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Chapter 13 - Arrow shot from the shadows

"Qingyu sect: there are thirty-two internal disciples, three true disciples, fifteen guardians, six elders, and sect master Han Yunfeng… the almost fully acquired martial artist, is on a retreat this time, seeking to break through the innate realm… "

A lot of information flowed through Fangxian's mind.

Interrogating the people of the Qingyu sect, the biggest surprise was to get the truth behind the sect master 'Han Yunfeng'.

Although the Qingyu sect used to have innate masters guarding it, that era was already history.

Even if you have a true seed', you might not be able to develop true chi!

However, after the end of the era, for those without 'true seed', it was even more difficult for them to cultivate true energy directly from the inner strength mental method.

Therefore, strictly speaking, Yi Tianchou's "true disciple" title was a counterfeit, he was not worthy of the title.

But if 'Han Yunfeng' succeeds in breaking through, then the Qingyu sect will definitely be able to reach a new level and cultivate more innate masters.


The moon is dark and the wind bellowed.

At the Qingyu sect residence, the torch was brightly lit, and the patrol disciples increased the brightness of the vicinity in one shot, in view that it was about to rain.

Obviously, the deaths of many disciples today have already been known to the senior level within the sect.

Inside the Discussion hall.

A red-faced elder with a knotted beard, shouted angrily: "That person must be identified and dugout, then shred his corpse into pieces!"

He is the master of Ruan Hongling and Huo Qi.

This time, the disciples under his command were almost wiped out, and he was naturally outraged.

"Hehe… We don't even know who the enemy is nor his name, how do we begin searching"

Another elder, Elder Lei, who didn’t address the red-faced elder, sneered and asked rhetorically.

"Elder Lei, pipe it down, this hatred has to naturally be paid, otherwise it will just humiliate the Qingyu sect.

But the biggest thing at the moment is the major event of the sect master’s breakthrough!"

Sitting in the middle, the respected great elder spoke and silenced the voices of both of them.

"Everything… will have to wait till the sect master’s breakthrough!"

"Be wary of the enemy.

This is a trap to lead the snake out of the hole.

After all, in this provincial city, there are many people who don't want the sect master to breakthrough..."

While the elders were having a discussion, a scream suddenly broke the silence of the night.

"What happened"

Elder Lei walked out of the door and saw a guardian lying on the ground, a feathered arrow in his chest, and the white-tailed feathers were still trembling.

"There is a sharpshooter!"

A guardian's voice trembled.

"How is it possible"

Elder Lei strode out, gazing at the dark night: "Even for a sharpshooter, it is impossible to shoot arrows in the dark with such deadly precision… "


Before he finished his sentence, another disciple fell to the ground after getting hit with an arrow.

"Quickly, put out the fire! Find a place to hide!"

"Search the surrounding high ground, the murderer must be there!"

The great elder shouted loudly without panicking in the face of danger.


"Quickly put out the torches and the lights!"

In an instant, the originally bright Qingyu sect building became pitch black.

Dark clouds cover the moon, and only a little bit of starlight falls.

The noise gradually turned into silence.


At this moment, the sound of arrows sinking into the human body like the tune of death reverberated again.

There seemed to be an invisible sickle hidden in the void, arbitrarily harvesting the lives of the Qingyu sect disciples.


Several screams sounded, and it was obvious that the elders and guardians who had gone out to search had been killed.

"How is this possible"

Elder Lei opened his mouth wide.

Before, it could be said that it was because the torch was bright, but now in this darkness, it was almost impossible to see clearly.

How did the other party kill

"Quick! Get in!"

The voice of the great elder sounded, a dim black shadow flew into an attic, and the door closed fiercely.

'Deserving of the great elder, his Xiaoyao footwork is really fast.


Elder Lei gave a secret compliment.

He tumbled into the wood storeroom, closing the door as well, and did not even dare to take a breath.

Obviously, the Qingyu sect provoked a very powerful enemy.

Tonight, it was a death catastrophe!

After everyone entered the room, the occasional screams finally stopped.

Elder Lei started to calm down a little and felt that they could survive to see the break of dawn.

As for asking for help from the local authorities The Qingyu sect would no longer be able to be mixed with affairs of the martial underworld anymore in the future.

Gradually, a bright light suddenly appeared from the outside world, a billowing heatwave.

"Is that… fire"

Elder Lei glanced out the window, his eyes suddenly widened: "That thief set consequence this place on fire!"

Ancient buildings were mostly wooden structures, and once a problem crops up, it means the whole place going up in flames.

When the fire started, it burned only a corner of the Qingyu Sect at first, and then it continued to spread and expand…

Several disciples wanted to go out to fight the fire but immediately fell to the ground after being shot with an arrow.

One of them was still alive, lying on the ground wailing.

A big organization such as the Qingyu sect, somehow everyone could only watch it like this, and everyone's hearts felt a little cold and ashen.

Under tremendous pressure, someone finally shouted: "Let’s escape! Do you want to wait for death"

At this time, the enemy is in the shadows and they were in the light, and they were at a great disadvantage.

There is a sharpshooter outside, and they will be burned to death sooner or later if they continue hiding in the house.

They can only fight to the death!

Many shadows rushed out of the room and fled into the darkness.

A catastrophe was imminent, so everyone flies their separate ways!

The Qingyu Sect at this time presents a tragic consequence which resembles that of a tree falling down and the monkeys scattering.

Elder Lei also mixed into the crowd and rushed out, quickly flying passing the main gates, and was about to rush into the darkness.

Vshhh! Vshh!

At this moment, there was a soft sound breaking through the air, and two arrows flew forth towards him.

Elder Lei turned desperately and avoided an arrow that almost pierced through his heart, but the other arrow seemed to have guessed his subsequent position as he dodged the arrow, and pierced through his right ear to his left at an odd angle.

"How despicable… "

Elder Lei fell to the ground, he died with a remaining grievance and regret.

"Who the hell was it"

In the bright sea of ​​fire, a shadow suddenly leaped to the roof and asked loudly, "Who is trifling with us, the Qingyu sect Do you dare to come out and fight me in a fair manner"

He was the great elder of Qingyumen with a white beard and hair.

After seeing the disciples scattered like wind and clouds, the guardians and elders suffered heavy casualties, and the sect falling apart, that old man seemed to have fallen into a certain crazy state.

In the darkness, Fangxian lurked quietly, without even a single movement on his face.

'Want to trigger me to go out Although Qingyu sect doesn’t have many disciples at this time, I won’t be that stupid… '

Tonight's destruction of the Qingyu Sect was surprisingly done alone by him.

Relying on the ability of [The Eye of the Mysterious Caverns].

The excellent dynamic vision, coupled with his long hunting career, allowed him to fire his shots with deadly precision and 100% accuracy.

More importantly, Fangxian found that as long as there was a trace of light around him, he could see everything clearly in the dark.

Otherwise, if you want to shoot arrows and kill people on such a dark night, furthermore they are martial arts masters, even the marksman who is very experienced can't do it!

'Of course… The Qingyu sect doesn’t know that I was alone at this time, and thought that a large number of enemies would appear… Under great pressure, the low-level disciples ran away, and I also killed a lot of the elders and guardians… There was nothing much left to worry about, but still, it is better to be cautious… '

Fangxian coldly stared and drew his bow again.

The death-like bowstring sounded.

The arrow landed into the great elder's chest, as he fell into the sea of ​​flames.

But at the same time, Fangxian's pupils shrank, and he saw a black shadow rushing out of the Qingyu sect, coming towards him at an extremely fast speed!


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