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Chapter 11 - Old Hatred

"Tsk tsk… such a pity… "

The convoy continued on the road.

Liu Yan sighed while riding on the horse: "I haven't found any significant martial arts secret manuscripts, I rarely even see silver taels.

I can only headhunt to see if Black mountain provincial city offers any reward."

"This is normal.

Few experienced martial artists will carry martial arts secret manuscripts along with them, just so they could let their enemy take advantage of them"

Qian Sanwu spoke slowly and seemed to be kinder to Fangxian.

A capable person will receive respect no matter where he is.

Regardless of Fangxian's luck before, his archery technique was convincing enough to gain everyone’s approval.

"I think… this person may have had an accomplice."

Fangxian glanced around with his eyes.

"But you are too paranoid about this… Among the robbers, how can there be any real friendship If this person wasn’t careless and was severely injured one or even several times by us, maybe there it will be followed by a swarm of bandits, but now, they all know that we are not easy to deal with.

Since they are afraid of getting injured, there is no willingness to blindly appear before us to challenge us… "

Liu Yan explained to Fangxian in detail.

Sure enough, it was calm and peaceful all the way to the Black mountain provincial city.

The whole city is built with a kind of black stone bricks.

It is so tall and majestic that there wasn’t a single gap between the bricks.

After entering the heart of the city, it had a lively and prosperous atmosphere, even surpassing that of Yaofeng provincial city.

"After the settlement this time, everyone has worked hard, you guys can rest for three days, and then let’s gather and prepare to set off afterward… "

This time, even Qian Sanwu, had a more relaxed expression on his face.

Upon hearing this sentence, all the bodyguards smiled.

Some had directly arranged an appointment with their buddies to go to a place like 'Drunk Fragrance Tower' for recreation and lay back to relax.


Suddenly, there was a slight disturbance in the street ahead.

"What happened"

Fangxian stepped forward quickly and saw someone being driven out of the house; it was a pair of mother and daughter hugging each other crying.

Inside the house, there were sounds of smashing from time to time.

Before long, a few thugs came out surrounding the steward who had a black mole on his chin: "If you owe money and don’t pay it back, that’s how it will end, Qin household, although your man died of illness, his debts can’t be written off!"

"God, my family can't pay off this high-interest debt." The woman cried.

"Hmph, I'll give you three more days.

If you can't get it after three days, I will seize possession of your house first, and then sell both of you, mother and daughter to Qichun Brothel!"

The steward squinted and scanned the mother and daughter from time to time: "The debts at Peace and Prosperity Pawnshop has never had people not paying up before."


Fangxian glanced around and asked Liu Yan in a low voice, "Peace and Prosperity Pawnshop What are their origins"

"It's just a business establishment of the Qingyu sect, but even if Qingyu sect is a second-rate sect, it can't be managed by ordinary warriors… "

Liu Yan replied in a suppressed low voice.

"Does the authorities not care about this" Fangxian was a little surprised.

"Haha… Authorities, brother, you are not aware.

Since the battle of Fanatic Chu, the power of the officials in the Yuan Wu Kingdom has been greatly damaged and had begun to shrink.

The fact that the sects and gangs have been formed and the many proceeding branching sects.

Isn’t it normal that the martial artists are now domineering" Liu Yan answered naturally.

"But the way that Qingyu sect has acted recently, and it has become more and more wrong… Maybe something has happened within the sect."

Qian Sanwu stroked his chin.

Generally speaking, the larger the sect, the more attention to appearance and reputation.

Even if they were harboring any ill intentions, it must be covered under a layer of benevolent skin.

After all, it is not the evil villainous sect!

"Perhaps… "

Fangxian shook his head and followed behind.

This kind of posture was nonchalant but instead, it made Liu Yan take another look.

Normally speaking, young people are the most passionate and rash, but Fangxian is a rare sensible person.

"Huh… if you really can’t bear to see it, you can send someone over to deliver some money and rice later.

But the world is so big, so many people are suffering, how can they all be saved"

Qian Sanwu seemed to be sighing but was actually hinting.

Fangxian stayed silent all the way, followed the team to finish the handover procedure, changed out of his bodyguard uniform, and got dressed in a cyan martial artist clothing, and walked out of the inn.

The bodyguards who were under great pressure all the way, had already gone out to have fun in their own cliques.

Instead, Fangxian shopped around in the provincial city, bought some items, and came to the Qingyumen Mountain Sect that he inquired about.

The more the "famous sect", the more it needs disciples to maintain their popularity, so most of the sect headquarters are located in the city to facilitate personnel movements and purchasing materials.

After all, most martial artists are still ordinary people, and they are very closely integrated with the world, and they are not a group of immortals living in seclusion in the mountains and forests.

However, due to the inferiority of the Qingyu sect, they were unable to grab a good site, so they could only compromise in an area to the west of the city, self-comforting with several other second-rate forces.

Fangxian wore a hat and spent the afternoon in a nearby tea stall, and saw a few 'acquaintances' coming in and out.

They were the group of traveling disciples he defeated that day, and he was puzzled.

"Aren't they going out for training"

"But that's right, they were defeated by me, their fighting spirit has been lost, and some people have been injured.

It is normal to return and recuperate… "

He muttered a few words to himself and an idea popped into his mind.


Huo Qi was in a bad mood lately.

The group of them had been ordered by their teacher to travel for cultivation, but they had to slither back before even arriving at the Yaofeng provincial city.

His little junior sister 'Ruan Hongling' was also injured, which made him even more embarrassed.

At the same time, his master didn't visit him much, which made him very depressed.

"Recently, the atmosphere within the sect is also a little weird.

Withdrawing large sums of money and silver to buy precious herbs at any cost, and it seems like it is planning to do something big… "

Just as he was thinking, a beautiful shadow dashed in, and surprisingly it was his little junior sister ‘Ruan Hongling'.

One of her hands was wrapped in gauze, hanging on her chest.

There was a look of hatred and amazement on her face: "Senior Brother… I saw the person who hurt me."

"What How dare he come to Black mountain provincial city"

Huo Qi was taken aback: "It's really...

audacious of him."

"Senior Brother, you must avenge me this time!" Ruan Hongling said quickly.

"But… Master and several guardians have important things to do, just based on our words… " Last time they were already displeased, this time they most likely won’t receive any good news.

"Last time the kid had the help of the Liu household, this time he is alone, with only two fists, it would b hard to deal with four opponents… not to mention, I also asked Senior Brother Yi for help." Ruan Hongling's eyes were full of hatred: "You must annihilate the little thief, shred his corpse into ten thousand pieces!"

"You could somehow ask for the sect master’s true inheritance… this… Ok, then let's go together, call the younger brothers and sisters, and bring the weapons… "

Huo Qi thought for a while, weighed the force of both sides, felt that there shouldn’t be any problem in the city, and finally agreed.


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