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Chapter 20: The Wings are Hard (2) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

Xiao Lang didn’t take this little fatty to his eyes at first, but when he heard the word “Ah Lan” coming out of the other party’s mouth, his eyes darkened again.

Brother Yuanbao and Ah Lan were all very affectionately addressed.

He underestimated the lazy girl.

In just one day of effort, she was fond of others.

Not only did she come out to play with him, but she also knew how to accuse him!

The person who could make the lazy girl walk out of the door could be said to have something special.

Xiao Lang retracted his gaze from Shu Lan and looked at Zhu Yuanbao seriously.

It was better not to look, the more he looked, the angrier he became!

Shu Lan liked to be close to Cheng Qingran, after all, that person had good skin, but what was this little fatty A fat head and big ears, how could he compare to him Or, in Shu Lan’s eyes, was anyone more important than him Thinking of Shu Lan’s worried face asking about Fatty’s injury just now, Xiao Lang could not wait to punch him again!

“Since you want to fight then come.” Xiao Lang said with a blank expression, glanced at Zhu Laicai who was stunned, and then said, “It doesn’t matter if you two are together.”

The tone was extremely calm.

It fell into Zhu Yuanbao’s ears, but it was naked disdain and contempt!

“I’ll fight you today!” He rushed up with a fist.

“Stop!” Zhu Laicai came back to his senses, pulled his son back to him, looked at Xiao Lang, and then looked at the little girl who was guarded by the four servants.

He couldn’t understand what was going on for a moment, “Yuanbao, who is that little girl How did you two know each other” Zhu’s ancestors have never had a skinny person, and the descendants were fatter than the next.

They have never been attracted to women.

When Zhu Laicai was a child, he deeply experienced the feeling of being unpopular with women.

Now he couldn’t help but wonder more when he saw his son playing with such a beautiful girl.

At this time, it was already dark.

The servant girl of the Qin family was afraid of being scolded for going back late.

She hurriedly led Shu Lan to explain: “Master Zhu, this servant is from Qin’s family, and this is our miss cousin.

At noon miss cousin found young master Yuanbao trapped in the backyard.

She couldn’t bear it, so she begged our old madam to help him.

Later, when the old madam saw that miss cousin and young master Yuanbao had a good relationship, she asked young master Yuanbao to lead miss cousin out to play.

She didn’t want to cause you trouble.

But it’s not early now, I think our old madam has already urged someone to come out to look for us.

This servant will take her back first.

Please rest assured Master Zhu, this servant will definitely report the matter to the old madam later.”

So that was how it was!

Zhu Laicai nodded, “Go, go, don’t let your old madam worry, and you don’t need to tell her about this.

It’s not worth it because children are just playing around.”

The maid bowed gratefully and led Shu Lan back.

Shu Lan looked back a little uneasy.

She left, Xiao Lang wouldn’t beat Brother Yuanbao again, right

Xiao Lang’s eyes closely followed Shu Lan.

Seeing her turned back frequently, but only Zhu Yuanbao was in her eyes, his teeth itched with hatred!

He had that kind of dream last night.

He wanted to see Shu Lan more and more, so much so that he forgot Shu Lan was staying in the town and ran to Shu’s house early, only to see Shu Maoting who was going to go up the mountain to collect herbs...

He didn’t see her and he felt indescribably uncomfortable.

For the first time, Xiao Lang did not go hunting in the mountain with Xiao Shouwang.

He stayed at home alone, and looked out from time to time, looking forward to seeing the figure of Qin-shi’s daughters and mother.

Who would have thought that Shu Lan didn’t come back!

Why was someone who had never liked the town suddenly reluctant to come back No need to think about it, Xiao Lang also knew Shu Lan was hiding from him!

Good, if you don’t come back, I’ll go find you!

So when Xiao Shouwang came back, Xiao Lang took the initiative to take the job of selling pheasants and rushed to the town...

Now that Shu Lan was about to go far, Xiao Lang ignored the anger that had just grown in his chest, jumped over the Zhu family’s father and son and chased after her.

“Stop for me, do you want to run after you beat me!” Zhu Yuanbao stomped his foot and tried to follow.

Naturally, Zhu Laicai would not let him get into trouble again.

He grabbed Zhu Yuanbao’s collar with one hand, picked up the two pheasants that Xiao Lang had thrown on the ground with the other, and muttered to himself, “What are you doing following!”


Over here, Xiao Lang followed closely behind Shu Lan.

Ignoring the vigilant eyes of the two servants, he said softly: “Ah Lan, your apricots are almost ripe.

If you don’t go back, Aunt will give me all the apricots.” First, trick her back, and then deal with her!

Shu Lan looked down at her feet and said with a pouty mouth, “You don’t need to talk nonsense, apricot won’t be ripe until the wheat is harvested.” She remembered this very clearly.

Xiao Lang squeezed his fist and said again: “Today my father came back from catching two white rabbits.

They are round and soft.

Don’t you like furry little things the most Go back quickly, if it’s too late, they will be eaten!”

Shu Lan stopped.

She tilted her head for a moment, and finally glanced at him, and asked in doubt, “But the second uncle clearly said that the rabbits in the mountains are all gray, there are no white rabbits.

Oh, you lied to me again!” With a small mouth pouting, she stared at Xiao Lang angrily with a pair of almond eyes, bright and beautiful which made people happy in their hearts.

Xiao Lang liked to see Shu Lan’s angry appearance the most.

She was obviously stupid and naive, but she felt full of momentum.

“Ah Lan, come back with me.

Uncle and Aunt said they miss you.” When he said this, he lowered his eyelashes slightly.

The two maids and the servants have long been foolish.

This boy still looked cold just now, why did he change, pleading with miss cousin to go home now It seemed like he was already 13 or 14 years old, could it be...

But miss cousin was still childish!

As a result, they immediately heard Shu Lan say crisply: “If my parents miss me, they will definitely pick me up in person.

You don’t need to fake kindness.

Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking.

Humph, I won’t go back.

Don’t think of bullying me again!”

After speaking, she pulled the maid hard and ran away.

“Miss, no, you have to turn here...”

Xiao Lang stood blankly in the alley, watching the little figure disappear around the corner.

The setting sun dragged his shadow long, and gradually, the shadow merged into the darkness.



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