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Chapter 14: Give You a Stick (2) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

She missed her mother.

The food made by her mother was very delicious, and she would feed her with a smile.

She missed her Daddy.

Every time her Daddy came home, he would pick her up and circle her in the air.

His hands were so warm and she was not afraid of falling.

She missed her older brother.

He would lie on the heated-brick bed and pretend to be a big horse for her to ride.

Even if he was scolded by her mother, he was not afraid.

There was also her older sister.

Her older sister was the most gentle.

She would wash her face before going to bed, cover her with the quilt, and sleep with her in the quilt in winter...

But her mother didn’t want her anymore.

Shu Lan’s tears flowed silently, slid down her face, gathered on her small chin and dropped drip by drip.

He didn’t get a response for a long time, but she trembled slightly on his shoulder.

Cheng Qingran’s heart jumped, only then did he realize the little girl was crying.

He suddenly wondered why Shu Lan was beaten.

As a result, after listening to her extremely aggrieved account, Cheng Qingran couldn’t help laughing and crying for a moment.

It turned out that this girl was so lazy.

It was really hard for her mother.

He wanted to comfort her with a few words but thought she wouldn’t believe anything he said.

Anyway, she was going to go back soon, then she would understand her mother’s painstaking efforts, so he chose to tell Shu Lan an interesting story from his childhood.

Cheng Qingran’s voice was low and pleasant.

Shu Lan cried and then quieted down.

She blinked her eyes and listened to him telling a story.

If she didn’t understand or couldn’t understand, she would ask.

One big and one small, you ask me and I answer, the atmosphere was very harmonious.

As night fell, it became dark all around.

Cheng Qingran touched Shu Lan’s belly and smiled, “Let’s go, go back to sleep.”

Shu Lan’s upper and lower eyelids had already been fighting.

Hearing this, she shrank her head into Cheng Qingran’s warm embrace, “Big brother take me back, Ah Lan wants to sleep with you.” She seemed very dependent.

Cheng Qingran tapped her nose dotingly, “Being so coquettishly like this, I don’t know who will have the advantage in the future.”

With one hand supporting Shu Lan’s legs, and the other around her waist, he was about to get up.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, there was a fierce wind behind him.

Cheng Qingran was taken aback and instinctively wanted to look back.

Suddenly, he felt a pain in the back of his head and he fell powerlessly.

Shu Lan only heard a muffled sound, and then his hands tightly holding her suddenly released.

She fell to the ground with a “thud”.

Fortunately, she sat on Cheng Qingran, so it didn’t hurt her.

Patting her little hands, Shu Lan pouted and turned around: “Big brother, you...”

Before she finished speaking, she was almost scared to death!

In the hazy night, a blurry shadow stood coldly behind the bamboo chair, staring at her with a cold light in his eyes.

Although she couldn’t see clearly, Shu Lan recognized the person at a glance: “Why are you here” She stood up in shock and fear, wanting to seek protection from Cheng Qingran, but she was shocked to find that Xiao Lang, who was leaning on the side of the bamboo chair, was holding a short stick in his hand.

Thinking of the muffled sound she heard, Shu Lan screeched loudly: “You hit big brother to death...


Xiao Lang threw away the short stick in his hand and flashed in front of Shu Lan like an arrow.

He covered her mouth with one hand, and circled her struggling arms and waist with the other, sneering: “Big brother It was affectionate enough.

You’ve been filled with ecstasy soup in just half a day.

Why don’t you die of stupidity”

Thinking that he worked so hard to chase her from the village to the town, and finally heard her voice, but only to find that she was held in other’s arms and called him “big brother”.

It was soft and crisp.

It was a tone she had never used for him.

He couldn’t wait to kill the man who coaxed her and lied to her, and he couldn’t wait to bite this heartless guy to death!

“Come, go back with me!”

Even if there was a huge amount of anger, he couldn’t lose his temper here.

Xiao Lang was rational and authentic.

He just imprisoned Shu Lan and forced her to the wall.

Shu Lan had already hated Xiao Lang to death.

It was all his fault that her mother didn’t want her!

Seeing that she couldn’t break free from the shackles of the evil wolf, Shu Lan suddenly opened her mouth and bit Xiao Lang’s middle finger fiercely.

Almost instantly, she tasted the sweet taste of blood in her mouth.

“Hiss...” Xiao Lang didn’t expect she would bite him, so he let go of his hand instinctively.

His deep eyes were full of confusion.

Did she actually bite him for an outsider

Taking advantage of his momentary daze, Shu Lan dexterously got out of his body, and ran back while shouting, “Help, someone, come quickly!”

The anger of Cheng Qingran being hit to death dispelled the fear in Shu Lan’s heart.

She wouldn’t go with Xiao Lang even if he said so.

Who knew if he would eat her Such a villain, she would never want to stay with him!

She didn’t expect she hadn’t run a few steps, and there were rapid footsteps behind her.

Shu Lan was so frightened.

She would definitely die if she was caught by the evil wolf!

No, running was definitely not good.

The evil wolf was best at running.

Shu Lan rarely used her brain once.

Before Xiao Lang caught up, she jumped on a straight and unknown big tree next to her and climbed up.

In the blink of an eye, she was several meters away from the ground, shouting for help while climbing.

Xiao Lang was so angry his eyes almost burst into flames.

The only thing he couldn’t compete with the lazy girl was her ability to climb trees!

“Shu Lan, I’ll give you one more chance, come down or I won’t spare you!” He threatened under the tree in a low voice, smashing his fist into the trunk of the tree.

In response to him, there was only a short branch thrown down by Shu Lan, which was impartial and hit right on top of his head.



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