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 Chapter 9.


"Wait a minute, take it easy first." Gu Chen said, "Then how are you sure that the dream is real"


    "I..." Xiao Xiao almost explained his strange state, but fortunately, at this moment her IQ is off due to using powers.


    Xiao Xiao is now basically in a state of short circuit in her brain, her thoughts are a little confused, and a debuff named Gu Chen is added under the hungry debuff, so his speech is a bit incoherent.


    She thought wrong just now.

If Gu Chen was really reborn, when would he come back Not to mention, with Gu Chen's ability, if she has such a detailed memory like her, she might be able to directly annihilate the apocalypse before it germinates!


    Xiao Xiao was silent for a while at this time, and reorganized her thoughts, so as not to say things that should not be said again.


    "What I had was a very continuous dream.

Several things that happened in the dream happened one by one recently."


    "For example...

Take last week's events for example! The food in X city, X province.

Isn't An Fengfeng making a lot of noise recently" Xiao Xiao thought about it, and took a relatively well-known incident as an excuse.


    "You know, Tincture Foods has been the leading leader in China for so many years.

The food they produce has never had food safety problems.

As a result, such a big fraud case suddenly broke out a few days ago!"


    Xiao Xiao said At this point, she was a little excited, and she planned to use some body language to emphasize how surprised she was.


    "If it weren't for...

if it weren't for such a coincidence, the scene in my dream was exactly the same, and I wouldn't believe that this dream was real.

That's why I especially wanted to come to the police station."


    After a short pause, Xiao Xiao added again.

Then she said: "And the best proof is that I can even boldly predict that in the next week, there will be a tsunami in the South Pacific Islands! The huge waves of this tsunami will be ten meters high, and they will be affected by this tsunami.

And the loss is huge!"


    "I know it's unbelievable, but I just had a hunch...

my dream was real and this tsunami was bound to happen!"


    "South China Sea Island Country Did you receive any special news" Gu Chen became suspicious at this moment.


    Although a natural disaster such as a tsunami is uncontrollable, some terrorist attacks may also trigger a tsunami, but Xiao Xiao...

It's unlikely, right


    Gu Chen thought about it and felt that Xiao Xiao didn't need to be joking, but...

it's hard to win people's trust!


    "You know, now that the observation instruments are so developed, as long as the water level is abnormal or the ocean currents are turbulent, they will be warned in advance.

The sudden tsunami like you said is impossible!"


    Gu Chen tried to use a scientific method to talk to Xiao.

Xiao explained that her words were simply fanciful and without the slightest basis.


    "No, what I said is true! This tsunami was very sudden, as if something was making trouble in the sea!" Xiao Xiao saw Gu Chen's dubious look, so she had no choice but to retreat: "Why not Let's make a bet, if the prophecy comes true, you will help me report this matter"


    Xiao Xiao also knows that it is difficult to convince others without a stone hammer, so she will first throw a prophecy and wait for the prophecy to come true.

In the end, Gu Chen would naturally believe everything she said.


    This is also what Xiao Xiao planned at the beginning.

After all, it is only through evidence that speaks loudly.



Yes, if what you said is true, then I hope you can explain everything clearly.

After all, human life is at stake." Gu Chen felt that there was no problem with this gamble, so he simply answered.


    "What else Apart from the tsunami in the South China Sea island country, can you give other evidence to explain it" Gu Chen asked.


    "...So what Before something will happen, what I say don't make any sense.

Only time can prove everything, doesn't it"


    Xiao Xiao feels that her statement now is enough, and the rest will be discussed.

A lot is superfluous, so there is no full disclosure.


    After a while of silence, Xiao Xiao gave Gu Chen time to think.

After all, she knew that as long as Gu Chen took this matter seriously, everything would be easy to talk about.


    On the other hand, what about Gu Chen's side


    Gu Chen knew that Xiao Xiao should have something to tell the police, but he didn't expect it to be so explosive.


    Originally, he still had some questions he wanted to ask Xiao Xiao, but compared to this matter, it was nothing but insignificant.


    Originally, Gu Chen was going to ask how Xiao Xiao made those female prisoners kill themselves.

Also, Gu Chen studied the leaking posts recently posted by Xiao Xiao, and many of them were not reasonable, which made him a little obsessed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

He had crazy feeling.


    However, those questions will be asked later.

There are priorities, and it is not a stupid thing that he will do.


    If what Xiao Xiao said is true, then many things must be prepared in advance, and the scope involved is too wide, and he can't make a decision immediately.


    Gu Chen raised his hand and looked at his watch: "Let's finish today! I'm sorry for delaying you for so long.

It's almost time now, why don't we go have a meal together"


    "No, I still have something at home, I want to go back and deal with it." Xiao Xiao replied.

She is now close to the state of crash, if she exposes herself while eating, then her death method may be stupid!


    Xiao Xiao knows that in Gu Chen's eyes, many things are known at a glance, so it is absolutely impossible to reveal any clues!


    "Okay then, make an appointment next time when you are free!" Gu Chen didn't care about Xiao Xiao's refusal, anyway, he just asked politely.


    What Xiao Xiao said just now really hit Gu Chen's three views too much, and he also needs to be calm.


    After he finished speaking, he stood up first and took the recorder in his hand.

Xiao Xiao also stood up and followed Gu Chen out of the interrogation door.


    When they passed by the door, they saw policeman Zhang Zhongbo who was squatting outside the door with a confused look on his face.


    "Xiao Zhang, go to dinner first, I'll take her off and come up later." Gu Chen explained to Zhang Zhongbo.


    After that, regardless of Zhang Zhongbo, who had a question mark on his face, he turned his head and said to Xiao Xiao, "Miss Xiao, you can leave now, do you need me to take you back"


    Gu Chen asked Xiao Xiao politely.

After all, Xiao Xiao was invited by them.

Although the journey is not very long, it will take a lot of time to walk.

In addition, it is lunch break, so he can go out.


    "Then it's better to be respectful than to obey!" Xiao Xiao replied to Gu Chen.


    Xiao Xiao followed Gu Chen to the garage of the police station and saw the car that Gu Chen has mentioned several times.


    To tell the truth, this is the first time Xiao Xiao has seen this car.

After all, at that time in memory, Gu Chen's car was pried away at the beginning of the apocalypse.


    Black Bentley, a bit domineering in the sullen show, just like Gu Chen, can you say that the car is like the owner


    Gu Chen's car is a special customized version!


    Even, for safety reasons, Gu Chen specially put on bulletproof glass, and even the car skeleton is made of special alloys.

If it is not pried away in the apocalypse, this machine may be able to support a chariot.


    Gu Chen, very gentlemanly, first opened the passenger seat door for Xiao Xiao, and after Xiao Xiao sat in, he closed the door and went around to the other side to get in the car.


    When the car started, it was silent and Xiao Xiao was very obedient to fasten her seat belt.


    This is really Xiao Xiao's first time in such a luxury car, not to mention the comfort.

According to Gu Chen's description in memory, this is a Ferrari that can be compared to the legendary zero to one hundred, and it is extremely energy-efficient.

It can drive twice the distance of a normal car and still maintain the speed.

Anyway, the performance of the car is very strong in all aspects.


    Of course, Xiao Xiao at that time scoffed at Gu Chen's words, punched Ferrari and stepped on Porsche, so how could you not go to heaven


    Until now, after Xiao Xiao got into the car, she felt that if he added wings to this extremely boring Bentley, it was hard to say whether he could go to heaven.


    As Gu Chen drove out of the garage, the bright sunlight fell on the car window, Xiao Xiao looked at Gu Chen from the passenger seat, but her heart was filled with waves.


    'Just now...

I actually got a little gaffe.

' Xiao Xiao thought to herself.


    After all, in Xiao Xiao's memory, Gu Chen can basically be regarded as her relative.

They have fought side by side for more than six years.

One step has become a lover's relatives.


    Coupled with the 60 years of memories that are suspected to be the spirit behind, such unforgettable feelings, Xiao Xiao thought that she could let go easily, but now when they meet again, she realizes that some things are really hard to let go, such as family affection, such as love.


    "You've been staring at me." When the red light stopped, Gu Chen suddenly said this sentence.


    "Since we got in the car, you looked at me five times in total, and then suddenly turned your head." Gu Chen paused and continued.


    "Can I make a bold guess...

In your dream...

I'm very familiar with you" Gu Chen asked Xiao Xiao blankly without turning his head, as if he was very focused on driving, but his reddish ears betrayed.

He was embarrassed to ask this.




yes" Xiao Xiao shook her head a little uncomfortably, as if some little secret had been discovered.


    "I'm not very familiar..." Xiao Xiao said inexplicably, as if she wanted to hide something.


    "In the dream, after I died, I followed you, and for a long time, you didn't look the same in my dream, so...

I'm sorry."


    "After death" After hearing these two words, he suddenly turned his head and glanced at Xiao Xiao, not knowing why he was suddenly uncomfortable.


    "Well, yes." Xiao Xiao said: "In my dream, that catastrophe came suddenly." Xiao Xiao bit the word robbery very hard, and it seemed that there was something in her words.


    "But, in my dream, after I died, I saw a hero who revitalized the federation—you!" Xiao Xiao, this stone, described it in slightly vivid words, wanting to express her admiration for Gu Chen.


    "In my dream, you have overcome all odds to successfully revive mankind, lead mankind out of darkness, establish a new federation, and dominate the entire earth, and even out of the universe!"


    After using the spoken language of a little girl who doesn't know the world, Xiao Xiao said it in a slightly naive tone.


    "If you don't want to say it, don't say it, like this kind of pink girl's heart, it's not suitable for you." Gu Chen replied, he didn't want to accept this wave of pink girl's heart.


    Sao Nian, you're talking about it to death, you know!


    Xiao Xiao turned her head, but there seemed to be 10,000 grassy horses rushing past in her heart.


    The next two people who arrived in front of Xiao Xiao's house didn't speak again, and there seemed to be a mysterious and awkward atmosphere permeating the car.


    Xiao Xiao didn't say where she lived, and she didn't ask how Gu Chen knew, everything was silent.


    Xiao Xiao knew that her information had always been at the top of Gu Chen's heart after the bizarre accidental death cases and never came down.


    After getting out of the car, when Xiao Xiao was about to close the door, Gu Chen suddenly asked again.



I mean if, if the end of the world really comes, which day is it in your dream" Gu Chen paused, seemed to have thought about it for a long time, and then said, "Except for the tsunami in the South China Sea island country in the Pacific Ocean, are there any other facts that can be proved"



there is actually one more," Xiao Xiao thought for a while, and said, "The island country in the South China Sea will be effected by a tsunami, but in fact, the coastal water level has risen significantly recently, which is more than in previous years, the timing of the high tide was not right, and the water level was far higher than before."


    "I know that." Gu Chen paused, and made it clear: "Recently, those brick houses and beasts are also very anxious, you mean...

these two things are related"


    "I don't know." Xiao Xiao shook her head, indicating that she didn't know much about this, and then said, "More than a month later, there will be frequent earthquakes in various places, including three months later in X.

There will be a major earthquake in the province, but I think it may be a little too late by then, and now there are still four months or so away from the day in my dream."


    "Well...thank you." Gu Chen listened Xiao Xiao's statement, he said the word thank you gratefully.


    Whether it's true or not, whether Xiao Xiao has a problem with her brain or not, after she knows about it, she is willing to take the risk to make it public, so she can take the responsibility for this thank you.


    Thank you for your selflessness!


    "If there is a tsunami in a few days, then I will come back to you.

If you think that dream is real, then you can think about how to describe it in the past two days."


    "Okay, I understand, goodbye!" Xiao Xiao closed the car door without waiting for Gu Chen to answer, turned around and entered the house.


    Gu Chen looked at Xiao Xiao's back and muttered, "Me A hero"


    After saying the word "hero", Gu Chen smiled somewhat self-deprecatingly.


    'If it's a hero...

how can you not even protect your partner What kind of hero is this '


    Gu Chen knew one thing from Xiao Xiao's reaction just now, that is, in Xiao Xiao's dream, the relationship between the two of them is definitely not that simple, it is likely to be friendship, family affection, or even love.


    However, any kind of relationship is meaningless, because the final result is that Xiao Xiao is dead!


    This kind of thing could only happen if he didn't protect her well.


    It turned out that in Xiao Xiao's dream, he saved the whole world, but couldn't save the people he cared about



ha! '


    Gu Chen rested his head on the steering wheel for a while, and finally started the car and drove away from Xiao Xiao's house.


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