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Chapter 98: The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg For ForgivenessThe Weapon Spirit Sect was one of the most renowned sects on the Lingxuan continent.

Contrary to other sects, the Weapon Spirit Sect was the most skilled, not in combat but refining.

According to the legends, the ancestor who founded the Weapon Spirit Sect was also an ancient God.

This ancestor was called the God of Weapon Crafting as he was the one who created all the ancient divine weapons on the Lingxuan Continent, including the Celestial Divine furnace, Linglong treasure mirror, and the many immortal weapons circulating on the Lingxuan continent.

All descendants of the Weapon Spirit Sect strive to recreate their ancestor's refining techniques.




The Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch was strenuously tapping a special material in the middle of a sea of scorching fire.

He was sweating bullets because of the blazing fire around him.

But he was unaware of it, and his attention was focused on the special material in his hand.

"Patriarch, there's a massacre occurring in the Heavenly Palace and there is actually no one left.

It's better for us to head over and take a look."

"No, I don't have time for it."

"Patriarch, the Heavenly Palace has a new Heavenly Emperor who has issued a Heavenly Emperor's decree.

What should we do"

"Never mind, I don't have time for it."

The Weapon Spirit Sect's disciples constantly approached this sea of fire and reported the situation to the Patriarch.

However, the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch didn't pay attention to everything in the outside world and was crazy about weaponsmithing.

It was the characteristic of almost every disciple of the Weapon Spirit Sect, including this immortal-level Patriarch.

However, soon there was a violent shaking.


This special piece of material that the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch had been forging for many days turned to smithereens under his refining hammer.

"Damn it…"

The Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch was so furious that his beard and hair stood up, and the fire was coming out of his body.

"Who is it that disturbs this old man from forging this Heavenly Crystal"

With a roar, the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch rushed out from this sea of fire.

In the outside world, within the Weapon Spirit Sect, countless Weapon Spirit Sect's disciples were terrified as they looked at the figure that appeared in the sky.

That was a young man wearing dark grey armor.

Outer sect disciples of the Weapon Spirit Sect could not identify this man.

But the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch recognized the visitor's identity at a glance.

"Lin Yan, what kind of trouble are you causing my Weapon Spirit Sect"

The Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch roared at the young man in the sky.

The one who appeared above the Weapon Spirit Sect at this moment was Lin Yan.

Lin Yan gazed down at the Weapon Spirit Sect below, especially the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch, who had a one-sided relationship with himself, and said with a calm face, "Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch, it seems that you don't care at all about the Heavenly Emperor's decree issued by me."

The Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch was stunned.


Are you that new Heavenly Emperor of the Heavenly Palace"

The Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch was frozen for a moment and immediately retorted, "What bull** Heavenly Emperor's decree! Lin Yan, back then when Xiao Bufan was the Heavenly Emperor, he couldn't even order us.

Instead, you, as a junior, have no right to command all the immortals on the Lingxuan Continent.

Better go back immediately, I have something to do, I can't care to play along with you."

After saying that, the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch turned around and was about to leave.

Even though the Weapon Spirit Sect's disciples were obsessed with refining weapons, there were more than a dozen powerhouses at the immortal level.

Supplemented by the various immortal weapons of the Weapon Spirit Sect, the combat power of these immortals was terrifying.

Even when the Heavenly Palace was at its strongest, it wasn't willing to provoke the Weapon Spirit Sect.

But now Lin Yan was alone at the door.

Naturally, the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch didn't put Lin Yan in his eyes.

But as he turned around, an aura immediately pressed down from above.

At the same time, Lin Yan's calm voice sounded.

"Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch, I give you three breaths of time to immediately lead all Weapon Spirit Sect's immortals to the Heavenly Palace… If not, I'll personally take you."

"Arrogant! You're too arrogant, Lin Yan! Don't think that you can really do anything you want just because you had a breakthrough into the immortal realm and became this bull** Heavenly Emperor!"

The Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch roared furiously.

At the same time, he waved his hand and told the Weapon Spirit Sect's disciples to open the Weapon Spirit Sect's Great Sect Protection formation.

Several immortal weapons fit in his hand.

The Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch's figure flickered and appeared before Lin Yan, "Lin Yan, I am waiting to see what kind of tactics you, the new Heavenly Emperor, really have."

(Half An Hour Later)

Lin Yan left the Weapon Spirit Sect carrying its Patriarch in his hand and dragged the rest of its immortals with him.

Back to the Heavenly Palace Lingxiao Hall.

Lin Yan threw the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch and its disciples inside the Hall.

When the Weapon Spirit Sect's Patriarch recovered, he was filled with suppressed emotions.

But he noticed that quite a few immortal-level powerhouses sat next to him in this Great Hall.

It happened that there were quite a few of his friends.

"Taichu Sect's Patriarch Confucian Saint Sect's Patriarch"

Seeing these immortals, whose strength and stature was much higher than his own, sitting with pale faces, paralyzed, he couldn't explain why this suffocation he felt before suddenly disappeared.

Instead, he felt much more comfortable now.

(On The Lingxuan Continent)

"Taichu Sect, Confucian Saint Sect...

and now it's Weapon Spirit Sect."

"Whether it is the powerful sects of the Lingxuan Continent or those hidden immortal powerhouses, they have actually been personally approached by the Heavenly Emperor and invited to the Heavenly Palace."

"Bah, this can also be called an invitation, first beat people half to death, and then drag them to the Heavenly Palace...

No wonder the immortals who experienced this scene ten thousand years ago, are not willing to mention this matter again."

"The Lingxuan continent actually has so many immortals.

Just at this moment, the number of immortals defeated by the Heavenly Emperor at the Heavenly Palace exceeded a thousand people.

With this power, the Heavenly Emperor can even wipe out all the immortals of the Lingxuan continent if he wishes, right"

"Was the Heavenly Emperor ten thousand years ago this invincible"

Everyone stared dumbfounded at the screen.

No wonder they reacted like that.

The Heavenly Emperor on the screen was too savage and domineering.

He issued an imperial decree for all immortals of the Lingxuan Continent to report to the Heavenly Palace within three days.

Naturally, no one would take such an order seriously, especially those prideful immortals who boasted of their superior strength and those who came from powerful Sects.

Thus, even after three days passed, except for a few immortals who had decided to make trouble in the Heavenly Palace, no immortals on the Lingxuan Continent had come to the Heavenly Palace.

When the third day had passed, Lin Yan's figure appeared above the Taichu Sect, the strongest Sect on the Lingxuan Continent.

Similarly, Lin Yan gave the Taichu Sect three breaths of time and took all the immortals in the Taichu Sect to follow him to the Heavenly Palace.

With such a domineering order, the disciples within the Taichu Sect naturally didn't take it seriously.

They even deliberately opened the Great Sect Protection formation, and all the experts within the Sect came out, intending to teach Lin Yan, the new Heavenly Emperor, a lesson.

The result was, however, that Lin Yan dealt with them all by himself.

He broke through the Great Sect Protection Formation of the Taichu Sect, entered the Taichu Sect, and defeated all the immortals in the Taichu Sect.

He captured the Taichu Sect's Patriarch and other Sect members and took them to Heavenly Palace's Lingxiao Hall.

After that, Lin Yan's figure appeared everywhere on the Lingxuan Continent.

He would appear in all places where there were immortals on the Lingxuan Continent.

In just one day, the immortals around the whole Linxuan Continent were captured.

The number of immortals Lin Yan had captured at the Heavenly Palace's Lingxuan Hall had already exceeded a thousand people.

Even though it happened ten thousand years ago, this kind of absolute strength suppresses everything making the residents of the Lingxuan continent almost suffocate.


He was too strong.

The Heavenly Emperor was just invincible.-

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