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[Entering Floor 0 of the Tower]

[The tutorial is starting]

[Other than Tyler Smith, no other participants were discovered.]

[Hidden Difficulty: A Small and Cute Administrators Anger]

[Mission: Kill the Floor Boss, Goblin Chieftain]

Just as Tyler was about to curse the administrator, he found himself in a completely different place. There was a forest that was luscious and full of life.

There were many plants around. He couldn see because of the plants and bushes.

It looked like heaven, and it just smelled delicious. As someone who loves the smell of rainy days and forests, this place seemed like paradise to him.

[Providing a weapon]

A one-handed sword appeared beside him. He took the sword in his hand. The sword was 80 cm long and looked like an arming sword. The blade was silver, and the hilt was black. It looked exactly like a medieval sword. Although it looked rusty. After clasping the sword...

Ill kill this rabbit when I get my hands on him.

This bastard administrator threw him into the tutorial without warning. He felt unwell and was throwing up. The voice in his head sounded different. this time it was a cute boy AI voice without a tone.

Hearing that there were no other participants but himself, he realized that it would be cleared with a team. It would be good for him to go without a team. after all, he wouldn be betrayed, and he wouldn bother with troublesome brats.

If it was a tutorial completed by 3–4 people, there was no problem. His body was strong. He had fought in the street and had some experience.

The issue was that this tutorial would have to be done with over five or ten people. The more people it needed to be done, the harder it would be. When he heard from the system that the difficulty was "Hell mode", he understood he was fu*ked up.

If Tyler discovered the rabbit brought him here solely to see something fun, he would make sure that the rabbit would be killed when he was strong enough.

The task was to kill the goblin chieftain, the Boss of the Floor. The boss of such a floor probably had a lot of goblins.

Well, I can think about such things later, he thought.

A voice came from the bushes as he turned his attention around. When he revealed himself in the bush, a small, grotesque, green-skinned humanoid, the Goblin, appeared.

He was barely 120 cm tall, and his body was skinny. He had a knife in his hand, and he was wearing light armor.

The bloodlust in his eyes scared Tyler a little. Drooling was dripping from his mouth, and the goblin was already thinking of all sorts of ways to eat Tylers flesh. It was exactly like the thoughts of the monster killed in the main characters first monster kill.

Although the goblin was small, the blade in his hand made him extremely dangerous. Any mistake could endanger his life. After all, the enemy was carrying weapons. How do you best fight the knife? No, you can fight, you use all the energy in your body to run away.

For example, lets say you have a daughter. The best thing you can teach her about self-defense is to run away, not some bull** martial arts. Because no amount of martial arts skill, mastery, or gender protects you against a knife.

The best martial art against a knife is running away or having a weapon nearby, though it could be dangerous for both parties if you chose the latter option.

Anyway, without his sword, he wouldn even come close to the goblin. He wasn concerned because goblins were among the most vulnerable creatures in the novel fantasy worlds; only the knife posed a threat.

He was so focused that he seemed to enter a trance, the surroundings hadn even crossed his mind. It was just him and the goblin in front of him. He was putting his left foot forward and holding his sword tightly with both hands, preparing to cut horizontally.

Of course, he had never once held a knife or a sword in his life. Even though his posture was sloppy and his grip was inexperienced, he was confident in the difference in strength and speed between the goblin and himself, confident that he would defeat him. Of course, it was not clear whether he would be injured or not.

The goblin was running towards him like crazy. He had already prepared his sword for the horizontal cut, and he would try to cut the goblin as soon as it came within the distance of the sword, of course, he couldn end the fight with one blow. The goblin was better equipped than him. At least he had some leather armor instead of pajamas.

Although the goblin was slightly slower than a normal human, the 15 (50 foot) meters between them vanished quickly, and while the distance between them was reduced to 1 meter, he attacked the goblin horizontally with his sword.

With his inexperienced and sloppy swordsmanship, it was as if he was swinging a baseball bat rather than a sword. It was as if the goblin had been struck by an iron wall. When the sword strike came, he took a few steps back, staggered, and was unharmed, though his armor was barely damaged.

Seeing the goblin stagger, he struck the same horizontal blow again. The goblin was thrown back a few steps at a time. It was as if a huge boulder was hitting him every time.

He was thinking of ways to eat Tyler a minute ago, but now? He was the goblin training dummy, and he stood there refining Tylers swordsmanship by taking his horizontal cut blows with his armor. The goblin was even better than the training dummy.

Each time Tyler made a horizontal cut, his swordsmanship, and horizontal cut were refined. He was very excited, the refinement of his swordsmanship and horizontal cut reminded him of the gym.

Although this pleasure seemed to be even superior to the gym. Learning and refining swordsmanship was his fantasy, even if he wasn physically strong. Of course, he didn just want to learn and refine swordsmanship, what he wanted was to learn and refine all weapons, and use each weapon according to the situation.

Ahhhhh, just thinking about learning other weapons... it makes me so excited he thought.

When Tyler made his 15th attack, he noticed something strange and stopped. Blood was gushing out of the goblins body and the goblin was dead standing!? Its as if he accepted his destiny as a training dummy and died.

His eyes looked so frightened and blank that it was evident he had been getting dumber and dumber after being hit 15 times as if the devil at the bottom of hell had descended to earth and inflicted the most brutal tortures on him.

Tyler wasn upset when he saw this, but the goblin had died on the 15th blow, and if he had struck the 16th blow, the goblin would most likely have been dead on the ground.

Not wanting to spoil this sculptural piece of art, Tyler slammed his sword into the ground, slamming his right fist into his left palm and bowing slightly.

\This disciple will never forget your teachings, MASTER!!!\

With this loud salute, one more goblin came out of the bush around him. The goblin that appeared was so surprised that his friend had died standing.

This bastard must have killed his friend. And must have used some dark magic to make him dead while standing. He was going to tear him into pieces right now!!! The angry goblin started running towards Tyler.

Seeing this, Tyler picked up his stabbing sword and said, I should refine my thrust right now! He smiled in a very devilish way. Rather than frightening the goblin with this smile, the goblin got even angrier and started to run even faster. He was going to cut this man into pieces.

When the distance between them was less than 1 meter, Tyler launched a very powerful and swift sword thrust attack, and the goblin staggered and took a few steps back.

While Tyler was waiting for the goblin to regain his balance, just as he had done before, he made another sword thrust, this time stronger and more refined. . Again, and again, and again. The sloppy sword attack was gaining more power and speed with each attack and was getting more refined.

This goblin, like the previous one, died heroically with the 15th blow. Like his comrade, he died standing, as if the model of education had accepted his destiny.

Tyler was barely holding back tears when he saw this scene. They were both very heroic and died for a very good cause. They could not oppose their destiny…

No. They did not oppose their destiny because teaching their students a great lesson was more important than their lives... They taught him how to use a sword properly…

It was like something out of a legend: two goblins standing dead in front of them, a giant man bowed slightly with his right fist and left palm struck together with tears in his eyes...

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