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Chapter 56: Drought

“Oh, look at my mind, I almost forgot about you.” Eunuch Chang knocked on his forehead with a whisk, and said with a smile, “His Royal Highness is still busy.

He has no time to see you for the time being.

He asked you to go back first and talk about it another day.”

“But my wife and daughter are still waiting for help.

Please, please help me and ask His Royal Highness the prince again.”

Xiao Lingfeng bowed his hands, his face was full of pleading.

It can be seen that he really loves his wife and daughter, and he can’t bear the slightest suffering from them.

Eunuch Chang was very embarrassed: “This is not very good…”

Xiao Lingfeng crossed his heart and knelt down directly for him: “Please, as long as His Royal Highness can save my wife and daughter, let me do anything!”

Eunuch Chang hurriedly helped him up, and hesitated for a while before saying, “Then wait a minute, and I will go in and beg for you.”

Xiao Lingfeng is naturally grateful.

Eunuch Chang turned and went in.

It didn’t take long for him to come out again.

He first made a gesture of invitation to Xiao Liangdi.

“His Royal Highness the prince will let you in.”

Xiao Xixi carried the food box and went in with Bao Qin.

Xiao Lingfeng wanted to follow up, but Eunuch Chang didn’t speak.

He didn’t dare to move, so he could only ask sternly.

“What did His Royal Highness say”

Eunuch Chang smiled and said, “You are lucky.

His Royal Highness is preparing to take a break, and Xiao Liangdi happened to deliver the soup at this time.

For Xiao Liangdi’s sake, Royal Highness will make an exception to help you.

Come with me.

I will take you to the Tai Hospital.”

Xiao Lingfeng was pleasantly surprised, and immediately knelt down and kowtowed in the direction of the study room.

“Thank you, Royal Highness, for saving your life!”

Eunuch Chang stood by and watched, smiling with emotion: “In addition to thanking His Royal Highness, you should also thank Xiao Liangdi.

If it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t get this grace, General Xiao, you really gave birth to a good girl!”

Xiao Lingfeng stood up, his expression was a little chatty.

From the day Xiao Xixi was sent out, he and Xixi had never met with each other.

When he learned that his wife and young daughter had unfortunately fallen into the water, he even had the idea that they had fallen into the water because they had been infected with bad luck after seeing Xiao Xixi.

They had only met Xiao Xixi the day before yesterday, and they fell into the water yesterday afternoon.

This is too coincidental.

Hearing what Eunuch Chang said at this time, Xiao Lingfeng’s heart was extremely complicated.

Eunuch Chang shook his whisk: “Let’s go.”

The two walked to the Tai Hospital one after another.

When Xiao Xixi walked into the study, he saw that the prince was discussing things with others.

Xiao Xixi didn’t dare to disturb them to talk about business, so he silently found a corner to stay.

The prince Taifu said solemnly: “The drought in the south has been going on for almost two or three months.

If this continues, this year’s autumn harvest will be fruitless.

I suggest that the prince play the emperor and reduce the taxes of the people in the south.”

The Prince Taibao said: “Last year, there were floods in the South.

The Imperial court not only drastically reduced taxes, but also paid to assist refugees.

Large sums of money were spent like flowing water.

The group of people in the Ministry of Household Affairs was too painful.

This year, if the four southern counties are given tax relief, I am afraid that the group of people in the Ministry of Household Affairs will directly rush up and fight us desperately.”

Prince Taifu frowned: “That is also impossible.

If the taxes are not reduced, the people will be forced to have nowhere to go.

When the time comes, the people will be resentful of the imperial court, and it is very likely that riots will be triggered.

This kind of thing has not happened before….”

The Crown Prince Shaobao sighed: “But there is really no money in the treasury.

The emperor plans to tour the south this year, and it will cost a lot of money at that time.

The group of people in the Ministry of Household will definitely not agree to tax relief in order to please the emperor.”

For many great ministers in the dynasty, the lives and deaths of the people are far less important than the emperor’s happiness.

When everyone talked about this, they couldn’t help sighing and looked helpless.

Luo Qinghan finally said, “Let’s get here first today.

You can go back and think about countermeasures.

If you have any good ideas, you can come into the palace at any time and talk to me.

Everyone handed over their hands together: “Okay.”


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