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Tower Of Sin Where is my Fireball?

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After leaving the area where he fought with the hobgoblin, he found more goblins and was immensely disappointed!

They were all killed with one blow! He was going to cry! Who else he was going to use as a training dummy!! His swordsmanship which was taught by his masters was cutting goblins like tofu!

None of the goblins he fought was strong as his Master! It included that hobgoblin too! His masters were really on a whole level compared to these goblins who skipped leg day!

Is that the difference between someone who skipped the leg day and did not?

He was amazed and happy that he never skipped leg day!

Anyway, after walking deeper into the forest he saw three goblins! At the vanguard, were 2 goblins with bastard swords in their hands and steel plate armor on their body instead of leather armor. And they were bigger than every goblin except the hobgoblin he encountered. And at the rear was an old and thin goblin who wore a robe and held a wand that had a skull on top of it.

Two Goblin Warrior and 1 Goblin Shaman?

It looked more dangerous than Hobgoblin. Although they were individually not stronger than the hobgoblin he fought. As a group, they were more dangerous as they strengthened their weakness and covered each other. It was a deadly combo between warrior and mage.

Tyler began to get excited, he finally saw new training dummies… No new masters! He began to get bored with the goblins he fought since he wasn able to refine his swordsmanship since they didn pose any challenge to him.

Although he saw goblin groups and defeated them, they didn even last 10 seconds before getting eliminated. Seeing goblin warriors who were weaker than Hobgoblin but had better swordsmanship, and Goblin Shaman who had more destructive power than Hobgoblin with spells, it excited him and made his heartbeat rise.

Feeling the adrenaline improving his blood flow and sending more blood to his muscles and strengthening them, he got out of the bushes he hid in, and stood in front of his soon-to-be-masters. He was excited to get experience on what to do against a mage with a goblin shamans help.

Goblin warriors were stunned when Tyler stood in front of them. Realizing it was the result of his titles first effect, he didn move since he would not get what he wanted out of this fight.

Normally the main character was supposed to take advantage of this and kill them barely, however, Tylers confidence was soaring into the skies after his swordsmanship and physical prowess leveled up. It was just like in the gym when you got stronger, bigger after a while you got more confident.

Anyway, Tyler didn think he would need his titles effects to kill them after all only weak men would take advantage of these poor goblin souls! His purpose was on something great! He was finally getting into a fun fight with Hobgoblin and his masters!

Fun fight? Have I gone crazy? When goblin shaman can send fireballs and cook me alive at any moment, I am thinking I will finally get a fun fight?

He was shocked at his personality change in just under a few hours. Obviously, everybodys personality would change if they somehow got into fantasy novels and could reach the level of the legendary \Destroying mountains and dry up lakes and rivers with the aftermath of our legendary fight with the dragon!\

\Gwewe, Bwewewe, Uwuwewew(Translation :By The Muscles Of Neus-ane!)\

Anyway, Unlike the goblin warriors who got stunned, the goblin shaman was perfectly fine and already used one physical strengthening and mind-strengthening buff on goblin warriors. Though from the mumbling sounds coming from his mouth, it was evident he was preparing a new spell.

Goblin warriors who finally got out of their confused state immediately rushed to Tyler confidently with their bastard swords in their hands. The buff goblin shaman used even increased their strength to Hobgoblins level, and with their refined swordsmanship, they could even defeat Hobgoblins!

Feeling two Goblin warriors auras becoming stronger than Hobgoblin he faced before, he grinned widely. That was it! They should become fun opponents right now. He ran against them too. And with a wide grin at that.

His sword finally clashed with the leading golden warriors sword.


The goblin warrior took a few steps back when he clashed with Tylers sword, his arm went numb and was not fast enough to recover when Tylers second strike came in. Tylers swordsmanship consisted of heavy and powerful strikes. Every strike was heavy and deadly.

However the second warrior immediately took the position of the first warrior and clashed with Tylers sword just like the first warrior, he took a few steps back and his arm went numb.

Before Tylers sword strike came in again the other goblin warrior was already recovered and taken the brunt of the heavy sword. They were in a stagnant state, Tyler was attacking while goblins were defending, and when one warrior recovered, he went for another warriors help.

After dozens of clashes, goblin warriors were already feeling tired, while Tyler didn even look like he sweated. Obviously, he was going to have a lot more endurance than them, humans had the most endurance out of all races.

If there was one thing humanity excelled in it was endurance, while they were portrayed as having lesser endurance than horses, and other animals in novels, in reality, they had the most endurance out of all animals without a race to rival themselves.

They might be weaker and slower than animals but they had much more endurance than all the animals. They were distance runners, not 100m runners! So goblins being tired against Tyler was nothing out of ordinary!

Luckily for goblin warriors, goblin shaman already prepared a spell. Seeing goblin warriors retreating from him, he saw a goblin shaman coming close to finish invocating his legendary spell, Fireball!

Finally, I can use the overhead swing I practiced!!

If he had common sense he would have known he couldn cut the fireball in half! Normal people would try to dodge and attack the goblin shaman before he cast a fireball again, however, he was Tyler. He was going to cut these mere pieces of fire in half!

Or he would have tried to disrupt the goblin shamans spell before he could cast Fireball!

After he crouched low enough and lifted his sword above his head, he finally saw the Goblin shaman finish invocating his spell! Finally, the fireball was coming! As he started to wait for the fireball to come, nothing came out of the spell except an extremely loud fart of 113 decibels that could break noses and even knock out people cold.


Where is my fireball?

He was shocked. He was almost going to cry. Where was his fireball? Which fireball he was going to cut??? Did goblin shaman think he could knock Tyler out like that?

Did he not know Tyler ate 100 grams of protein every breakfast? His secret move could knock out even the immortals if they were close enough. His deadly magic was not weaker than the most powerful techniques of the most powerful sects of Murim worlds!

He was no stranger to that kind of thing! He was disgusted that they chose such a weak way to defeat him!

Seeing how he was not affected by the Goblin shamans spell, Goblin warriors started to run to Tyler to clash swords again.

However, Tyler already prepared an overhead swing and swung at them. Both of them took the brunt of the swords force together this time seeing it was extremely dangerous to take together.

They both took a few steps back, and they experienced a Deja Vu, feeling dizzy and losing balance. They were shocked that they were losing when both of them were clashing against Tyler!

However, unlike the first time when others could take the brunt of sword strikes, there was nobody to help them. Just like in the past how Tylers masters felt, they felt too feeling of being used as a training dummies.

After the 6th blow, the goblins sword fell out of their hands when the physical strengthening buff came to end. Seeing that Tyler grinned even wider and decapitated both of them with a single Overhead swing.

Since there was not any obstacle between himself and Goblin Shaman, he ran to him and cut the scared Goblin Shaman in half.

One day, I will definitely find my fireball!!

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