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Chapter 1 Is this too long for her

From the Eastern Palace to Zhaohua Hall, you must pass through a small garden.

  She curled her neck and looked out through the gaps in the flowers and plants, as if she was waiting for someone.

At this time, Xiao Xixi was squatting in the flowers.

The lady of the palace Baoqin looked at her nervously, and whispered: “Master, even if you want to see the prince, you can’t stay here.

This is not in compliance with the rules .

What if you annoy the prince”

  Xiao Xixi said without looking back: “I have been in the palace for half a year, but His Royal Highness hasn’t even looked at me.

If I don’t think about it, I won’t even want to see him again in my life.”

“But even so, you can’t…”

   “Hush!” Xiao Xixi interrupted her chatter, “Stop talking, people are coming!”

  Baoqin shut up quickly.

   Through the gaps between the branches and leaves of the flowers and plants, they saw a group of people coming here.

  Among them, the handsome young man in a white brocade robe is the most eye-catching.

  He walked in the forefront, with a high nose and thin lips, cold brows and eyes, and an upright posture.

  He is only eighteen years old, but he is already overwhelming.

  Especially those black eyes, like a deep cold pool, people will feel frozen just by looking at them.

  This person is the prince of the Dasheng Dynasty, Luo Qinghan.

  Xiao Xixi clenched the amulet in her hand and counted down silently in her heart.

  Three, two, one!

  When she reached the last count, she rushed out!

But because she rushed too quickly and didn’t grasp the distance, she accidentally rushed too far, and the whole person rushed towards Luo Qinghan!

  Luo Qinghan reacted extremely quickly, and immediately turned his body sideways.

  Xiao Xixi just passed the prince in a posture of flat sand and falling wild goose, and fell heavily to the ground.

  Bouqin hiding in the flowers covered her eyes and couldn’t bear to look any more.

  The court ladies and eunuchs behind the prince were all shocked by the sudden change.

Eunuch Chang was the first to react and sternly shouted: “Who are you How dare to attack His Royal Highness!”

  Xiao Xixi raised her head with tears in her eyes, doing her best to make herself look pitiful.

   “His Royal Highness, don’t you remember the concubine The concubine is Xiao Liangdi!”

Luo Qing looked at her coldly, as if he did not remember that there was such a woman in her backyard.

Xiao Xixi got up and bowed to him first, then handed the amulet that had been held in the palm of her hand, and pleaded eagerly.

“The concubine knows that His Royal Highness is going to accompany the emperor to go hunting today.

There are many dangers outside.

The concubine is worried about the safety of the prince, so she specially asks for such a talisman, please accept it.”

  As soon as these words came out, the expressions of everyone present became weird.

  Everyone in the palace knows that His Royal Highness hates those gods and weird things.

Now Xiao Liangdi dares to give the Prince amulet.

Is this too long for her !

  Sure enough, Luo Qinghan’s cold eyes suddenly became even colder.

“Step aside.”

  Xiao Xixi held the amulet and refused to remove it.

Luo Qinghan glanced at Eunuch Chang.

Eunuch Chang knew it, and immediately ordered two strong mothers to come forward, intending to drag Xiao Xixi away forcibly.

  Xiao Xixi suddenly jumped up and hugged Luo Qinghan’s long legs!

   “His Royal Highness is going black today for fear of blood and light.

Please take this amulet with you.

It can protect you from blood and light!”

  Luo Qinghan froze in place.

He looked down at the woman who was holding his thigh and refused to let go, his cold eyes seemed to freeze her into an ice sculpture on the spot.

  He has lived for eighteen years and has never seen such a bold woman!

“Come on, drag her away and lock her up!”


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