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“Little thief!”

“Courting death!”


The six innate masters suddenly exploded with anger.

Even when Fang Xian entered Xiantian with horizontal training and killed Ao Xiong, the golden lion, they weren’t even this mad!

In an instant, the figures of the Six Paths pounced on Fangxian’s life.

Outside the arena, Liu Yun watched this scene, her fingers clenched the embroidered handkerchief: ‘This person… is finally going to die.

Zhou Wuming sighed in his heart: ‘This son will be promoted to innate level in his twenties.

I am afraid that his talent is still above Bao Gan’s.

If he sincerely wants to become my disciple, given time, he may be able to learn all that I have to teach…’

They think differently, but one thing is the same.

That is, under the siege of the six congenital, Fang Xian will surely die!

But the next moment, a tiger roar came from their ears!


The tiger shook the mountains and forests, and the beasts in it surrendered!

Fang Xian was as if possessed by a white tiger, strode out, put his five fingers together, and threw six punches in an instant!

These six punches actually surrounded the six masters in no particular order, as if they were issued at the same time.

——Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger!

What is even more terrifying is that every punch carries a strong will of martial arts.

In the eyes of Xie Kun and others, it was a peerless tiger rushing towards them, making their hands and feet cold and almost forgetting to resist.

When you hit people, you hit their confidence first!

The fist will break the soul!

puff! puff! puff! puff! puff! puff!

After six consecutive punches, the five innate masters looked blankly at their chests.


There, the bones shattered, and a dark red fist mark appeared, which suddenly exploded.

With one move, the five innate masters were killed instantly!

The only one who survived was Xie Kun, who vomited blood and crashed all the way into the Five Form Sect camp.

This is not because of his high martial arts skills, but because Fang Xian is merciful.

”Master… Master!”

Zhou Wuming hurried up to help him, feeling like he was dreaming today.

Just… what happened

’The elder… is dead! ‘Liu Yun’s knuckles were white and her head was in chaos.

What’s even more confusing is that the Zhang family’s disciples, seeing the death of their own ancestors, even the supporters in the Five Form Sect were all wiped out, and they didn’t react at all.

For the Zhang family, this is no longer a wound, but their entire spine was taken out!

”What a fierce punch!”

”What a horrible person!”

A famous martial artist who was watching was extremely shocked: “One punch breaks the soul This is the fist of the master.

Are these six innate intentionally seeking death To challenge a master”

When Xie Kun, who had just been lifted up, heard this sentence, he almost spit out another mouthful of blood, and completely closed his breath.

If he had known that Fang Xian had been promoted to Grandmaster, he would have been stupid to try and besiege Fang Xian to attempt to kill him.

Looking at this tragic situation at this time, he knew that after returning to Yaofeng County, many forces would inevitably undergo a tragic reshuffle.

Five Form Sect is still okay, but the Zhang family and Liu family are sure to pay a heavy price.

Whether they can still exist in the future, is seriously questionable.

’However, if this person continues to come after him, then there won’t be a future they’d have to think about’

Xie Kun looked at Fang Xian with a very complicated expression.

”So… Five Form Sect Master Do you still want to continue to seek revenge” Fang Xian stopped chasing and stood with his hands behind his back, suddenly asked.

”Today, in front of the heroes of the world, I, Xie Kun, swear by myself as the master of the Five Form Sect.

In the future, all my disciples of the Five Form Sect will shy away from you when they meet you!”

Xie Kun coughed twice and answered loudly.

Between death and shame, he decisively chose the former.

”So good, let’s go…”

Fang Xian waved his hand and didn’t even bother to look at Liu Yun or Zhou Wuming again.

He returned to the area of ​​Jinfeng Drizzle Building and sat down with his knees crossed.

”Congratulations, Mr.

Fang, today you have become famous in all corners of the world, how do you feel ” Jade Dragon Beauty asked with a smile.

”It’s so boring!” Fang Xian sighed and looked at her: “Is something wrong”

”Well, someone from my family came to report and found Nie Yinlong’s whereabouts, right in Yuanwu City!” Yu Longjiao’s expression became solemn: “Senior Chu Kuangren and Brother Zhou have already gone there, and I’m about to rush to help them…”

”There’s something wrong with this martial arts conference…”

Fang Xian was about to follow, but suddenly, he felt something was wrong.

He jumped up to the roof and looked at the audience: “A lot of people came, but they were all idlers.

I had a big fight with the six masters before, and I didn’t see anyone from the six factions coming over… It’s very wrong!”

At least, Red Ape Sect Master has a grudge against him, and he will definitely come to ‘deliver justice.

But at this time, although there were also people from the six major factions, most of them were low-level disciples, and a few elders, looking absent-minded.

Seeing this scene, Fang Xian’s heart was even more chilled.

In an instant, what he saw and heard in Yuanwu City emerged, everything vivid in his mind.

The killing of Tiandao Xing, the recruitment of the second prince, the relationship between Zhou Xuan, Chu Kuangren, and Jindao, the sudden arrival of Nie Yinlong…

”What’s wrong”

Jade Dragon Beauty followed, her expression changed slightly.

”It’s not good… The Yuanwu royal family has an abnormal movement.

I’m afraid that Tiandao Xing’s assassination is a bait, and the martial arts conference is just a cover… There is only one real target – the madman Chu Kuangren!”

Fang Xian’s voice was urgent and fast: “What conditions are needed to kill a supreme master”

”You mean…” Yu Longjiao seemed to be frightened, but quickly reacted: “The royal family and Star Picking Tower are not enough.

To be safe, two great masters must join forces!”

”If you say that, that monk and the other priests have already arrived ahead of schedule under the pretext of the martial arts conference” Fang Xian looked towards Yuanwu City: “If the madman of Chu, the only unaffiliated great master, falls, I am afraid that there will be a great change in the martial arts world…”

”Famous sects and upright sects unite with the imperial court, to rid all the side sect leftists and unaffiliated cultivators” Yu Longjiao suddenly raised her head.


A thunderbolt crashed down.

Thunder on the ground is a bad omen!

In Yuanwu City.

On the long street, everything is quiet.

The doors of every household were closed, and the streets were deserted.

Threads and strands of blood came from nowhere and merged into a small stream.

”Brother Chu… I haven’t seen you for many years.”

In front of an archway, a monk and a priest stood still, their bodies were the embodiment of a combination of Qi, Ming, and Heaven, and the unity of heaven and man.

The monk is a sage monk of the ‘Rushi Temple’, and he is a great success in the ‘Dragon Tiger Powerful King Kong Indestructible Supernatural Power’.

The priest is a swordsman of the ‘Qingyuan Palace’, holding a three-foot green blade, and his swordsmanship is divine.

He has even more amazing skills, and it is rumored that whoever sees it will die!

These two supreme masters came together, together with Nie Yinlong who was hiding in the dark, and a large number of masters, there was only one target – Chu Kuangren!

”Brother Chu, it’s all my fault…”

Zhou Xuan was bleeding from his chest and barely stood at the side.

Obviously, it is not the enemy’s mercy that he can live, but they planned to use him to contain the mind of the madman of Chu.

”Hahaha… You are all here, you’re giving this Chu Madman a big face…”

Chu Madman laughed generously: “When did you two of the Buddhist and Dao families become the lackeys of the Yuanwu court Today, I want to see if I can save my life!”

”If you plant an evil cause, you will reap the evil result! This person still doesn’t wake up” The holy monk Zhifan folded his hands together, and his body glowed with a golden color, and there was a hidden Sanskrit chanting.

War is imminent!


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