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Chapter 1388 - For Sale

“Senior Sister Ye, what should we do with this Nine Profound Pellet” Lin Yun asked while he toyed with the box in his hand.

Ye Ziling glanced at Lin Yun and said, “Why are you asking me Dont you already have an idea of how to deal with it So keep it with you.

I cant possibly ask you to return it to the Flowing Cloud Sect, right”

Ye Ziling was still fuming with anger, so her tone wasnt polite when she spoke to Lin Yun.

She was disrupted the day she arrived and couldnt rest for a single night.

When she was done, she immediately turned around and entered the building.

She might be happy about her charm if she was an ordinary woman, but it was only humiliation for Ye Ziling.

She would\'ve taken all of their lives if this inn didnt have that many rules.

Hearing the sarcastic remarks from Ye Ziling, Feng Zhang, and Liu Qingyan couldnt help secretly smiling.

“Junior Brother, why dont you give this Nine Profound Pellet to me” Liu Qingyan smiled.

“Just focus on refining the Golden Dragon Bone Soup.

You two dont need the Nine Profound Pellet for now,” smiled Lin Yun as he stowed the pellet.

He wanted to ask if Ye Ziling needed it, but he didnt expect that she wouldnt appreciate his goodwill.

Since that was the case, he could only keep it for himself.

The Nine Profound Pellet might be a treasure for Jiang Tao because it could allow him to shine on the test, but it was nothing to Lin Yun.

“Remember to come back before the test,” said Feng Zhang.

“I naturally wont forget about it.” Lin Yun waved his hand and left the courtyard.

On the highest floor in the inn, Old Liu was standing by the window with his brows locked together, looking at Lin Yuns silhouette.

He was shocked by Lin Yuns ability to create trouble.

Feng Jue initially instructed him several times to pay attention to Lin Yun.

Still, he wasnt too bothered about it previously because Lin Yun was only at the Elysium Core Realm in his eyes.

He didnt think Lin Yun could do much in Azureblack City.

Azureblack City was just outside the Sword Sect and could be considered an imperial city.

It was one of the ten main cities in the Ancient Barren Domain where even Dragon Pulse Realm experts didnt dare to cause trouble.

But he didnt think Lin Yun would cripple the chief disciple of the Flowing Cloud Sect in just one day.

Lin Yun claimed that he had a good temper, but his action completely contrasted with his words and was terrifyingly ruthless.

It was practically impossible for Jiang Tao to recover from his injuries within ten days, unless he obtained a saint pellet.

So this meant that he had no hope for the test.

“Follow him.

Dont let anything happen to him,” said Old Liu as two people walked out from the shadows.

But just when the two people were about to leave, Old Lius voice resounded again, “Forget about it.

That brats sword intent is weird, and you guys might be unable to conceal yourselves from him.

I dont think anyone will dare to cause trouble in the Azureblack City.

Just let him go.”

Walking on the city\'s streets, Lin Yun had a whole new understanding of how bustling the city was.

The streets were filled with people, and the citys night was charming.

All of Azureblack City was enveloped in a massive array with a light screen covering the sky with stars reflected.

Occasionally, he could see the guards of the city conducting their patrols on a floating ship.

The guards were standing on the deck, donned in saint armor, and anyone could tell they werent pushovers.

This ship also had a Sword Sects expert on it.

This person might have hidden his sword intent, but just the lingering aura emitted from this expert was enough to strike everyone with lingering fear.

“Looks like mankind is still flourishing even after a hundred thousand years,” sighed Lil Purple as she sat on the Snow Heed Blade.

“Why are you exclaiming that when youve seen cities from ancient times” Lin Yun looked at Lil Purple; he was surprised because Lil Purple should be boasting about how bustling the ancient city was and that there was no way Azureblack City could be compared to it.

“Im just saying it casually.

Compared to Saint Cities, theres no way Azureblack City can be compared to it,” said Lil Purple.

It was just as Lin Yun had imagined, and he shouldnt have asked.

Lin Yun ignored her since she wouldnt feel comfortable if she didnt boast for a day.

An hour later, he stopped before a majestic building with many people coming in and out of it, the Heavenly Cauldron Pavilion.

“Lets go with this.” The Heavenly Cauldron Pavilion might sound like an overbearing name, but this was a chamber of commerce where people could buy saint artifacts, and they would also occasionally hold auctions.

Lin Yun looked at the signboard but wasnt in a hurry to enter.

An hour later, he returned wearing the Silver Moon Mask and mixed into the crowd.

Similar chambers of commerce could be found everywhere in the world, and they were just different in scale.

Lin Yun didnt come to buy anything because he was broke to the point that he didnt have enough resources to cultivate the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Sword Canon.

Not long ago, he was generous enough to brew a soup with a dragon bone and saint elixirs.

But now, he was so broke that he couldnt even afford a bowl of soup.

Then again, this didnt mean that Lin Yun didnt have any treasures.

Aside from the ten saint swords he obtained back in the Hidden Sword Pavilion, he also collected many saint artifacts when he slew his enemies on the Profound Wither Island.

Although he immediately left after he killed them, Lil Red didnt forget to collect their interspatial pouches.

He still hadnt sorted them out, but he knew it was a huge harvest.

Entering the Heavenly Cauldron Pavilion, Lin Yun could see a majestic cauldron at first glance.

This was a thousand-rune saint artifact placed in the main hall to show off and act as a form of intimidation.

Many people were in the main hall.

It was so much so that there werent even any attendants around.

But after paying a certain amount of Divine Astral Pellets and passing through the main hall, it was an entirely different haven.

There were numerous courtyards surrounding a pond the size of a lake.

The center of it was a majestic platform formed with railings stretched out from the courtyards.

Lin Yun had spent five hundred Divine Astral Pellets to receive the qualification to enter.

But that was only the qualification allowing him to eat and drink here.

The central platform was enveloped in starlight.

This was where auctions were held and where the saint artifacts were placed.

Everyone here was either of noble status, the wealthy, top-tiered geniuses, or disciples of the various clans.

When Lin Yun came here, the surroundings finally settled down.

Many beautiful attendants were standing to the sides in a row, and it didnt take long for Lin Yun to be attended by one of them.

“My name is Qing Ling, and I greet this young master.” The attendant greeted.

As she led Lin Yun, she asked, “May I know how to address you”

In her eyes, Lin Yun was shrouded in mystery with his silver hair and the mask on his face that gave him an indifferent temperament.

She wasnt unfamiliar with customers who wore masks, but it was rare to see someone with Lin Yuns temperament.

“Lin Yun.” Lin Yun gave his name.

“Im here to sell saint artifacts, and many of them exist.

The transaction involved will probably be a few million Divine Astral Pellets.

Who here can decide on such a huge transaction Being me to that person.”

Qing Ling was stumped when she heard that Lin Yun was here to conduct a transaction involving millions.

This was because ordinary hundred-rune saint artifacts were usually valued at roughly a hundred thousand Divine Astral Pellets.

Even the best hundred-rune saint artifact would only cost a few hundred thousand Divine Astral Pellets, and it was rare for it to go above a million.

Even in the Ancient Barren Domain, a million Divine Astral Pellets was an astronomical sum that even many Dragon Pulse Realm experts would have difficulty taking out.

So she naturally wanted Lin Yun to prove his wealth to ensure he wasnt here to cause trouble.

Lin Yun was surprised by Qing Lings confidence.

But when he examined her further, he noticed her cultivation wasnt low.

She was young and at the pinnacle of the Empyrean Realm.

Someone of her caliber could become an elite of many sects.

“Look at my mask and tell me what grade this is, then,” replied Lin Yun.

“Thats easy.” Qing Ling smiled before raising her head to examine Lin Yuns mask carefully.

The Silver Moon Mask had covered half of Lin Yuns face.

It was silver, with moonlight rippling on the surface of the mask.

With a glance, she could tell that the mask wasnt ordinary.

But she couldn\'t detect any saint runes when she looked at the mask carefully.

Not only that, but Lin Yuns aura was retracted entirely in his body.

So she couldnt detect Lin Yuns cultivation at all.

“This…” Qing Lings face gradually became ugly, with anxiety flashing through her pupils.

She interacted with saint artifacts daily with seniors in the Heavenly Cauldron Pavilion, teaching them how to appraise saint artifacts.

So she was confident that she was even more experienced than most Dragon Pulse Realm experts.

But even so, she couldnt appraise the Silver Moon Mask.

It was so much that she wasnt even sure if it was a saint artifact.

“How is it” Lin Yun asked.


A product of the Mo Clan isnt something that everyone can recognize.

Young Master Lin, lets stop making things difficult for her.” When Qing Ling was placed in a difficult position, a charming voice resounded.

“Manager An!” Qing Ling let out a breath of relief before turning to the direction the voice came from and bowed.

When Lin Yun raised his head, he saw a charming woman standing on the rail that connected several floors.

Her dress was pretty bold, exposing a large patch of her chest while leaning against a pole.

Her eyes also seemed to contain a magic that could pull others in.

“Young Master Lin, this is our General Manager, An Liuyan,” introduced Qing Ling.

“Since Manager An is here, Ill not hinder you further.

Young Master Lin can just go over to her.”

Lin Yun didnt hesitate and soared to the sky, gently tapping his foot on the lake\'s surface.

When he flew to the sky, he faced several restrictions because the vast lake consisted of multiple spiritual arrays, and anyone who intruded would die a terrible death.

When ripples spread out on the lakes surface, Lin Yun firmly landed beside An Liuyan.

But his gaze wasnt on An Liuyan but the lake.

He could see another massive cauldron at the lakes bottom.

But that wasnt the most important part.

The huge cauldron was filled with True Dragon Saint Liquid.

This meant that there was at least 500 kilograms of it.

For a split second, he even wanted to take it with him.

But after thinking about the spiritual arrays and how terrifyingly deep the lake was, he calmed himself down.

“Young Master Lin, youre finally looking at me.” An Liuyan said in a pitiful tone, as if she suffered a grievance.

Her charm was terrifying, especially when she revealed such a gaze that sparked others desire to protect her.

But Lin Yuns heart already had a belonging, and he also grasped the firmament sword intent.

So his willpower had reached a height that others couldnt compare to.

But even so, An Liuyan still created ripples in his heart.

Then again, there was a limit to how much An Liuyans charm could affect him because he swiftly calmed himself down.

“Since Young Master Lin is here to sell saint artifacts, I wonder if your Great Saint Origin is also for sale” An Liuyan continued with a smile.

Lin Yun was surprised that his identity was recognized, but he soon calmed down.

Ordinary people might not know about his existence, but this wasnt the same for those powerful forces.

He also had no intentions of concealing his identity and only wanted to ensure his safety.

The Silver Moon Mask was a saint artifact that could protect his life.

But just when Lin Yun was about to reply, An Liuyan suddenly became so increasingly charming before him that her facial features slowly overlapped with Su Ziyao.

Seeing that An Liuyan was still using her charm on him, rage flashed through Lin Yuns pupils, and he coldly said, “Can I ask if your face is for sale”

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