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Tower Of Sin Swordmanship and First Title

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Both goblins shattered into spiritual particles as the legend went on. Tyler knew he had to say goodbye.

After saying goodbye to his masters, Tyler found new goblin masters and learned a lot from them.

They had taught him how to block and attack with the sword. Tyler was also using them as training dummies... No, neither training dummy, he was just paying homage to his masters.

After learning how to attack and block with the sword, which he got from beating goblins up like a training dummy Ahem! He was refining his swordsmanship.

It was very enjoyable to learn swordsmanship; with each attack or block, he was learning and adding new things to himself. His swordsmanship almost passed the level of \the man who never held a sword.\

Of course, Tyler didn just want to learn swordsmanship; all he wanted to do was learn practical weapons. He also wanted to learn how to punch and kick, of course.

When Tyler killed his 15th goblin, he took it down with five blows compared to the first goblin kill. Each of his blows was fast, heavy, and powerful.

He had refined his swordsmanship to the peak level of "the man who never held a sword" All he needs is enlightenment and a life-threatening fight to raise his sword to a higher level.

Tyler got a little scared. He had never been in danger before. Tyler had made every goblin a training dummy and crushed it like a tank.

Having shaken off his useless thoughts and looked ahead. A goblin 180cm tall appeared in front of him. His body was enormous. He held a great sword in his hand. He looked like a small orc.

Hobgoblin? he thought.

Hobgoblins were larger than normal goblins. They were like little orcs. Their powers were faster and stronger than normal humans. He was one of the first boss monsters eliminated by the main characters.

Unlike the other goblins he encountered, he didn attack him right away; his eyes just kept looking at him. Tyler was observing him. Two predators had come face-to-face. Though Tyler had killed no one, he gently used the goblins as training dummies.

The hobgoblin was so cruel. He would kill goblins whenever he wanted! This bastard would even eat goblins when he was hungry!!!

Thinking so, Tyler couldn bear the cruelty inflicted on his masters and clasped his sword with both hands. He would end this torture with his own hands. Tylers Masters would no longer die and suffer at the hands of this demon!!!

Realizing that Tyler was angry, the Hobgoblin was stunned. He had an innocent expression on his face. He didn know what he had done to this man. Even though its an expression as innocent as a baby, Tyler saw it.

He was even angrier. The bastard pretended to be innocent. He played such an innocent role that the Hobgoblin almost fooled Tyler.

The Ascar winners, even Jellywood actors, would kneel before this hobgoblin and ask him to be their master. The little orc-like hobgoblin was cunning as the devil.

Tyler had had enough of this bull**. He was already running against the hobgoblin. The Hobgoblin wasn losing either, of course, he was running towards Tyler with his fat belly swaying. He was even faster than Tyler!

When the distance between them was close enough, the hobgoblins great sword clashed with Tylers sword.


A shock wave nearly came from their collision. Tyler took two steps back as the hobgoblin stood still. For the first time, Tyler had lost in a power struggle against a goblin.

Of course, this was to be expected; after all, this bastard even killed and ate Tylers masters!!! It was clear that this battle would not be easy! Tyler had accepted defeating this man as the sacred mission his masters had given him. This was the last mission his masters gave him. Tyler had to beat this bastard!!

Tyler and the Hobgoblin had already clashed dozens of times. The hobgoblin was so strong that with every clash, Tylers arm went numb, albeit slightly. Tyler was more experienced in swordsmanship, while the hobgoblin had the advantage of sheer strength and speed.

Of course, after dozens of hits, Tyler was even more experienced, he could almost see above this level of "the man who never held a sword." Or is this what his masters wanted to show Tyler!? What they wanted to show Tyler was that swordsmanship isn just about power and speed, its even more technical!?

\Master, I have been enlightened, I am finally seeing what you wanted me to see and will be slaying this devil from the face of the earth!"

After shouting, Tyler and the Hobgoblin clashed again, this time the Hobgoblin took a few steps back, not Tyler. The hobgoblin was in shock, if he was conscious, of course. He felt what Tylers other masters felt.

Dizzy and off balance, Tyler wasn going to just kill this bastard, he was going to make him suffer the most painful torture in the world. He regained his balance and collided with Tyler again, taking a few steps back again.

Tyler was really stupid. He had to use the sword not with a small muscle like the wrist, but with the shoulder, which is one of the two biggest muscles in the body. It could give more strength to the sword, and it was very aesthetic. After making an attack, he did not stay in a stupid position.

If the hobgoblin were to make a sensible sentence, he would say, I am being bullied by a crazy bastard, mommy.

The Tyler unknowingly planted a great seed of fear inside hobgoblin. The man in front of him was turning into image of a demon. With each clash, the man before him became more and more demonic.

Tylers and Hobgoblins fighting continued until the Hobgoblins chubby hands could no longer hold the sword. Tyler bisected the hobgoblin in half at the same time the hobgoblins sword fell to the ground. His torso had separated from his legs and fallen to the ground.

This bastard does not deserve dying while standing!

He had thought about it, Tyler. After the split, Hobgoblin disintegrated into ethereal particles and disappeared, Tyler heard the AIs cute voice again.



A red text appeared; did the system give an error? Was it something the system was surprised by when the main characters did completely unthinkable things? Yes, it was!!

Realizing this, Tyler was astonished, what unthinkable thing had he done!? After all, hed only killed goblins and a barely stronger hobgoblin?

[Tyler Smiths achievements are accumulating!]

[In search of a title for Tyler Smith]

[The Golden Slayer title has been discovered]

[Tyler Smiths achievements are too high for the Goblin Slayer title!]

[A new title is being created for Tyler Smith!]

[A new title, \Nightmare of Goblins\ has been given.]

[Physical prowess is slightly increased due to the new title!]

[Nightmare of Goblins

Description: You are the nightmare of goblins who steal gold, precious things, and artifacts. As a man who not only killed them but also used them as training dummies, you are deeply feared by goblins.

Effect 1 (Passive): There is a big chance goblins might get stunned upon encountering you for a short period of time.

Effect 2 (Passive): Your physical prowess increases a little bit. ]


[A new skill, Swordmanship (F-), is created.]

[As a result of the new skill, physical prowess has increased a little bit when using sword-type of weapon.]

[Swordmanship (F-)

Swordsmanship or sword fighting refers to the skills and techniques used in combat and training with any type of sword. Your skills are so pathetic. Try harder, you little wimp! ]

He was angry when he saw the definition of swordsmanship. Was this bastard system swearing at the swordsmanship his masters had taught him? Look AI, if you don want to suffer a fate like the Hobgoblin, shut up, alright? Nobody could disrespect his masters like that and get away with it!

Anyway, he was much stronger than the Hobgoblin now, with the increased physical prowess from the title and ability.

Even if Tylers swordsmanship did not improve, with this physical prowess boost, he can easily defeat the Hobgoblin. He didn even think that the Hobgoblin would withstand 3 blows when he rose in swordsmanship.

This title, too... When did this man use his masters as a training dummy!!! They were not only goblins but also their masters. He never used them as training dummies, nor would he ever use them!!!

This system really knew how to pi*s him off... Tyler was plotting to lock Rabbit administrator and system in a room and make them immortal training dummy...

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