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Chapter 2: Born in the Same Year, Same Month, and Same Day (1) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

Qingshan Village, Xiao Family.

The painful groans of his wife came out continuously inside the house and fell into Xiao Shouwang’s ears, making his strong and steady heart follow ups and downs.

Even in the face of the most dangerous prey, he was never so nervous. Wife, wife.

You must hold on!

Just as he was about to grind the soles of his shoes to be broken, old lady Zhang finally exclaimed excitedly inside the house: “Born.


It’s a big fat boy!”

He had a son!

Xiao Shouwang couldn’t bear it anymore and rushed in like the wind.

Lan-shi was lying weakly on the heated-brick bed.

She didn’t pay attention to her husband who rushed in.

Instead, she stared nervously at the baby in old lady Zhang’s hands: “Aunt Zhang, why doesn’t the child cry”

Aunt Zhang had been stunned for a long time staring motionlessly at the baby who was biting her finger tightly.

Of course, the child didn’t even have a tooth.

Although she had helped deliver babies for decades, she had never experienced the baby’s kicking calves!

(tenderflower: I can imagine her expression looking like this lol.)

“What’s wrong” Hearing that there was something wrong with the child, Xiao Shouwang didn’t bother his wife.

He leaned over to check it.

After seeing the situation, he couldn’t help grinning.

His eyes fixed on his dark son and soothe Lan-shi: “It’s fine.

Our son is probably hungry!”

As if to verify his words, as soon as old lady Zhang snatched her finger out, the baby cried loudly.

Crying out a sound,  paused, and suddenly calmed down after three times of crying, but his plump body twisted and twisted.

“Don’t worry.

This child is alright.

He’s jumping alive.

You feed him first.


Before she finished speaking, someone suddenly shouted at the door: “Grandma Zhang, my mother is about to give birth.

Come have a look!”

Old lady Zhang hurriedly handed the baby in her arms to Xiao Shouwang and said to Lan-shi: “Look, you two sisters are in a good relationship.

Even giving birth is to be together. Aiyou, where did I put the scissors” After turning around in a panic, she finally packed everything she needed and hurried out.

After old lady Zhang left, the husband and wife looked at each other.

While taking over the son, Lan-shi couldn’t help but worry: “Sister-in-law is alright, right”

Xiao Shouwang had calmed down.

He bent down and handed his quiet son to his wife.

His voice was calm: “Don’t worry.

This is the third time the sister-in-law has given birth and there is still the big brother taking care of her.

It will definitely be alright.”

Lan-shi nodded.

Soon her attention was completely focused on her son in her arms.

His small wrinkled face, dark and delicate skin, and the movement of his small nose like a puppy instantly softened her heart into water.

She gently fed him milk.

Xiao Shouwang watched in silence for a while before pouring out the dirty blood water that had no time to clean up.

In the courtyard just ten steps east of the Xiao family, Shu Maoting led his 5-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son anxiously waiting for his wife to give birth.

“Father, Mother gives birth to a younger sister.

I’m going to be an older brother, right” Shu Zhan raised his head and looked at his father with big black eyes.

Although he was worried, Shu Maoting smiled gently.

He held his son in his hands and lifted him up.

Father and son looked at each other: “How do you know your mother will give birth to a younger sister”

Shu Zhan liked his father’s smile the most.

His short arms immediately encircled up.

His small head rested on his father’s broad shoulder: “I don’t know.

Anyway, it’s a younger sister!”

Shu Maoting touched his son’s head and looked down at his daughter who was holding her skirt quietly: “Ah Wan, what do you think”

Shu Wan raised her head.

Her pinkish small mouth slightly opened: “Whether it’s a younger brother or younger sister, I’ll take good care of them!”

Looking at his daughter who was swift and sensible since childhood, Shu Maoting suddenly felt a sense of peace in his heart.

Original translation is from willkissonyou, tenderflower.

If you're not reading from tenderflower then it'd been stolen and posted without the consent of tenderflower.


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