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 Chapter 37.


When the escort was just announced, Xiao Xiao said that she would not go back with them, because she had cleaned up all the creatures that had been alienated by strange elements along the way.

It happened that the mutant beasts had not appeared in large numbers.

It should be safe.


    But now, since she has unexpectedly met Chen Wei, Xiao Xiao plans to change her mind and no longer follow the original schedule.


    'Why do you insist on going back' The system is very puzzled.

This way, there are two or three days to be wasted.

It has no purpose for Xiao Xiao to go in this direction!


    As for why Xiao Xiao said, of course it was for Chen Wei!


    In the memory derived by the system, she lost Chen Wei once.

At that time, she was powerless, and even hated why she didn't protect the people she cared about.


    But it's different now! She has the ability to protect the people she wants to protect, and she doesn't want to make herself regret once in a lifetime!


    'Anyway, Xiaojie and Xiaoya have to be bled for these seven days, and they can't hurry along the way.

It's better to go back first and learn about the situation of the defense line.

It is best to clear them directly along the defense line.' Xiao Xiao didn't understand the meaning of the system.

She felt that she had to collect strange elements anyway, so why not fight


    'Otherwise it would be a big mountain from Z City, and it would be meaningless to go into the mountain to fight mutant beasts.

Should I still focus on killing zombies now Now the evolution of mutant beasts can't keep up with zombies, they will only be slaughtered by zombies.

It's not a climate.

Now go to the mountains...' Xiao Xiao shook her head, because she didn't know the purpose of the system, and misunderstood that it wanted her to eliminate mutant beasts.


    After all, if the mutant beasts in the mountain evolve slower than the zombies, it will be a big problem if they are eaten up by the zombies, so it is necessary to collect these strange elements from the mutant beasts before the zombies.


    She explained her thoughts to the system: 'I think, when I go back this time, I can directly ask Gu Chen for information, and see where the search and rescue team has suffered heavy losses.

I can go directly to save people and kill those high-level zombies.' Xiao Xiao thinks it's faster to go directly to a known place near the defense line to fight zombies.

It can also speed up the defense line by the way.


    'I think you misunderstood.' The system replied to Xiao Xiao: 'I don't want you to kill mutant beasts, but to go directly to the depths where the corpse king may be born first, and destroy the group of zombies with the fastest advancement speed.

That is the most dangerous place!'


    'If you turn back now, you can only follow the stupid way you said, where there are casualties.

Indeed, in this way, you can quickly increase the speed of the defense line, but the next zombies will be more and more difficult to kill, and even after a certain period of time, you will be unable to push the human beings out.



    'Anyway, it's up to you to decide! It's just that I want to remind you that the concentration of strange elements has increased a lot in the vicinity.

If the mutant beasts and zombies are weak in the wrestling, a zombie king will be born directly within half a year, especially if this mountain range is over there, there is the main battlefield of zombies and mutant beasts, so I let you come here.



    What is the main battlefield It is a place where human beings no longer exist, only mutant beasts and zombies are left.


    You must know that on the other side of the mountain, there are many big cities that have been completely occupied.

There is an area that the Gu family can't control at all, which is the so-called hard-hit area, and even the survivors are few and far between.


    According to the concentration of strange elements there, in the system inference, there will be the place where the first batch of corpse kings were born, because the animals in the mountains will also accelerate the evolution of zombies, not to mention the zombies with abnormal advanced speed will be born earlier.

Survivors are eliminated, creating a larger group of corpses.


    This is the reason why the system wants Xiao Xiao to start from Z City to climb over mountains, and eliminate the past along the way.

Otherwise, if a corpse king appears early and then leads a large group of zombies, it will definitely be a shock disaster for the defense line.

No one can do it except Xiao Xiao.


    'The corpse king is born too early, the whole balance will be destroyed more quickly.

But this also has the advantage that the target will be more clear, and they will gather a large amount of strange elements in a short period of time, most of which are taken from the mutant beasts.



    'Perhaps this is a good thing for you, but the number of survivors outside the defense line will plummet directly, and even the base can't be established and it will simply be wiped out.



    This is not alarmist by the system.

It didn't count when Sun Jun ran away before, but Xiao Xiao's situation of eliminating zombies in Z City this time made the system calculate again.


    Under its calculation, the ratio of the first-tier to second-tier zombies that Xiao Xiao eliminated in Z City was as high as one to one.

Of course, the main reason was that the first-order running at a distance was slower, and the sound of the collapse of the building stopped.

Soon after, they will stop moving in this direction.


    At the same time, this also means that Xiao Xiao almost eliminated half of the second-order zombies in Z City, which is barely good news.


    Because when the second-tier reaches a certain number, the third-tier will begin to appear, mainly depending on the density of zombies, or the concentration of strange elements.


    In the case of City Z, high-level zombies will appear later than other places.

Even if the human defense line can be pushed fast enough, this will be the best city to recover.


    'No way So much worse' Xiao Xiao frowned when she heard the conclusion of the system, which was too different from that memory.


    This conclusion made her hesitate.


    Xiao Xiao felt helpless, she was just a person, not a god.


    She can only go where she can go now, and the scope cannot be expanded.

The only use is to hunt for high-level existences and let the survivors return to the defense line as much as possible.


    As far as the matter is concerned, the two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If we look at the overall situation, abandoning the advancement of the defense line, directly solving the most evolved group at the root, and then letting the system recover those strange elements is the best solution.


    But Xiao Xiao's thinking is different from the system.

The main thing is that she cares about human beings.

The system's way is to give up a small part.

For the long-term plan, she doesn't like this.


    According to Xiao Xiao's proposal, the defense line will be pushed outward at the fastest speed, but it will encounter a bottleneck after a certain period of time, because the more you push past, the stronger the remaining zombies will be, even if Xiao Xiao knocks down the ground other humans can't stand it either.


    But it doesn't mean that the areas that can't be defended are meaningless.

Every place that Xiao Xiao has knocked down can be rescued and retreated within the defense line, whether they are defended or not.


    Both ways are to save the world, but Xiao knows that the way is to save people first and then save the world.


    The systematic way of saving the world is too rational and cold-blooded.

This is what Xiao Xiao only understood after thinking about the twins.


    The twins have already changed, but in Xiao Xiao's heart they are also one of the survivors, but the situation is different from ordinary people.


    There are still many survivors in Z City.

If Xiao Xiao goes to the depths to clear it, when she returns to Z City, she will only see ruins, not just Z City, but all cities outside the defense line will happen like this, after all, mutant beasts will be gradually blocked, and the situation of the survivors will become more and more difficult.


    The base in the end times is not to be established if you want to.

There must be one or a group of particularly powerful ability users to build one refugee one by one.

After slowly gathering the survivors, there are certain rules to develop into a base.


    But this situation is different.

Due to the continuous variables, the system clearly told Xiao Xiao that the base is difficult to appear!


    Because the evolution speed of zombies is far faster than that of humans, without the guarantee of force, how can we talk about bases


    'Hopefully you won't regret your choice in the future.' The system saw Xiao Xiao's heart and stopped talking.


    The road was chosen by her, even if she walked on her knees, she had to finish it.


    'Sorry...but, still, that's not a number, it's a human life! For us, the 'survivors' may represent the group of people who are struggling to survive outside the base, but for them, everyone is different and cannot be generalized.

Everyone has their own stories.

If I can save, but don't save, I'm afraid I will never let go.

Now I'm the only one who has this ability...'


    After Xiao Xiao figured it out, she decided to expand the defense line out this way, otherwise what's the use of killing more high-level zombies on the opposite side of the mountain The apocalypse will end eventually, but the life that has passed will not come back.


    'Low-level supernatural zombies are still threatened by thermal weapons, and the defense line is not so difficult to push out.' This is Xiao Xiao's only word that can comfort herself, she believes that humans are not so easy to defeat, 'Perhaps with my help, humans can recover successfully before the corpse king appears '


    'You don't have to be sorry, you didn't feel sorry for me.' The system did not pierce Xiao Xiao's self-deceiving lies.


    'You just need to be worthy of yourself.

Anyway, in terms of probability, you will fall into a long battle in that way, but the probability of success will not be very low.

As long as you don't regret it.



    The system believes that this kind of woman's kindness will only kill more people, and it is afraid that Xiao Xiao will regret it.


    But for Xiao Xiao, even if more people would die, the deaths of these people did not come from being abandoned!


    They are fighting for the survival of mankind and dedicating their lives for the ideal.


    On the contrary, if she didn't save people, the group of survivors who had no way to escape would be the ones who were truly desperate to the point of death.



    In the ruins of the building, after an hour of killing, seeing that the zombies were no longer so dense, Xiao Xiao opened a few paths for the survivors to go back to find their teammates.


    However, the zombies were still approaching the ruins of the building one after another.

Xiao Xiao's massacre lasted for a full three hours.

After such a long time, no zombies gradually appeared, and the zombies' corpses circled around the ruins in a full circle.


    Seeing that the situation was almost over, she went back to the place where Maotu stopped to take a look, and found that the twins were still sleeping.


    'How so It's been a day and they haven't woken up yet' Xiao Xiao asked the system, after all, this situation was not mentioned before the blood feeding.


    'It means that their body is very weak, and it is difficult to even adapt to your blood, but this is also good, at least they will not feel pain now.



    'Pain ' Xiao Xiao was stunned, 'What pain '


    'Do you think it doesn't hurt when you are bitten by a zombie' The system explained: 'The pain is the pain caused when I changed your body, and the so-called 60 years is also a fragment for you to relax your mind.



    '...' Xiao Xiao was stunned by the sudden truth and was speechless.


    'If they hibernate now, you will be as good as yesterday for the next six days, and the transformation will be completed in six days.



    Xiao Xiao, who found that she was placed in a dream by the system, did not want to talk to the system for the time being.


    So Xiao Xiao made sure that the twins were all right, and drove the car to the square and stopped.


    Next, put the cars found from the bus station into the square, prepare a lot of supplies and gasoline, and then return to the place to wait for someone to come.


    Although she wanted to go back to the defense line, Xiao Xiao didn't plan to appear in the team directly.

She planned to follow behind to see the situation, because her mental power kept reminding her that someone wanted to make trouble.


    The current situation is that after Xiao Xiao's maddening purge, the entire Z city is centered on the ruins, and one third of the area close to the Sunset Valley has no zombies at all.

There are only two or three first-tier zombies wandering there.


    As the sky was getting brighter, the survivors came one after another, especially a few teams were far away from this direction.

When Xiao Xiao killed zombies, they did not approach the ruins and watched Xiao Xiao from a distance.

They came after slaughtering the zombies.


    Anyway, the number of people far exceeded Xiao Xiao's expectations.

In addition to nearly filling the twenty buses that Xiao Xiao had prepared, some people drove their own cars.

In short, nearly all the survivors of Z City came here.


    Xiao Xiao greeted Chen Wei and her teammates who came to the square, and at the same time asked Chen Wei a question she cared about:


    "Do you have a relatively well-known criminal gang" The cars are already overloaded, and it can be said that the crowd is too crowded.

If someone disturbs her on the way, she will not be able to deal with it.

It will take a lot of mental effort for her to hint at more than 2,000 people, which is too troublesome.


    "It's the kind of...

notorious" Anyway, there is an acquaintance Chen Wei, so ask her clearly.


    "You mean...

wanderer" Chen Wei didn't react at first, but after thinking that there were a group of black sheep besides the survivors, she immediately understood what Xiao Xiao meant.


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