simple to make even if it was her who tried making it.

All the shortcuts and alternatives to the original recipe had also been penned down.

Eren smirked as he saw Agatha\'s expressions.

He pulled her cheeks before adding up.

Hah! With this in your possession, you can\'t slack anymore, Miss manager.

Try to keep up with me, would you

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