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“I seem to be embarking on an extraordinary, and of course, dangerous path…but there’s no way…”

Fang Xian descended from Tainfeng Peak with a calm face.

This kind of change started after reading the “Mysterious Cavern’s Secret Record Transcript”.

The proof is his soul talent——【Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】, which means that his essence has been changed a little and cannot be reversed!

“My current realm… I don’t know… I seem to be a master, and I seem to have the ability to communicate with heaven and man, but it seems to be different from the ordinary unity of heaven and man… What I feel is the great terror between the chaos of heaven and earth… The same is true of starlight, perhaps, I have further seen the truth of the world”

Fang Xian can feel that although he has cultivated into the third level of the ‘Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger’, it has begun to be different from the original records.

Perhaps, the transformation last night has caused it to mutate and become an… evil art!

Seven Killing Evil Art of the White Tiger!

”But I don’t care if it’s righteous or evil, if it can be used by me, it is a good practice!”

Fang Xian looked to the east: “Yuanwu Kingdom…it’s time to go back!”

Great Morocco.

Fang Xian walked into a shop selling various spices and showed his Jiazi token.

”It turned out to be an important guest, please!”

The foreigner merchant, with green eyes, immediately invited Fang Xian into the inner room, bowed, and saluted: “The landlord has been looking for the whereabouts of the esteemed guest…”

”Well, what’s the situation in Yuanwu Country Where’s Jade Dragon Beauty Isn’t she not in Great Morocco Country”

Fang Xian asked.

”To be honest, the landlord is looking for your esteemed guest for help.”

The foreigner merchant gritted his teeth and said suddenly.

”Oh It seems that she’s not doing well recently… Tell me.”

Fang Xian nodded.

Traveling around the world is a big project, no matter how frugal it is, it still requires a lot of money.

His net worth is not too rich, and the expenses of the poor travel are naturally shouldered by the Golden Wind Drizzle Building.

With this in mind, he felt that if Jade Dragon Beauty encountered any trouble, he should solve it for her.

in a hall.

”The westward expansion of Yuanwu Kingdom… What do you two think”

Jade Dragon Beauty’s charming face was as old as ever, but there was some undisguised sadness between her brows as she looked at the two present.

The two of them carried swords alone, with wind and frost on the temples, handsome, with some mixed-race characteristics, obviously they were rare beautiful men when they were young.

The other person is a middle-aged swordsman, holding a long sword in a black sheath, the whole person is like an iron tower.

Knife King Guan Sheng! Sword King Linghu!

Since the death of Chu Madman, the masters from the other side have been constantly suppressed.

Among them, Nie Yinlong and ‘Crazy King’ Zhou Xuan are dead, and ‘Poison King’ Han Feng announced his retirement from the world, not to mention world affairs.

Jade Dragon Beauty, Guan Sheng, and Linghu are the only remaining masters of the outsiders.

Of course, there is also a ‘White Tiger Star Lord’, but unfortunately that person disappeared after he became famous for a while.

”What else do you think After the Yuanwu Kingdom slaughtered the internal blood, it finally turned its attention to the outside world.

The Great Morocco Kingdom is the first target…”

Guan Sheng snorted coldly.

”Having said that, there must be the support of the six major factions behind this army expedition… Maybe there are shadows of the Buddhist and Daoist families… If it’s just the Zhenwu Sect, the Suxin Sect, and the Chi Yuan Sect, we are enough to deal with it, but If there are more, it will be troublesome…” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

Sword King Linghu said calmly.

”Since Chu Madman’s predecessors left, the situation of me and other scattered cultivators has become worse day by day, and the Great Morocco Kingdom is already the best… Unexpectedly, it will fall into war in the blink of an eye…” Jade Dragon Beauty sighed.

Even if the grand master is in a desperate situation, there is still the possibility of being besieged and killed.

But no one is that stupid.

A grandmaster assassin can make the Yuanwu Kingdom’s royal family sting in the throat.

If it is a grandmaster,

Assassinating Wang Jia is as easy as you are.

”Now that the six major factions have posted their battle posts, they will invite us to settle the matter at Baiyun Mountain on the third day of March…” Guan Sheng suddenly sighed: “If we lose again this time, this old man will have no face left, so we can only Escape into the wilderness, and this remnant of life…”

The three grandmasters present could not help but remain silent when they said this.

”Oh Grandmaster meeting This certain Fang would like to go to meet the masters of the six major factions…”

Just then, a voice suddenly sounded.

Accompanied by the voice, a young man in white robe walked in, it was Fang Xian!

At this time, after a little grooming and tidying up, the whole person is completely new, and he is no longer the same as when he was wandering around the world.

”Fang Xian!”

Jade Dragon Beauty exclaimed in surprise.

”White Tiger Star King!”

Guan Sheng and Linghu looked at each other and felt a little surprised.

The grandmaster has been tempered and inspired, and Fang Xian actually arrived at the door.

Nobody knows how long he’s been listening at the side.

Only when he opened his mouth did they notice his presence, they realized that this was extremely terrifying!

If it was a sudden assassination, they may have been seriously injured.

Besides, after Fang Xian appeared, it gave them an extremely dangerous sense of oppression.

”Master Fang Sure enough, the new generation replaces the old…”

Guan Sheng sighed, intuition that the martial arts of this newcomer were even better than him, he couldn’t help but feel a bit desolate.


Jade Dragon Beauty looked at Fang Xian like this, and exclaimed in surprise, “Brother Fang’s martial arts has improved again”

”Slightly gained.

What is the constitution of this Grand Master meeting” Fang Xian asked casually.

”It’s nothing more than the conclusion of the competition… Originally, when Brother Fang came, I was waiting for even more power, but now I’m a little hesitant…” Jade Dragon Beauty’s tone of voice changed naturally, and she didn’t even notice it.


”Brother Fang, with your martial arts and aptitude, if you have a few more years, you may be able to break through the bottleneck of the great master… Among us martial artists, it is because of the lack of the tide-changing character like Senior Chu Madman that we have fallen to this point…” Jade Dragon Beauty sighed.

”So…you don’t want me to take risks, but want me to live in seclusion and come out after breaking through as a grandmaster” Fang Xian asked with a smile: “Heaven and man are united, the ingenuity is one line, the mystery of the mysterious, who can guarantee it will be successful Rather than pinning your hope on me, you’d rather try to break through yourself…”

”We have been practicing hard for many years, and I am afraid that the same result will still be the result…”

Linghu held his sword and sighed.

”In any case, I’m still going to this Grandmaster meeting.” Fang Xian insisted on his opinion.

If it wasn’t for him, he was really afraid that the three of them would be wiped out.

After all, after the six major sects, there must be a shadow of the second line of Brahma Dao.

Time flies.

The movement of the Yuanwu Kingdom could not be concealed naturally.

The Lord of the Great Morocco Kingdom dispatched troops to prepare to face the enemy.

At the same time, a message spread.

On the third day of March, on the top of Baiyun Mountain, the battle of the masters!

The result of this battle will inevitably affect the situation of the two countries and even the whole world, which immediately caused a sensation in the martial arts world.

For a time, nobody knows how many warriors traveled day and night, rushing to Baiyun Mountain at the junction of the two countries, just for the ‘pilgrimage’, the battle of the masters!


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