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Chapter 27: Proposal (1) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

There were many filial sons in this world.

For fathers, when they passed in old age, the sons wear plain, mourning clothes and keep watch by the coffin.

But the world was so big and there were only a handful of people who could go into the mountains alone at the age of 10 to seek revenge for their father.

Therefore, although Qin Ruhai blamed Xiao Lang for his recklessness, he was also shocked by his filial piety, and personally led a group of villagers into the mountain to find him.

In just half a day, Xiao Lang’s story spread throughout the small and large villages around Pingyang Town.

Many strong men spontaneously went into the mountains to find him, and countless people were looking forward to hearing the following up.

It had been too long.

Everyone was looking forward to miracles.

They really hope the child could take revenge because only in this way could his reckless actions become great filial piety.

He could change from an ignorant mountain child to a young hero with both wisdom and courage.

Only then could they witness an anecdote that must be widely circulated, and could speak with pride to others.

Of course, if the child did not succeed, they would regret, sigh and be disappointed, but few would feel sorry for him, after all, they were just spectators.

Cheng Qingran naturally heard about this.

He went back to the study, then came out again, and ordered Wei Da to prepare the carriage.

When the carriage arrived at Qingshan Village, it was already dusk, and the gorgeous sunset covered the endless mountains with a golden glow.

Even so, it could not dispel the darkness in the depths of the mountains.

The contrast between light and darkness was even more frightening.

The women at the foot of the mountain went home one after another.

They were about to start preparing dinner.

So, Cheng Qingran saw Qin-shi and Shu Wan from a distance.

The mother and daughter stopped motionless and stared in the direction of the deep mountain.

The white plain skirt fluttered in the wind, like two quiet lilacs.

He was inexplicably sad and whispered to Wei Da to park the carriage behind a few sparse trees.

He sat silently in the carriage and listened to the unique insects in the mountain village.

After an unknown amount of time, heavy and tired footsteps finally came from outside.

Cheng Qingran heard Qin-shi’s miserable cries and Shu Wan’s suppressed cries.

He sighed softly.

It seemed like they didn’t find anyone or...

Just as he was about to say something, a wolf’s long howl drifted into the carriage with the wind, and clearly entered his ears.

Almost at the same time, as if with an order, all human words disappeared.

Cheng Qingran jumped out of the carriage in disbelief, and then another clear wolf howl came over, echoing like waves, and floating in circles above the mountain and forest.

Xiao Lang stood in an open space with a dagger, and the rising moon shed a soft and cold radiance, but one could not see his face clearly.

He waited like that, motionless until there was the sound of sprinting from far to near, and then he drew out the dagger and his eyes fixed on the front.

In the darkness where the moonlight couldn’t reach, seven pairs of green lights suddenly appeared, and the owner of one pair of green lights ran ahead.

When it was about to jump out of the woods, it suddenly stopped and moved left and right as if a little bit unsure.

Xiao Lang stared at the pair of green eyes in front and his eyes were full of waves.

In the silent confrontation, he suddenly took two steps forward and slowly raised his head, as if using all his strength, he let out the last wolf howl.

From now on, he would treat all prey equally, including these beasts who had the same name as the wolf in his previous life and killed his biological father!

The leading wolf felt his fighting intent.

Even though it didn’t understand why this man could speak wolf language, as a wolf leader, it had to accept the challenge of other male wolves.

The wolf leader emerged from the dark and the six wolves behind it did not move.

The wolves had the rules of the wolves.

The bright moonlight clearly shone on its huge body.

Its sturdy shoulders were as high as one meter.

The perfect wolf body was two meters long.

Its high head showed its pride, and its green eyes stare coldly at the weak and vulnerable humble human beings in front.

Because Xiao Lang remained motionless, the wolf leader gradually lost its patience, and finally, it attacked first.

The wolf’s attack was a memory deeply imprinted in Xiao Lang’s blood, and no matter how many years passed, he would never forget it.

He didn’t hide.

When the wolf leader rushed towards him, his body leaned back, relying on his legs to keep his balance, then, he clenched the dagger with both hands and stabbed it into the wolf leader’s neck, slashing down...

With a scream, blood spurted out, and the wolves fled.

The dagger finally got stuck in the wolf leader’s sternum.

Although the momentum of the rushing attack slowed down, it still pushed Xiao Lang who was holding the dagger backward to a large part.

Until the wolf fell to the ground, Xiao Lang stopped completely and fell to the ground on his back.

The wolf leader twitched feebly, and its rough tail swept up the dust, gradually, the whimper became lighter and lighter...

Xiao Lang lay motionless on the ground, letting the warm wolf blood flow down from his forehead and into his ears along his temples, and gradually dried up.

Above his head was a dark night sky full of stars.

When his mother died, his father said that when a person died, they would become a star in the sky, so which one did he become



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