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Vampire and Werewolf love story (web novel version) Christmas Time

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Jake Pov

I return home for Christmas break. I see Jack and his wife, Paris, and her nephew. I also see my stepmom.

"Welcome back little brother," said Jack.

"Its good to be back."


e not enjoying college?"

"I am but I was a little home sick."

"You remember where you came from. I think its a good thing," said Jack.

"Well help me get my luggage in the house."

We put my luggage in the house, I walk towards my stepmom.

"How are you doing Alissa."

"Im doing alright for the time being."

"Don hesitate to call if you need help with something."

"I know and Ill do it when I need it."

I give her a hug.

We all get the car and stop by the flower store and buy some flowers. After that we drive to my fathers grave. He died in a car accident a few months ago. He was driving home when he got into an accident with this drunk driver.

He was thrown out of his car front window and into the other person car. His neck got snap, and his ring fell off. He started to burn. We had to cover the accident up.

We got to his grave and put the flowers on it. We let each others say words privately and left to the house after that. I only have 5 days before I go back to college.

I drive to Angel house and knock on her door. Her mother answered the door. This could go bad for me.

"Get out of here. Your kind is not welcome" she said growling.

"I can do that so look likes that you will have to just make me."

I jump to the roof of the house. Then Angel, a boy who I assume is Jimmy, and a girl around the boy age come outside.

I wave to Angel and say, "hi Angel".

Angel looks at me with a scared face and mouth the word "run".

Her mothers look angry and shift to a brown wolf. I look up and there is a full moon. I didn think it was today. This just got worse, and I might have to run.

She starts attacking me. I dodge and start to run away. I start to laugh at my situation while running. She chases me to the vampire territory. Vampires appear and surround her. She transforms back to human.

"He came to my house. He wouldn leave. I was just defending my home and pride."

Jack appeared and said "We let you go for now wolf but don ever come in our territory again. Unless you want to die."

"I wasn planning to ever come here in the first place. I was unaware of my surrounding. Also, little vampire, you aren very threating. Leave that to your evil elders." Angel mom leaves.

Jack turns around toward me. "Why was you at a wolfs house." "I was saying hi to the whole neighborhood." "You

e an idiot and you don know the whole neighborhood." "Fine, I was there to mess with a wolf." Jack grabs me and says, "don you remember what happen to mom. The wolves are dangerous and its best to not aggravate them."

"They didn seem dangerous to me." "They can be little brother. I can guarantee you that." "Ill be more careful around them." "You better be Jake." Jack gets in his car and leaves.

At least I left Angel present before I got chase. I text her where its at.

Angel POV

"Why was that boy here to see you, Angelina." "They went to my school before. We only spoke once" I said. "But why would he come see you now." "I don know mom." "Just let it go for now honey. We won get any more information," said my dad.

"Fine Henry" said my mom and left to her room. I say, "thanks dad." "Well, I haven been around for a few years so got to make up somehow." "I already said its fine dad." "Thank you, Angelina."

"Your family is very normal Jimmy," said Hero. "I agree but there nothing wrong with that," said Jimmy. "If the two of you are complaining, we have food to eat," said dad."

After dinner, I read a text from Jake. He left a get for me on a tree by my house. I climb out my window and see the present. I grab it and head back to my room. I open it and see a golden necklace. It has a JA in the middle of it.

I put it in my jewelry box. I text Jake a "thank you" and get ready for bed. While in the bathroom. I hear Kora come home. I say where you been all day.

"On a date" she said. "With whom?" "Thats none of your concern." "Well, I won pry anymore." "Good and head to bed soon, it is getting past your bedtime." "I don have a bedtime" I say angrily.

"You will if you keep asking me question that I don want to answer" Kora says with a smirk. I get done in the bathroom and go to sleep.

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