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Chapter 287


Nan Xiao stood up and went to sing as he chooses some old songs.

These are the songs that they loved to sing in high school.

Now they sing these songs again and again.

These were the songs they loved to sing when they were in high school, and they still sing these k-songs now

Everyone knows how to sing the songs Nan Xiao chooses, si Wan Yue and Shi Ning also sing along to the k-song he sang.

Lin Suno on the other hand didn’t like to sing very much and since he was also not feeling well because of drinking too much wine, he just continued leaning on the sofa to rest.

“Dan, this is a duet love song.

Brother Xiao, did you choose this I’ll sing the man’s part, so how about you sing the woman’s part” Jin Sihan suggested.

Nan Xiao: “Go away, who wants to sing a love song duet with you, it’s disgusting.”

Jin Sihan: “Okay, okay, I know you can’t sing high notes either, I’ll do the female voice, I can do it.”

Nan Xiao: “I don’t sing love songs with men.”

Jin Sihan rolled his eyes: “Then why did you choose this song It’s not like…”

Nan Xiao walked to Shi Ning and handed her the microphone: “Together”

When Shi Ning didn’t answer, Nan Xiao said with a smile, “We are friends for so many years but we can’t even sing a song Is it you or me who are guilty”

“What on earth do you want” Shi Ning was tired.

It turned out that what he meant when he met her earlier and told her he wouldn’t let her go was this.

If only she didn’t care about this friendship, she had with him and this was another person then knowing that he still has feelings for her, she had long cut off their friendship.

He put the microphone in her hand and said, “Nothing, just sing a song with me.

Isn’t the purpose of coming to KTV to sing”

Shi Ning felt that it was impossible to stop halfway when suddenly someone who had been sleeping on the sofa leaned his head on Shi Ning’s lap, and with his half-opened eyes he said to her, “Baby, I have a headache.”

Then closed his eyes and began to sleep on her lap.



“It seems that it is not convenient for me to sing.

Please sing.” Shi Ning said, and then she called Jin Sihan and handed him the microphone.

“Sihan, you sing with Nan Xiao.”

Nan Xiao didn’t say anything more, and just silently looked at the two of them with a cold gaze.

After sitting for a while, Shi Ning’s phone in her bag vibrated.

It was Tong Lu who calling.

After college, she didn’t have much contact with Tong Lu, but she never stopped communicating either.

After graduation, Tong Lu dated her class monitor in the high school.

Shi Ning occasionally saw photos of her and her boyfriend in her moments, which was very sweet.

It was too noisy in the private room so Shi Ning moved his body a little, stood up and went outside to answer the phone.

“Why did you think of calling me today”

She answered the phone and asked with a smile.

Tong Lu: “I heard Nan Xiao say that you are having a party today”

Shi Ning: “Well, Jin Sihan’s idea.

He finally had a vacation, so we had to cooperate.”

“He is really popular now.

Many girls in my university are chasing him.

I told them that Jin Sihan and I were classmates and asked me for autographs one by one.

But I don’t know him very well.

How dare I speak to him” Tong Lu said.

Shi Ning laughed: “I can help you to ask if you want.

He is here today.”

“En, en, please ask me some.

I’ll give them to my friends.”

After talking about this, Shi Ning felt a little strange.

Although she and Tong Lu had a good relationship, they seldom call each other when they had nothing to discuss.

They usually called when they had something to talk about.

“You didn’t call me today just for a few autographs, are you” Shi Ning asked.

There was a moment of silence on the phone.

Tong Lu said, “Shi Ning, if I tell you the truth, will you blame me”

“What, why should I blame you”

Tong Lu: “In fact, Nan Xiao called me today.

I don’t know why he suddenly called me to call you.”


How could she forget that when Tong Lu was in high school, she received too many favors from Nan Xiao’s family, which led the little girl to listen to him very much, and now she has become his accomplice.

It’s just that why would Nan Xiao ask Tong Lu to call her for no rhyme or reason.

Was it…

Shi Ning immediately ran back to the front of the private room they had booked, only to find that these people had closed the door to her.

“Hey! What are you doing Open the door!”

It was impossible for them to lock the room because she was still outside, then there was only one possibility, there were not targeting her but Lin Suno who was inside.

Shi Ning shouted at the door for a few minutes, hesitating to go to the front desk to find a staff member to rescue her boyfriend when the door suddenly opened and Nan Xiao came out.

Shi Ning immediately tried to get in, but the other party easily grabbed her wrist and pushed the person to the wall.

“So worried about him”

Shi Ning glared at him, “What are you doing There is no end to it.

You even told Tong Lu to get rid of me, what exactly do you want”

“Of course, it’s a matter for men to solve.

It’s inconvenient for you.”

“Crazy.” She scolded him and pushed him away to get in.

Nan Xiao grabbed her hand again and asked in a deep voice, “Do you like him so much”


“Must it be him”

“He must.”

In a few words, the dialogue between them ended.

Nan Xiao held her hand and released his strength.

Shi Ning opened the door and walked into the private room.


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