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Tower Of Sin Taking on the boss solo

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Seeing that Orc covered with a plate armor, that looked much sturdier that other mobs he encountered, was shooting at him at an unbelievable speed, he immediately dashed to the right, dodging his massive sword by a hairs breadth, strands of his hair being cut.

Looking at his previous position what he saw shocked him. The goblin who shot like a meteor with its momentum cleaved the thick tree behind Tyler like tofu.

Although he never tried cutting a tree, he knew it was very unlikely that Tyler could, even if he could it would not be as clear-cut as the beast made.

Shaking his thoughts, he sensed an extremely dangerous threat coming from his left. His instinctive reaction has been to try to block the sword. It was not a conscious reaction but an unconscious one.

When the giant bull became like a pillar of light and the giant swordsman clashed, a shockwave came out of their collision.


Despite being the same height as that goblin, goblin looked down at him. Tyler almost sunk to his knees due to the strength difference between them. The soil below his foot sank to a few centimeters.

How many kilos of tren you used?????? Tyler thought so. He was shocked at his ability to consider such things while fighting.

His arm went numb due to the strength and speed difference between them. Although the difference between them was not like heaven and earth. There was a considerable difference between them. Coupled with the green-skinned humanoids heavy polearm-looking-sword, that made his attacks even stronger.

Normally a large weapon like that would not be practical in combat, however, the boss of the floor wouldn deserve the title of Boss if he couldn even do this much. Despite his fat belly, he was tremeoundsly fast despite his heavy sword. It might cut down his speed a little bit but it strengthened his attacks.

It was no surprise that he was overwhelmed when he tried to block the chieftains attack. Boss was not meant to be killed by one person in the first place and not blindly block his attacks.

Bosses on every floor with some expectations had great vitality, strength, speed, and stamina. They couldn be cut down without a tactic or strategy unless you had the power to overpower them by yourself. And it was even more so for the Boss of Tutorial that was meant to be taken down with 100 people.

The way to kill this boss was by kiting, dodging then attacking the uncovered part of his plate armor. Although he was able to cut down plate armors before, which was very difficult to achieve on Earth. This Bosss armor looked more polished and sturdy than the other mobs he came across.

Although it was easy to say in a game, though not easy its nerve-racking but at the very least its much easier than on real life where you fight for your life. Your heart rate skyrockets, you are trembling all over with anxiety, you are cold sweating, and your adrenaline pumps more blood flow to your muscles increasing their capability for a short time.

Not only that but the fact that he was just in pajamas and held a rusty sword in his hands while the boss wore armor and held a great sword! Wasn their role supposed to change? Normally he should have been covered with armor till his feet, with a non-rusty silver sword in his hands.

Also, why weren there any drops? Why they sent him like a chicken to be slaughtered? He had the equipment of a poor level one mob. No, he didn even have a piece of equipment, he only had pajamas.

Shaking his useless mentality thoughts, he bent like a bow and dodged Chieftains strike, though it stratched his waist, making his clothes covered with blood. Though he couldn feel any pain due to the situation he faced which made him extremely anxious and excited.

He was trying to become one with the wind, trying to skillfully use his legs to dodge his attacks better. If it wasn for his swordsmanship being better, his trying to work on his footwork during his journey here, and his combat sense he would have already died or been gravely injured.

Also goblin was always making growl sounds whenever he was attacking which made him sense the attack faster and react faster which he was pleased about it.

Its finally time for the first strike he thought excitedly.

While grinning widely, he dodged an Orc-like beasts strike moving to his side, after that by firmly planting on his ground, he slashed at a speed that was close to the chieftains attacks. Normally goblin would be able to block it however by moving to a spot that made it hard to react he was able to trust at Orcs left armpit that was uncovered by armor.

Although the wound wasn deep it made its job by hindering his mobility slowing him down. At the very least he wouldn able to use his left arm. It was impossible to cut through the plate armor chief wore.

Unlike what he expected, goblin became even faster and stronger. He wasn using his left arm, but he seemed to go berserk from the darkening of his eyes and aura.

His strikes were almost causing the wind to howl in pain, facing such an unexpected situation he could only try to dodge until that bastards attacks finally gets weaker due to exhaustion.

However, it didn go as he expected, instead of getting weaker he seemed to get even stronger. Although he couldn notice it due to his absolute focus he was getting scratches from the goblins strikes.

He was completely focused on how to dodge strikes and his footwork, forgetting everything and entering a trance state. His footwork which was refined over the many battles he have been in before coming to face Boss was finally about to break through.

He was becoming more like a wind as the battle went on before he was scratched there and here, the goblins sword was barely touching him right now.

Chiefs sword strikes were blocking all his paths of escape, it was as if there was darkness everywhere but the sword that was attacking him.

There is a light! he thought.

Light looked pretty close to him. He didn know but it pointed to the goblins neck had exposure extremely thin that wasn covered by the plate armor.

He dodged another strike with a single step, before firmly stepping on earth and cutting the goblins neck with his sword that even made the wind howl in pain.

Before he could rest due to exhaustion, system notification sounds rang.

[ A New skill, Footwork (F-) is created.]

[Footwork (F-)

You can dodge attacks more efficiently. You can attack or defend while using your body more efficiently. Your footwork looks more for dance rather than combat you mortal!]

Sigh. Be Calm. Do not let such trivial things affect your mood and disrupt your calm. The calmer I am the more pissed off System will be. I should even smile like a kid and let it have its fun while it can. I imagine he won last a long time while being a training dummy. He thought.

He slowed down his heart rate and even wore a smile that was innocent enough to be considered a childrens smile. Though with his large body he looked quite weird. Before he continued with his thoughts another system notification rang.

[Boss Of Floor 0 is killed.]

[Tutorial ends. As a reward participants are healed.]

[All the participants will be teleported out 1 minute later.]

After he looked at the goblin chieftains body, he saw its corpse scattering into ethereal particles. However, unlike the other corpses, he saw before it left something other than blood.

It was a Pearl that was colored red and it shimmered with a reddish-black aura He didn know why but he had tremendous greed burning inside him. Wanting this pearl to swallow it.

[Bloodline Pearl Of Greed (F-)]


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