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Chapter 97: Sleeping Together

Luo Qinghan said lightly: “When you go out, you don’t have to stick to the rules of the palace.

In the future, you only need five dishes and one soup for each meal.”

Eunuch Chang was shocked: “How can this be You are His Royal Highness, the body of a daughter, how can you only eat so little”

“Gu didn’t eat much at first.

For every 20 dishes in a meal, Gu only ate a little each time, and most of them were wasted.

This is the palace rule established by the ancestors, and it is not easy to change it, but when you get outside the palace, you don’t have to be so extravagant and wasteful anymore.

Everything will be fine from now on.”

Hearing what he said, Eunuch Chang became more distressed.

He felt that the prince had been wronged, and sighed: “The minion knows.”

“You all go down, just leave Xiao Xi alone here to serve.”

Eunuch Chang retreated with the palace ladies and eunuchs.

Only Luo Qinghan and Xiao Xixi were left in the room.

Luo Qinghan asked her to sit.

Xiao Xixi was also not welcome, kneeling on the cushion opposite him.

She served the prince soup as usual, and when he ate it, she started to move her chopsticks.

They took the imperial chef with them on this trip.

Naturally, the craftsmanship was nothing to say, but because of the limited ingredients, the taste of the food was still worse than that of the imperial meal in the palace.

Luo Qinghan was used to eating the imperial meal in the palace, and he tasted the difference with just one bite.

He looked at the woman sitting opposite.

She still ate happily as usual, and she was not dissatisfied at all because the meal had become rudimentary.

Luo Qinghan looked at her happy and satisfied appearance, and felt that the meals in front of her had become more delicious, so she couldn’t help but eat more meals.

When he was full of food and drink, Eunuch Chang brought someone in to clean up the dishes and chopsticks.

People are prone to drowsiness as soon as they are full.

Xiao Xixi yawned: “Your Highness, where will the minion sleep tonight”

Luo Qinghan: “You just sleep here.”

“Here” Xiao Xixi looked around and found that there was only one bed in this room.

She blinked: “Are you going to let the minion sleep on the ground”

As a salted fish, she can naturally sleep anywhere, but if she can choose, she still wants to sleep in bed more.

Luo Qinghan: “You sleep in the same bed with Gu.”

Xiao Xi hesitated for a second between the hard floor and the soft bed, and made a decisive decision.

“Good Royal Highness.”

Anyway, it’s not that she hasn’t slept with the prince, it doesn’t matter how many times she sleeps, just get used to it.

Eunuch Chang knew her identity and had no reaction to it, but the other palace eunuchs did not know that Xiao Xixi was a woman.

They were all taken aback when they heard that the prince was actually going to let a little eunuch fall asleep with him, and their eyes became extremely complicated when they looked at Xiao Xixi.

Unexpectedly, this little eunuch was so powerful that he got the prince to stay with him for the night as soon as he came.

What they didn’t expect even more was that His Royal Highness was still a master of meat and vegetables.

This is too far from the cold image of His Royal Highness on weekdays.

Regardless of what they thought in their hearts, they all pretended to be as if nothing had happened, and they would do whatever they had to do.

The eunuchs called for hot water and waited for His Royal Highness to bathe.

Xiao Xixi consciously hid out, lest he see something he shouldn’t have seen.

Bao Qin is not around, she is now just a eunuch, no one will wait for her to wash, everything has to be done by herself.

Fortunately, she used to take care of herself in the mountains, and her hands-on ability was quite good.

She went downstairs to find the stove, called for hot water, washed her face, rinsed her mouth with salt water, and soaked her feet in hot water.

Since she has been in the carriage all day, she is quite clean and does not need to bathe and change clothes.

Xiao Xixi drained the foot wash, and as soon as he turned around, he ran into Nie Changping.


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