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To Become The Best Adventure In A Fantasy World Ch. 7 Horny Little Dwarf

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" Sarah what are you doing!" John exclaimed.

Sarah froze at Johns words the large head of his cock nestled between her pussy lips. Horny as she was and thinking John might stop her. Sarah grit her teeth, expecting pain and started walking forward to penetrate herself. To her surprise and excitement it didn hurt at all but felt amazing. She may be a virgin but she hasn had a hymen for a long time due to her aggressive masturbation habits.

John couldn believe it this beautiful dwarf was actually penetrating herself on the monster he had. He didn think it would ever have been possible. She even seemed to be enjoying herself. That had to have been what Ariona meant. "It will only give pleasure." It felt amazing but John couldn , not like this. They barely knew each other and she had just gone through a very traumatic experience.

John picked her up by her shoulders as gently as he could. Lifting her off the few inches of cock she had put in herself. She let off a whimper of needy disappointment. Holding her back as she tried to get back on him he said.

" Sarah wait hold on. Im flattered youd want to do something like that with a monster like me but…"

Sarah cut him off in a lustful tone, still trying to get back on him." No buts John, Ive always been a lustful girl and have been holding back my whole life. Now you come along with a cock that makes me want to cum just by it touching my skin."

"Sarah youve been through a lot and we barely know each other. And on top of that how do you know I wouldn kill you with this thing."

" I think I figured you out enough to know you

e not the type of man to hurt me on purpose. Not to mention the taste my pussy just had of your huge cock, Ive got to say it was amazing , I want more!"

Realizing she wasn gonna take a flat out no from him he said. "OK how about this lets get things together and head into town. On the way we can talk get to know each other better and maybe we can do something then."

" Am I not sexy enough for you. Do you not like me. Is it because Im a dwarf."

" No no no no, you are beautiful. Its just that I want to get to know you before we go that far is all."

Realizing that he will not relent and she won get what she wants. " Well you can travel like that and I am crazy horny, so how about we 69."

Not knowing what a 69 was and wanting to compromise with her he agrees and asks what to do. She tells him to lay down. He agrees but still wary that she will try and get back on his cock. He surprised when she turns around and sits on his face nearly smothering him with her massive butt. She proceeds to instruct him to lick her pussy, as she wraps her breast around his shaft and swallows his head. Though she was short his cock was large enough for her to go to town on it in this position anyways.

Somewhat understanding what the concept of 69 was now he tentatively stuck his tongue out. He surprisingly liked the taste. He started licking all over her pussy as she called it. He was unsure what to do with his hands so he took a firm grip on her butt and massaged her cheeks. She let out a moan around his cock, apparently liking what he was doing. He did not realize that this was just as intimate as if they were having sex.

Inexperienced as they both were it didn take them long. Sarah came slightly before he did squirting her love juices all over his face. John let loose soon after. She swallowed what she could. Not expecting the volume of his release, she pulled her mouth off gasping for breath. He continued to cum, spraying down her face and breasts.

As they laid their panting for breath and covered in each others love juices, Sarah realized he did not soften even a little. As she was attempting to go back for more John lifted her up by her butt that he was still holding. Realizing what she was trying to do he said. " Please Sarah this was our agreement OK, can you please go get cleaned up and well get ready to head out."

"Butttt your still ready for more." She said in a winy needy tone.

John explained to her that he had a lot of stamina and the only way he could get it to go down was through meditation. Which is what he was trying to do when she started this period. He did not want to explain to her yet about Ariona and his wishes.

Sarah was surprised realizing that he had been hard all night trying to get it to go down. She got even hornier realizing what he was capable of. However she also realized he was not yet ready to take things further. She would just have to bide her time to get that amazing massive cock in her tight little wet pussy. So like a good girl trying to get her treat, she moved off to the stream to get washed up. Leaving him to his meditation still covered from the chest up in her cum.

It took John a while to get his cock to soften enough to allow him to put his pants on. Succeeding in that he moved on to the stream and washed himself up. Getting back to the cart to find Sarah there, looking uncomfortable and horny but ready to move on.

The cart was filled with oar from the supply trip she took with her father when this all started. Sarah had gathered up their own weapons and any decent ones from the bandits. Upon seeing him approaching she told him they had a problem. The horses to pull the cart had run off during the ambush. They had no way to move the cart.

John was pretty sure that with his strength and unlimited stamina he could pull the cart to the town himself. He explained to her that he would try and pull it and got in front to make the attempt. To her surprise he got it moving. Not looking like he was struggling that much. So she pointed him in the correct direction to head back to town…

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