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[What do you desire?]

When Tyler woke up, he heard those words. An indifferent voice frightened him, speaking to him inside his head. Cold sweat was already pouring down his back. He had a voice in his head. It was as if it were speaking to his whole soul. This extraordinary thing made him tremble with fear.

Even though this extraordinary thing happened, he thought he was in a dream and hit the nail of the smallest finger on his foot to wake up. It hurt like an animal, and cold sweat covered his entire body as he realized it wasn a dream.

Sh*t, I should have bit my tongue like the protagonist of a novel. It was stupid to hit your smallest toe on the floor or strike it against something particularly hard. It hurt worse than biting your tongue, and even if immortals had control over your mind, you could easily break free if you struck your smallest foot toe into the ground.

That was the ultimate spell-breaker!!

Looking around, he saw a white space. After getting up and rubbing his sleepy eyes, he saw a little rabbit in front of him. No, a creature that resembled a rabbit but lacked a nose, eyes, and a mouth. His ears were very long. Even though it was much smaller than Tyler, it looked terrifying, and he shuddered.

What the hell? Did I transmigrate into one of the fantasy novels I read in the past? he thought. The sound in his head was very similar to the voice transmission technique in Murim novels. They were also sending sounds to each others heads without speaking with their mouths.

[Everything you desire is at the top of the tower: the money youve been deprived of all your life, the power youve dreamed of, everything is at the top.]

Damn, I transmigrated into a tower. I thought I would become the young master of some powerful family on Murim World and continue to become a Gym Bro he thought.

Being the young master of a strong family brings trouble in the Murim world, as it does in every novel, but at least he will become Gym Bro and occasionally teach some sense to arrogant young masters, and he gets the biggest trouble that could ever be born.

Chain Boss! The beaten black and blue arrogant young master would then bring his older brother, who would usually get the most beating, before going to his father who would be humiliated, before going to his ancestor, who would be beaten up, and so on.

If there was a cheat, as in every novel, it would be a cheat system derived from a family heirloom, or he would be granted the power of gluttony, swallowing even the gods, which would give him physical prowess, bloodlines, abilities, and talents.

Or he would have physical strength like a beast, or he would become a very genius martial artist who could learn techniques that even the best geniuses would take years to learn and would take him several days.

There existed the chance that an ancient bloodline, namely the black dragon, would reside in his left hand and somehow awaken. Anyway, Tyler wouldn worry too much about the trouble that would come to him after getting cheats like this.

But the voice in his head said the tower... Transferring to the tower was not taking the soul of a familys 15-year-old child or something and reincarnating or transmigrating to his body if the novels he read are true. It was to transfer to Earth with his original body, to explore and conquer the dangerous tower without any power.

Of course, if things were like in the novels, the rewards would have been plentiful. But Tyler was just wondering, Am I the Main Character in the Story or Some Extra Who Will Overthrow the Main Character?

He turned his attention to the rabbit-like creature in front of him.

"Who are you?" he asked. Although he knew that his answer was probably the administrators on every floor in the tower, he still asked as a matter of formality. His knowledge about towers is thicc since he has read a lot of novels in the past; they were the only hobbies in his life before he began going to the gym.

"I am the administrator of Tower," replied the rabbit-like manager, though his voice carried indifference toward Tyler. The answer was as Tyler had expected, but the questions in Tylers mind were still unanswered.

"Are there administrators like you in the tower?" Tyler asked.

"No, I am the only one doing chores in the tower," replied the manager. His tone sounded a little angry this time, as if, as the eldest sibling in the house, it was his responsibility to clean the entire house.

Tyler was surprised. In the tower-themed novels he read, there were administrators on every floor. There was only one manager in the tower.

"Why aren there more administrators?"

\Because the tower only requires one housewife, no, one administrator, to guide blessed people to the tower.\

Tyler was barely holding back the urge to laugh loudly; if it hadn been in front of other people, he would have already laughed, not being able to hold himself, but it was in front of other people, and that was the administrator of the tower, who could likely erase his entire existence from the tower with a single thought.

And it was better to be on good terms with the only administrator of the tower. Though the administrators in the novel couldn mess with or hurt the climbers, it was better not to be on bad terms with him.

When the manager spoke of him as "blessed," he understood that there were others just like him. Of course, it was obvious that this tower wasn just filled with the blessed. Most likely, the tower contained its civilization.

\Were you the one who spoke in my head before?\

"No, that was Towers system."

I guess the system had read all of Tylers memory, and when the voice echoed in his head for the second time, he knew how Tyler had been without money all his life.

And it even read Tylers Chunibyo dreams, which he wanted nobody to know about! He was a little embarrassed, if not red like a tomato, as the system read his embarrassing dreams.

Shaking his head left and right, he stepped out of his dream world. He was enraged that someone was reading his memory, and while he didn have the habit of the main characters in the novels, "I only kneel before my parents and master, not even the heavens could force me to kneel!" the system seeing him as such a minor being enraged him.

Damn, now that he thinks about it, maybe this system knew how he gave his dragon warrior a heavenly massage!? That system was destroying human rights!

\How many floors are there?\

\I can give you that knowledge, you need to climb to the top to know it. Or find someone who has climbed to the top of the tower.\

This answer took Tyler a little by surprise. When the manager said to find the people who climbed the last floor of the tower, he understood that the last floor had been conquered. However, shouldn the main character be tasked with conquering the towers final floor?

No, what was he thinking right now? He wasn in a fantasy novel; he was in reality, a dangerous reality that could either kill him or make him stronger.

After pondering for a few seconds while having an extremely nervous face as if he could cry if the answer didn meet his expectations, he finally decided to ask the question he has been most curious about.

\Are there gyms in here too?\

Tyler finally asked the question he has been most curious about.

The administrator was shocked to hear this kind of question. This small and cute rabbit administrator was answering your questions kindly even though he didn have any kind of responsibility like that, and you dare to ask that kind of question like that?

Allow this small and adorable rabbit administrator to be your arrogant young master and guide you straight into the tutorial.

Floor 0 was the test that separated Blessed into two categories: failed and qualified, with the failure to be dead and the qualified being alive.

Normally, he would try to pass the tutorial with the help of the other 99 participants, but because the small and cute rabbit administrator was upset, it was decided that he would take the entire test by himself.

The reason for this? This adorable being desired to sleep and be lazy, watch anime all day, read Two Piece manga, read all of his favorite web novels, and despise all hard workers! It hated it when this bug asked, are there gyms in here?

Hmph! When you aren even sure about being alive tomorrow, you dare to ask if there is a gym in the tower? However, this being was not enraged enough to throw him into Floor 0 on his own; he decided to throw him because this question appeared to be the most important to him. Also, this being wanted to see some fun things.

"Why aren you responding?" Tyler made a puzzled face, did he ask something hard? Hell no, he just simply asked whether there were gyms in the tower. Were there no gyms? It didn have to include lifting weights; just finding a gym where you can get stronger and learning techniques and how to use weapons would be enough too.

Unknown to Tyler, a gate opened up behind him and swallowed him whole, sending him to floor 0 all alone...

It looked like arrogant young masters were everywhere...

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