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I watched as Aliyah massaged her throbbing temples while looking at flash cards that seemed blurry to her. Claiming she can catch up on this large exam but can . I know shes trying her hardest, but I know shell get there.

She glanced at her Chrono. 0145. She leaned back in her chair and glanced at the ceiling before forcing her gaze back down to the table. She stifled a yawn and rubbed her bleary eyes, her thoughts becoming groggy and incoherent as she pushed the chair back and picked up her belongings.

Aliyah looked at me, nodding her head. I got up and we both strode out of the library. We walked across the grass wet from last nights rain. I loved it when it rained; it was relaxing and calm. I know it makes the trees and grass look dry, but the leaves on the trees still had their fall colors, which made it gorgeous.

We sat down at a nearby bench. A smile spreads across her face and when she looked at me, I returned it.

"Elias, hey hows it been?" She asked as she put her stuff away in her bag this wasn a tricky question but I wanted to lie

So I did

"Its been great," I told her she croaked an eyebrow **, she knew I was lying she can tell by my smile I signed

"Ive been lacking off of school lately and can get anything done". She nodded her head in agreement

"Same exams will be coming up pretty soon and I know thats not bothering you it has to be Elias right?" She questioned I nodded it wasn the name I wanted to hear exactly now she shook her head in disappointment

"Kendra was supposed to be with me studying but she claimed that she had an appointment which I don believe Im sure shell be going to his place." I frowned

Our place? A place where me, Dorris, and Bailey share?

No way I hope not because Dorris told me that he either had an appointment or go with friends to study depending on what go first. He knew Dorris didn mean to use his alpha voice that night at their date against him but he did it was his first time using it and it shocked me.

"What?" I asked she groaned

"Why don you believe that? You know shes not been hanging out with us lately." She says as she picked up her half-drunk soda I didn like how she was being bitter towards me but shes right though

"And; you know what?" She added as she scooted closer to me which made me turn my gaze towards her, her eyes looked bored. With a burrowed eyebrow I saw her close

"Shes been giving you these awful looks I know its bull** to you but its true Ive been seeing her," Aliyah tells him, I shake my head in disbelief

"No, she wouldn shes been so nice to me," I told her I loved her like a sister Kendra wasn some friend that I suspected to do something like that. I know fake friends exist but when they

e so nice to you and treat you equally they do seem fake.

People are amused by her being rude and sassy towards others but people love to be stereotypes on black girls. She had her insecurities with homelife her father who rejected her in early life. Because she was transitioning into a girl then he also refused to call her the correct pronouns and continued to use he and him.

She picked up two jobs to pay for her breast reduction and hormonal surgery. Now we

e in college and seem fine together

"She has babe I know you won believe but I can see since Im good with body language. Dorris has been weirder than usual." She says as she rolls her eyes I nodded and it was true he has been

I don know where he is every night its the same **ing lie over and over yet, I still believe there will be the truth someday

"Yeah he had been and I feel so lost." My voice cracked Aliyah took my hands into her hands they were so warm and soft I felt comforted when touching them

"Its not your fault in this okay? She seems so jealous of you and Dorris whose ass is so pathetic not paying attention to you. What do you even see him in? His looks? I know you love Kendra and so do I less likely..". She explains

"But please if he ever starts manipulating you or anything you feel that isn right tell me at least I can keep on seeing you like this. Sad or either depressed it hurts me." She finished I was no on verge of tears because she was right Dorris had been trying to think him being out wasn a big deal.

Not caring at all and it hurts me

"I appreciate you Ally I do and I will try my best to get onto him," I told her she smiled warmly and took her hands out of mine finishing her drink and throwing it away

"Good, now class will start shortly lets get out of here shall we." She says I nodded we took our stuff and started walking towards the campus.

It was a large campus. Over two thousand students went here between the ages of 18 to

30. I am sort of well-known thanks to Dorris whos a bit popular here. Everyone loves him. His smile, charming personality, and gentlemanly self melted everyones hearts.

Including mine.

Dorris was addicting. He melted me, and now he drained me with his lies. Besides that, I should go up to his friends and ask him where he had been. Im good friends with them. Elias didn like how close I am with them, but at the same time, he was glad somebody can respect me and be nice to me at least.

We walked inside the school building, going to our right. Our day was starting.

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

Later | After all, Classes are done

"My god Im so glad thats over," Aliyah says I chuckled

I chuckled. "Me too. Ill catch you later. I have business to do," I tell her.

Aliyah looked at me suspiciously then shrugged. "Okay, do whatever you need to do. Catch me up after you

e done, all right?" she says. I nodded and hugged her as we parted ways.

Now I just need to get- I bumped into a hard chest. How Great.

. "I-Im so sorry!" | quickly apologized as I looked up at the person only to see one of Dorris buddies, Dalton. He beamed at me and gosh was his smile beautiful.

"No worries; its fine. His voice was deep. I had a thing for people with low voices. I smiled nervously. He was a handsome guy, only 20 years old; clean, chiseled, shaven face; dark brown eyes; big nose and full lips.

"I wanted to talk about Dorris. Has he ever hung out with yall?" I asked. My heart was racing in my chest, anxious for his response.

Scoffing, he shook his head "No he hasn hes been going to Kendra for who knows how long, he hasn been telling you hadn he?" He says I shook my head hearing this is breaking me

I shook my head. The news broke me. "No, he hasn . Hes been telling me he visits yall.

Hearing this from you..." I shook my head in denial. I was so distraught over the discovery, I couldn even finish my sentence.

Deep down, however, I knew I shouldn have even been surprised.

He sighs "I don know why that **head isn telling his omega where hes going. Ill make sure to talk to him about it." I gave him a small smile

"Thank you so much it means a lot." He smiles back at me nodding before taking out a piece of paper from his back pocket and pen and writing something down.

He gave it to me and I realized it was his number I was flattered. "Contact me if you need anything or me." He says smirking, again I was flattered

"Dalton Im with Elias and you know that." I told him seriously he held his hands up nodding "But I know you

e just teasing me Ill see you later ." I added on

"Like they say Im the flirt." I chuckled going away waving him off

Oh Dorris you have no idea how god dame trouble youll be in

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

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