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Warmed His Heart

As the morning light brightened, Mu Ci slowly opened his eyes. He had never felt so relaxed in his life. It was as if the sleep had given him a new life. The accumulated pain had been eliminated overnight, and every pore in his body was clear as if he had been reborn.

There was a very soft breathing sound by his ear.

Mu Ci turned his head vigilantly. A sweet sleeping face came into view, and Mu Cis heart could not help but feel warmed.

When he was eight years old, he was kidnapped and tortured. It was not easy for him to escape with his sprained ankle when the kidnappers were relaxed. In the deep mountains and forests, the moon was dark and the wind was strong. An eight-year-old child was injured and running for his life.

Unfortunately, his legs were short. Not long after, the sound of the kidnappers chasing after him could be heard.

Panicking, he missed a step and fell to the ground. He rolled down the slope and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, the first thing he saw was a face that was both happy and angry.

“Wow, you really woke up at this time. My master really had it spot on! Are you thirsty Are you hungry Does it hurt anywhere” An adorable little girl was pleasantly surprised as she asked one question after another.

Little Mu Ci suddenly sat up, promptly sensing pain from his injuries.

“Ow—” He cried out in pain and fell down again.

“Tsk! Dont move around. With your injuries, if it were someone else, they might have died long ago!” The little girl quickly straightened his head, then poured a glass of warm water, inserted a straw, and brought it to his lips.

“Drink some water and moisten your lips. Dont worry, this is my home. Its very safe!” The little girl was like a little adult, taking good care of people.

Little Mu Ci took a sip of water and then a few big gulps. He had not eaten for a few days.

The little girl said sadly, “Did you meet bad people Were you beaten up by them Try and see if you can sit up. Ill feed you some porridge.”

No matter how painful it was, Little Mu Ci could not show weakness in front of a little girl. He gritted his teeth and sat up. The little girl climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of him, feeding him porridge bite by bite. He wanted to do it himself, but when he looked down and saw his bandaged arm, he could only give up.

“My name is Bei Shuo. It means shining treasure!” The little girl introduced herself.

Mu Ci said nothing.

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Bei Shuo continued, “Master said that if youre unwilling to share, I cant ask for your name. However, how should I address you without a name Why dont I give you a nickname What do you think about a stone If youre as hard as a stone, you wont be bullied or injured. Dont you think so”

Looking at Bei Shuos peach blossom-like face, Mu Ci automatically nodded his head. Hence, he became Bei Shuos Brother Stone.

17 years. He had been looking for her for 17 years.

In his memory, she had stopped looking like a little doll. She had also grown up bit by bit in his imagination and become what she was now. Therefore, he recognized her at a glance.

Bei Shuos breathing was very even. Her brows were relaxed and she looked bright.

Bei Shuo had been like this ever since she was a kid. Mu Ci was very curious about what kind of master could raise such a beautiful girl. Be it the two short days he had spent with her now or when he was eight years old under her care, she had melted Mu Cis frozen heart.

Originally, he had already seen through life and death and did not think he would miss anything. However, the moment he saw her, a desire to live slowly rose in his heart.

He had missed her for seventeen years. Now that he had found her, he suddenly could not bear to die. He could not bear to leave this cold world. From the moment Bei Shuo appeared, he was no longer cold.

Bei Shuo was a shining treasure.

Mu Ci could not help but reach out and gently touch Bei Shuos youthful face. He was afraid of waking her up, but he really could not help it. This light action made Bei Shuo feel very itchy.

She pushed Mu Cis hand away and muttered, “Huahua, go away. Dont disturb me!”

She knelt on the side of the bed and fell asleep with her head on her arm. She lost her balance and fell down.

“Bei Shuo!” Mu Ci panicked and quickly reached out to grab her.

Bei Shuo opened her eyes in a daze and glanced at Mu Ci. “Are you awake Sleep a little longer. Im so sleepy.”

Mu Ci said gently, “Then come to bed.”

“Okay.” Bei Shuo climbed onto the bed without opening her eyes.

Mu Ci opened his arms and let her lie on his shoulder. The little girl snuggled and found a comfortable spot to sleep.

Mu Cis heart was suddenly filled with warmth.



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