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This scenario… isn’t something wrong

Clear sky.

Fang Xian glanced at Sect Master of Red Ape Sect, and then at Zhou Xuan.

The originally anticipated duel between the two great masters suddenly turned into bullying the weak.

Perhaps the mad Zhou Xuan could easily crush most of the innate masters with his physical capabilities, but he would never be able to compete with masters of the same level!

In the duel between masters, any slight difference in mentality and spirit may become a fatal flaw!

If the Red Ape Sect Master makes a move at this time, then the ‘mad king’ Zhou Xuan will definitely be killed, there is no other possibility!

What should I do if Master suddenly fell ill during the decisive battle of life and death I am so anxious…

Bao Gan’s dry forehead suddenly had a cold sweat the size of a bean.

He took a deep breath and stood up: “Sect Master… My master is not feeling well today.

You are the head of a faction, a grand master of a generation, please give us some time…”

After he finished speaking, he knelt down as if he was pushing a golden mountain and downing a jade pillar.

Even though Bao Gan has always been hostile to the sect, but for the sake of the master, he had to do so.

The Red Ape Sect Master was expressionless, and slowly shook his head: “No… Since Zhou Xuan killed the elder of my sect, I must avenge the elder today!”

Bao Gan looked at Zhou Xuan, who was squatting on the ground and began to count ants, and suddenly stood up: “I will carry this burden as a disciple.

I will take over this battle.”

But this decision will lead to his death!

“You, can not!”

The Sect Master Chiape spoke again: “Since Brother Zhou is not in good health, then the two of you will return to the sect together with the old man, and take care of yourself.

When you are in good health, let’s try again.”

This sounds nice, but in fact, it is to imprison Zhou Xuan and his disciples together!

Also, what will happen then is hard to say.

“Okay, I’ll go with you!”

Bao Gan was silent for a long time, finally gritted his teeth and agreed.


Fang Xian touched his nose at this time: “Brother Bao, you and Senior Zhou should take care of yourselves in the Red Ape Sect.

I will leave first…”

“Ha ha……”

The Red Ape Sect Sect Master suddenly stroked his beard and said with a smile, “I heard that there has been a young hero in Yuanwu City recently, and he defeated two heroes with a single gesture.

That person is you, right The old man always likes to help the younger generation.

You also come with me to become my guest, I ask this junior to give this old man a face.”

Although he was smiling, his tone was unforgiving.

The intelligence of the Red Ape Sect is not comparable to ordinary martial arts people.

Naturally, they know some news.

Moreover, if Fang Xian was also brought, no one in the arena will know the whereabouts of Zhou Xuan’s master and apprentice duo.

Isn’t life and death in one thought

Fang Xian’s expression turned cold: “What if I said… no”

“The old man had no choice but to forcibly invite someone.”

The Sect Master Chiape seemed a little sorry and a little sympathetic.

From his point of view, Fang Xian was someone who didn’t know his place after he defeated the two newcomers.

“Good, very good!”

Fang Xian laughed: “Old monkey, when tigers don’t show their power, you think they’re sick cats In that case, let Fang Xian teach you a thing or two!”

In the laughter, he stepped out one step and brazenly shot at the grandmaster, one of the six chiefs!


There seemed to be a roar of a tiger in the void.

Fang Xian was like a white tiger possessed, and instantly entered the first level of the Seven Killing Fist of White Tiger, and his body was instantly violent.

When dueling a  grandmaster, one must go all out!

He raised his hand, put his five fingers together, and threw seven punches in an instant!

Every punch is attached with fist qi, which can break the soul with one punch.

If Lu Lianhua and Young Master Yu were here, facing such an attack, they would have been beaten into meat paste with just one punch!

But Red Ape Sect Sect Master is a grandmaster after all!

Not just an ordinary master, but the head of the six major sects, one of the top masters in the world!

Even if he were caught off guard by an attack, he was also still able to respond very quickly.

His knees never bent, and his feet always flew backwards very fast.

Not only that, but the ebony short stick in his hand came to life as if it had become a black dragon, circling into a black curtain that water could not get in.

Bang bang bang…

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With every loud noise, the Sect Master of the Red Ape took a step back.

By the time the seven punches were finished, he had already retreated seven steps in a row, each step leaving a deep footprint on the ground.

Not only that, but his face suddenly turned red: “You can make this old man take seven steps back.

Being innate, this feat is enough to be proud of yourself.”

Fang Xian sighed, knowing the gap between himself and the grandmaster.

He made unexpected moves, went all out, and battled with advantage, but he was still only able to make Red Ape Sect Sect Master retreat at most.

Now, his qi core was a little disordered, and he needed to adjust a few breaths.

The power of the master is very obvious!

“Brother Fang… You can actually hold your own against the Red Ape Sect Sect Master”

Bao Gan looked at this scene, his whole person was stunned, and he kept on stepping backwards.

He was just a meager congenital practitioner, if he got involved in this level of war, he’s sure to die!

Faster than him is Zhou Xuan!

Although this ‘mad king’ is sick, his instinct is still there, and he will naturally stay away from places that make him feel dangerous.

Although, the posture of rolling around on the ground is not very good-looking…

“Master… how are you old man”

Bao Gan quickly stepped forward and wanted to help Zhou Xuan up: “What should I do Quickly think of a way to help Brother Fang…”

“I want candy…”

Zhou Xuan hugged his shoulders and made a childish milky sound.

“Ah… I’m going crazy!” Bao Gan’s expression collapsed.

“Sure enough, you are young and talented, no, you are already worthy to make this old man exert his full effort!”

The Sect Master Chiape raised the ebony stick, and his expression suddenly became a little mad.

This is to visualize mentally on the Mad Ape map and enter a state of madness and magic.

How frightening is a grandmaster to use his full strength and display his full innate skills

The next moment, Fang Xian saw it.

“Ape Demon opens a mountain!”

Like a big horse monkey, the Sect Master Chiape jumped out in one step and came to Fang Xian, and the ebony stick smashed down.

If hit by a stick, even the body of steel will turn into slag.

Fang Xian’s eyes flashed with strange lights, he inhaled and sucked in his waist, his body was like a dragon and snake and flashed when he couldn’t let go.

“Ape Demon overturns the sea!”

The Red Ape Sect Master’s staff hasn’t completely fallen yet, another staff is ready to fall again, the stick shadows swept across the sky like a tide.

“I form!”

Fang Xian put out a boxing frame with dragon claws, snake hands, tiger bones, crane feet, and monkey body, trying his best to parry.

But at this moment, in silence, the Red Ape Sect Sect Master went around the back of Fang Xian, and the ebony stick slammed out, coming after one of the vital points of life!

This is the ultimate move in the ‘Ape Demon Confusion Stick’ – Ape Demon Pirating Pill!

When the ape demon thief obtains the golden pill, it is not the ape demon, but the Monkey King!

This move is hidden in between the two moves of “the ape demon opens the mountain” and “the ape demon turns the sea over”.

How many masters had fallen under this staff

Danger! Danger! Danger!

At the critical moment, Fang Xian meditated on the acupoints in his body.

He seemed to see his translucent body, and the Primordial Qi swept through his body, lighting up three of the acupoints.

In each of the acupoints, there is a white tiger evil spirit with different stances.

At this moment, the three white tigers activated with a bang!

The second layer of the Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger, the acupuncture point contains the gods!


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