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Chapter 24: Bad News (1) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

The sudden pain from the top of her head made Shu Lan’s words that she hadn’t said spread in her mouth.

It hurt as if a sharp knife was scratching her scalp.

Shu Lan knew it was Xiao Lang’s clean and tidy fingernails.

They were not long, but when he exerted force, it still caused her a lot of pain.

Just like when Xiao Lang was six years old, he wanted to comb her hair, but she didn’t want it, so he cut the top of her head so hard that she was bleeding.

She went to complain to her mother crying, but Xiao Lang just apologized with a guilty face, and her mother believed him.

He only used one finger that time, but this time he used five.

Shu Lan was so frightened that she didn’t dare to move.

She could only watch the crowd leave and their figures disappeared at the entrance of the hall, so she and the evil wolf were the only ones left in the huge room.

She was so frightened.

She didn’t even dare to look up because she was really afraid of those cruel and cold eyes.

Looking at the little girl who was shivering under his hands, and her bushy eyelashes drooping like butterfly wings, the anger in Xiao Lang’s heart gradually dissipated.

He let go of his hand, bent down slightly, carried the person onto a chair large enough for one person to sleep soundly, and gently laid her down.

Shu Lan only felt like the world was spinning for a while, and the next moment she was pressed by Xiao Lang and lay flat on the chair covered with soft silk cushions.

SHe said timidly: “What are you doing My grandmother will be back soon!”

Xiao Lang didn’t speak, just looked at her silently, then raised his right hand, put it on her face, and gently rubbed her delicate tender face with his fingertips, the bridge of her small and graceful nose, and the curved willow, dark eyebrows.

He then moved to the corner of her eyes along the beautiful arc, and then slowly descended.

When he was about to reach her delicate chin, he moved up and stroked her plump cherry lips, touching her gently bit by bit.

When he raised his hand, Shu Lan closed her eyes in fright.

She couldn’t see.

She could only feel his warm fingers moving gently on her face, a little itchy and numb.

SHe thought he would bully her, but he didn’t move, just touched her inexplicably like this.

Shu Lan slowly relaxed but seemed to be more nervous, and her fine eyelashes moved quickly.

Finally, when Xiao Lang touched her lips, she opened her eyes, “What are you doing...” Unexpectedly, Xiao Lang’s fingers fell into her mouth.

He was just bitten by the shell teeth she wanted to close, and the tip of her tender tongue slipped through his fingertips, sending a strange feeling.

Almost instinctively, Shu Lan quickly twisted her head and ran away from his fingers.

That soft touch took away Xiao Lang’s sanity in an instant.

Suddenly pulled Shu Lan’s body, holding her head with one hand and holding her face with the other.

Facing those tender red lips, Xiao Lang’s throat tightened, he lowered his head and pressed on them.

Their lips and teeth touched.

Shu Lan struggled.

Xiao Lang was afraid of attracting others, so he quickly released her, and whispered in a hoarse voice: “Don’t move, I just taste it, just a taste, I won’t eat you, be good...”

Shu Lan’s eyes were filled with mist and her face was as red as the rosy glow.

Her right elbow was half-supported, and her left hand was weakly pushing against his chest.

She confirmed with tears in her eyes: “Is it really just a taste”

“Mm,” Xiao Lang’s eyes were softer than ever before.

Seeing Shu Lan biting her lip, she closed her eyes even though she didn’t believe it, looking so weak and pitiful like she was ready to die at any time.

He really wanted to rub her into his chest, and never let her run away again.

After quietly admiring her cute appearance for a while, Xiao Lang took a moment to pay attention to the movement outside the room, and then slowly approached the face in front of him and tasted it arbitrarily.

The lazy girl’s lips were slightly thick and tender, which he liked the most.

Closing his eyes, tossing it back and forth along the graceful arc, sucking it slowly and gently, licking it lovingly, biting it gently until she couldn’t restrain her mouth to breathe out, he took advantage of the situation and entered, eagerly enjoying the sweet orchid juice inside, hooked her soft lilac tongue, and tasted it freely.

It only took a moment for both of them to breathe heavily.

Shu Lan fell weakly into Xiao Lang’s arms.

If it wasn’t for his support, she would have fallen to the ground long ago.

This was not the first time she had been kissed by Xiao Lang, but it was the first time she had been kissed by him so consciously.

The tension of being afraid of being bitten by him suddenly, accompanied by the strange pleasure from the tip of her tongue and lips, made her heart into a mess, and even his cramped breathing made her sensitive and ticklish skin shudder.

No more, no more, no more, she couldn’t breathe if it went on like this...

“Wuugh, Older bro...

ther Wolf, don’t kiss...” Shu Lan pushed Xiao Lang weakly, begging for mercy.

The trembling and broken voice of “Older brother Wolf” was just like what he had dreamed of in his dream.

Xiao Lang was shocked all over and suddenly realized that this was the Qin house.

He was afraid if he continued kissing her, he would be unable to control himself, so he rubbed on Shu Lan’s lips with nostalgia, and his lips loosened, pulling apart the distance between the two of them.

He looked down at the seductive appearance of her blushing lying in his arms and breathing heavily.

Don’t know how long it took, Shu Lan finally calmed down a bit, and suddenly realized she was being held by Xiao Lang.

She struggled to sit up.

Xiao Lang had just tasted her sweetness.

Seeing she was not so unpleasant, he did not stop her.

He was worried she would tug at the wound, so he kindly helped her.

Shu Lan showed no mercy, glared at the person squatting in front of her, and turned her head angrily.

She just let him bully her because she couldn’t beat him, but it didn’t mean she forgave him.



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