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Camellia dragged her feet up the stair, tired from a hectic days work; she got to the door and tried to open it but it was locked, she huffed. She punched some number into the lock and the door clanked, she opened it and threw herself on the couch, her bag lying carelessly on the ground. She stayed in that position for a while and sat up, it was then that she noticed the new environment. Kendra had rearranged a lot of stuffs in the living room and she pondered why but shrugged it off and headed for the kitchen.

She prepared some noodles and eggs for dinner and set the table. She looked at the clock and it was 8pm, she went back to the living, picked up her bag from the ground and brought out her phone, she dialed Kendras number but she was not picking. She huffed as the call ended the third time with her answering.

"What could be going on?"


Gavin sent a driver over to pick Kendra and they met at a garden. Gavin dressed casually in a pair of jean and a black shirt, sat on the cemented bench in a secluded area of the garden, enjoying the view and atmosphere. His gaze fixated on the ground, he saw a feminine leg and looked up.


e here? Come have a seat" he said, softly patting beside him, Kendra huffed and sat beside him.

"Its a good thing you agreed, I was going to do worse...... "

"Worse?" she scoffed

"What could have been worse than you making me lose my job?" her hand crossed over her chest as she stared at Gavin who sheepishly smiled at the glass of wine in his hand.

"Maybe killing your mom?" he stared at her emotionless eyes and chucked.

"Or throwing away your dads ashes in the water?" he laughed, emphasising more on the last word.

Kendra face became red instantly and she felt like a prisoner who has to obey the master to be free.

"Three month? Three months and we

e done with this!" she said, half yelling at him and he smiled.

"Okay, lets go" he gulped down the glass content and dropped the glass on the table.

"Where are we going?"

"Shopping, sweetie. My girlfriend can look this cheap" he said, his hand gesticulating from her head to toe and Kendras eyes followed the hand.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer, his hand now on her shoulder and they walked to the car. Gavin opened the door for her and she stepped in after which Gavin did too.

"To Toria boutique" he said to the driver.

The driver revved the car into motion and drove off to the boutique. He pulled over by the entrance and they alighted from the car while the driver drove to the garage to park well.

They entered the boutique and we

e welcomed warmly.

"Welcome to Toria boutique. What are you purchasing?" a fair skinned lady approached them with a meek smile.

"Anything worth purchasing" he said, slightly flirting with the lady, Kendra scoffed.

"Please, take me to the ladies section"

"Sure!" the lady said and led them to the ladies section.

Gavin sat on a chair ,fiddling with his phone while Kendra looked round and picked some clothes.

"How is this?" she asked, placing the clothes on her body but Gavin shook his head in disapproval.

Kendra took another cloth she had picked from the fair lady and asked Gavin but he kept shaking his head in disapproval each time. He sprinted up, startling Kendra who took a step back.

"I thought you had something used for thinking" he said and passed by her and selected some clothes, bag and heels and gave them to the fair lady.

"Let her try those on"

Kendra rolled her eyes and went behind the blind to change. The first clothes was a short tight black gown and a pair of red heel, she slowly emerged out of the blind.

"Here she comes" the fair lady said and Gavin looked up, mesmerized by her new look.

Kendra gyrated slowly, showing off her curves and big tummy and Gavin drooled over her.

"How is it?" Kendra snapped her finger to bring him out of his fantasies.

"Its perfect. Pack the other clothes" he turned to the fair lady after the first sentence.

They went back to the counter and after calculating the bills, the lady at the counter said, "Your bill is $500"

Kendra jawed dropped and Gavin closed her mouth, "Anything the problem, my queen?"

"Thats way too much to spend of clothes. Well get it cheaper somewhere else" she said, almost dragging Gavin out but he laughed softly.

"Stop it, Kendra. Its fine"

Though she felt like a queen with what Gavin bought for her, for some reason unknown to her, she got hurt when he called her by her name. Gavin paid and they left the boutique.

They got in the car and drove to a saloon. The saloonist was a male and he sat Kendra down.

"What kind of style do you want, maam?" he asked but before she could reply, Gavin did.

"Something elegant and beautiful would do"

The hair stylist got to work, trimming the weak ends of her hair and styling it. Kendra couldn believe what her eyes was seeing, it was as if she had been changed.

Gavin bent over and whispered in her ear, "Now, you look like my girl and Ill make sure you belong to nobody else but me"

"For three months" Kendra completed his statement.

Gavin rolled his eyes, "Whatever!"

He paid the saloonist and they walked back to the car, they were about to get into the car when Kendra stopped Gavin.

"Whats the problem? Does it hurt?" he referred to the hair. He moved closer, not more than an inch apart from each other, patting it gently and Kendra slightly lifted her head up, their mouth so close that they could feel their hot breath on their skin. The fire in Gavins eyes glistened and he leaned in to kissed her but was interrupted by his driver.

"Im sorry, master. I went to pee, I didn know youd be that fast"

The driver bit his lower lip in a thin line, realizing the moment he ruined.


e fired!" he said, almost in a yell.

Kendra looked at him in surprise and looked back at the driver and back to Gavin whose hand is stretch in quest of the car keys.

"Hand over the keys" his face went cold as usual and the driver handed the keys and walked away.

"Lets go get something to eat, babe. I made a special reservation for you" he said, smiling at Kendra whose face was contorting with fear and shocked at how he could change his personality so easily.

"Whats wrong?" he asked as she stood still, staring at him but she shook her head.

"Its nothing but I have to go home now"

Gavin face went cold again and Kendra knew this was not going to be good, "Okay but start preparing to lose your only relative" he said, got into the car and drove off, leaving Kendra behind.

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