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Tower Of Sin Seven Pillars

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Unable to control his greed, he took the pearl and swallowed it down. However, nothing happened. He felt nothing change. He didn feel stronger or faster.

After a few seconds passed since he swallowed the pearl, he thought.

He didn think about it before, but it said something about Greed. Was there a bloodline of seven sins on the tower? Did that mean there were other sin bloodlines?

Seven Sins were a popular concept, one that was one of his favorites. One of them was his favorite for a particular reason.


Ahem! He shook his weak mentality thoughts! It was pointless to think about those things. He got one of the seven sin bloodlines was amazing. In most of the novels, the OP sins were greed and gluttony. It was not a novel and he was not the main character.

But why don I feel anything special after swallowing this?? Is that a fragment? He wondered if he needed to find other fragments to activate the bloodline. The most logical conclusion was that he didn develop the bloodline. It meant he needed to find other fragments and swallow them, too.

Just thinking about stealing peoples stats, skills, bloodlines, and talents excited him. This Gym bro was going to steal bad peoples stats! Tyler was not a scumbag. He would never steal a good guys talents. He would only steal and not kill.

Though the rank of pearl appeared as (F-), the lowest rank among the tower. He was sure after finding fragments, it would be one of the greatest bloodlines. After all, seven sins weren a joke. Or they were like people who skipped leg day…

Would it even be possible to steal their experience? he thought. He was talking about their experience like he could steal skills, but if he doesn have any experience or knowledge on how to use the skill, it would be much weaker than the skill got from an opponent.

For example, he might steal a powerful swordmanship technique or powerful fist technique, but if he doesn know how to use them efficiently, how was he going to use them properly? He hoped it would be possible to steal their experience on how to use the skills, as he didn have time to train every skill he steals.

Imagining himself as a master,who could use every weapon like a master or using his fists and kicks like a master made him tremble with excitement.Hoping that he would gain that ability, he continued his thoughts.

But damn, won I be too OP if I get greed bloodline? he thought so. Just thinking about standing at the cliff on the mountain with a red cape dropped over his shoulder and acting like the King at the end of his journey made him tremble with excitement. His hidden Chunibyo desires were acting again.

Before he could think further, a white light swallowed him up. Sending him out of Floor 0.


Last Floor of Tower

Inside the huge,blood-colored doors was a hall. Hall was big enough to house the stars. And it was housing a star. No, it was more correct to say it was housing stars.

In the hall was the Lord Of Tower. Strongest being on the tower. 7 pillars were supporting the hall. Their height was impossibly tall enough to reach the stars.

Each of these pillars shimmered with majestic auras great enough to drown the stars except one pillar that didn exude any presence at all, as if it was lifeless.

Each one of them was colorful ranging from violet, green, blue, red, yellow, and light blue with the red-colored pillars aura being strongest while the blue pillar exuded the weakest presence. Though the pillar that didn radiate aura was white.

They were the life force of 6 Supreme Demons, the ones who ruled the tower like a King. Children of Lord Of Tower. The First Climbers, the ones who conquered even the final floor.

At the end of the hallway, stood an extremely tall man standing at a height of 200 cm. He was extremely handsome. He had slick-back black hair and black eyes. His jaw looked defined eyebrows sharp like a sword, and a small nose. He had white skin.

He looked topless and wore tight black jeans. His body looked slightly slender with a muscular body.

In front of him stood a round table big enough to accommodate many planets. On top of the table was a huge dragon that was as big as a planet. The dragon looked lifeless, its large wings were being eaten by the man. Just one of these wings was many times larger than the man yet the man ate them like they were Koren fried chicken.

The man was extremely small compared to wings yet he was devouring them like a glutton. They were quickly sent to his small belly. Just within a few seconds he already ate both wings even the bones were not spared.

Just when finished the appetizer and was about to eat the main meal, which was the dragons body. The seventh pillar which was white began to shimmer with a reddish-black aura.

Its presence was extremely small compared to other pillars it could barely paint a few centimeters of pillar with reddish-black color, the difference between their aura was no less than an ant and an Elephant.

Yet looking at this pillar, the man could not help but laugh loudly. His laugh shook the whole hall, even the 7 pillars threatening to collapse just due to the mans laughter. As he began to laugh his presence which felt like a black hole began to spread out swallowing the dragon whole. His presence was powerful enough to make galaxies tremble in fear.

\It looks like this EMPEROR will have some fun with you again, the real Greed.\

The man, No. Gulliver, the Lord Of the Tower thought so.


Sorry for late chapter guys. I know its short but please bear with it for 2 chaps.

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