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 Chapter 36.

Coincidental Encounter

   Anyway, after processing the slag seeds, Xiao Xiao intends to distribute their supplies to the survivors first.

However, before that, Xiao Xiao plans to have a big one first.


    'Are you really going to do this' The system said.


    'Of course, isn't that what this thing does' Xiao Xiao said that she was absolutely right in using it.


    What the hell


    Do you remember the ammunition that Gu Chen gave Xiao Xiao at the beginning


    There is an RPG (Rocket-propelled grenade) in it, which is a bazooka, remember


    Xiao Xiao wants to use it to bombard people Bomb zombies Not right either.


    She's going to use it to bomb the building!


    That's right, it's so willful!


    Although only ten rockets can be used, she has no regrets using this one.


    As she said before, zombies chase their prey according to their flesh and blood.


    At the same time, the sound will also trigger corpses.



what would happen if Xiao Xiao used a bazooka to blow up the building


    Of course, if she was relying on herself, it would be impossible to blast off with one shot, so that's why the system asked.


    Xiao Xiao asked the system to help her calculate, which building can be blasted with the widest impact, and where can it collapse in one shot.

Anyway, after many earthquakes, the foundations of many buildings have become unstable, and a blast can really help.

Achieving this seemingly impossible plan.


    And now the survivors are probably hiding, this move probably won't hurt them, but it will definitely attract a large number of zombies.


    There are only a small group of zombies that can be destroyed by a single shot of a bazooka, but if the building can be knocked down to attract enough corpses, Xiao Xiao directly inflicts a group of zombies, isn’t it good


    Xiao Xiao, who thought very well, immediately started.


    When the gorgeous fireworks shot out, the system was also sighing.


    'This is really...too...' Even the system was speechless, showing how exaggerated Xiao Xiao's idea was.


    Exaggeration is exaggeration, and the effect is leverage.


    The Axe Gang is a cloud-piercing arrow, and thousands of troops meet each other.


    Our Xiao Xiao is a bazooka, and the mountains and seas of corpses are surging.


    In short, after Xiao Xiao blasted down an unmanned building, in addition to the corpse group, a large number of survivors also came to Xiao Xiao.


    The survivors are the supply squads driven away by the corpses.


    Because it is daytime, all the people who are hiding will send people out of the building to search for supplies.

As a result, Xiao Xiao comes here.

As long as the nearby corpses are attracted by Xiao Xiao, they have to run in this direction, otherwise they will be flooded.


    Fortunately, it's still early, and the physical strength of this group of people is okay.

Anyway, most of them came to Xiao Xiao's safe area safely.


    The sight of this safe zone is spectacular, but also frightening.


    What does the picture look like in the eyes of these people


    In front of it was the ruins of a building that had just collapsed.

There were several survivors who had already arrived within a radius of 500 meters beside it, and there were pieces of corpses outside.


    According to the system's estimation, Xiao Xiao estimates that this wave can eliminate one third of the zombies in the entire Z city, and Xiao Xiao is very satisfied with this.


    Anyway, after Xiao Xiao's group was wounded, she left a circle of mental power to automatically attack the corpse group that came later, and after leaving a few passages for the survivors, she opened her mouth to all the survivors present:


    "Every survivor.

Hello, due to the lack of time, I can't find you one by one, so I can only do this." When it comes to the two words, Xiao Xiao also understands that being too low-key is boring, not good! So paused.


    "Because I have just seized Boss Cao's supplies, I believe everyone has been poisoned by them." The state of this group of people is not very good, but it is barely okay.

After all, the most physically strong in each group is obliged to come out and search.

materials, so that unity can last for a long time.


    "And this group of scum has been wiped out, so I plan to distribute their supplies to you! By the way, you can retreat to the defense line in the direction of Sunset Valley."


    Xiao Xiao gave a clear way, after all, for survivors it's not easy.

It's only two weeks now, and the mutant beasts can still travel in the wild for a while.

In a few days, there will be no way to go to heaven, no way to go down, and nowhere to escape.


    "I came all the way from the defense line," Xiao Xiao pointed to the square in the city center of Z not far away, and said, "Twenty buses have been prepared, everyone can go, and I will be here.

Stay for a day and clean up the zombies in Z City."


    In order to avoid thorns, Xiao Xiao deliberately used her mental power to let them listen to her quietly.


    "I will prepare enough supplies and gasoline in the car.

It will take about three days to drive back along the road from here, so I will send a few people out to represent the car, and choose the captain of each car and the person who can drive."


    "This road these three days are safe.

If there is a car you want to drive yourself, you can drive to keep up.

If you don’t want to follow, you can get a seven-day ration and go back to your destiny.”


    “Don’t tell me too much, I don’t plan to take you there, but before getting in the car, everyone must give me a promise to ensure that they will not cause trouble on the road." The so-called swearing is just an excuse for Xiao Xiao, she intends to use hints, but these are not need to say so clearly.


    "The corpse group will last for about an hour.

After the corpse group stops, you can go back and bring your friends.

Those who are willing to leave can leave.

At least those who come can get a ration, and those who don't believe can not use it.

Come on, that's it, don't accept any inquiries!"


    After Xiao Xiao finished speaking, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing why they had just held their breath and asked themselves not to speak, anyway, they would never know it was Xiao Xiaos power.


    As for not believing Anyway, everyone who came here believed it.

Whether it was twenty buses, seven-day rations, or even the corpse slaughter, all of them believed that she was here to save people.


    Anyway, if you don't fight, you will die.

If you fight, maybe you can live Wouldn't she have worked so hard to deceive people to death Then they will recognize it!


    During this hour, there was a survivor who had been walking around there and seemed to want to come, but couldn't.


    This caught Xiao Xiao's attention.

After all, under her suggestion, it is impossible for everyone to break through this line of defense, even the ability users!


    Xiao Xiao swept away with mental power and found that it was Chen Wei!


    That's right, it's Chen Wei, she didn't die in a certain hunt as predicted, but came to Z city before the end of the world, and she couldn't go back after the disaster!


    If according to the state of that memory, she would have stayed in K City, but because Xiao Xiao did not kill anyone as soon as she was released from prison, Chen Wei naturally did not need to stay in K City to report the news, so she ran back to Z City to give the parents offered incense, and as a result, the end of the world was ushered in.


    Otherwise, she should have broken through to Y City with Gu Chen's team and died in a certain hunting in Y City.


    In short, under the butterfly effect, Chen Wei happened to meet Xiao Xiao in Z city, otherwise she would still die, because it would be difficult to enter and exit Z city soon, unless she waited for two or three months until the defense line expanded here.


    Of course, City Z must be a dead city by then.


    Xiao Xiao let them go when she saw an acquaintance, and it was fate to meet her.


    "You are...

Xiao Xiao" Chen Wei realized that it was Xiao Xiao's, when she was finally able to come over.


    "Well, why are you here" Xiao Xiao also directly asked her the most curious question, which was evidence that she intuitively saw the deviation of the system's calculation.


    "I...I'm here to sweep the grave." Chen Wei seemed to be in a good state, at least with the skills she had trained in the police force, she could still handle it in front of second-tier zombies.


    "You are..." Chen Wei almost didn't recognize Xiao Xiao's appearance now.


    She wears a simple white sports top with a denim jacket and black jeans underneath.

She looks as leisurely as a college student who just got out of school, completely out of tune with the end times.


    "It's too unfortunate for you.

City K is not much different from the past.

If you didn't go to City Z, you wouldn't have to suffer these crimes." Xiao Xiao is a little concerned about Chen Wei.


    "Is that so...

You said you came from the K city defense line, how did you come here, where are your teammates" After saying that, Chen Wei looked around a bit.


    Chen Wei didn't believe that Xiao Xiao had a way to carve a bloody path among the corpses by herself.

Even the grand scene Xiao Xiao made just now, she just thought it was some military secret weapon.


    "This..." Xiao Xiao was quite embarrassed, after all, Chen Wei had known her for more than two or three years, and she was cared a lot in prison, so she was a little embarrassed to lie to her.


    "It's inconvenient for me to say, just treat it as a secret mission." There is nothing wrong with the system's secret mission, Xiao Xiao thought to herself.


    "Is that so...

You just said you didn't plan to go back to the defense line with us, so..." Chen Wei didn't understand it yet, but it took a while to understand that not only now, but also one of the tasks behind.




    "Well, yes." What else can Xiao Xiao say, she has no talent for lying, anyway, half of it is not a lie, maybe


    "Then what happened to you later" Chen Wei is still very concerned about Xiao Xiao, after all, she is in a particularly embarrassing situation, "I heard that the housekeeper fell badly, do you know"


    Yes, of course, she did it all.

Do you know But she can't tell! Xiao Xiao thought to herself, if she could, she would also like to share it with Chen Wei, but it was too painful to say anything, so she wanted to stay away from the crowd, after all, she had too many secrets.


    "Really I don't know, I'm not paying attention to this information."


    "Hehe, then let me tell you, there was a big loophole in their housekeeping business, which was about to be solved.

As a result, many people became mentally ill.

News reports say that they have done too much wrongdoing, just like what happened in the court before, they..." Chen Wei never thought about connecting these two things, after all, they are far from each other, but now when she talked to Xiao Xiao, suddenly...



Is that so, that's really heartwarming, hehehehe" Xiao Xiao can't say anything but hehe now, she's about to be fooled to death by herself, and she should have used a few more methods in the first place, the vest was made by herself again.


    Chen Wei suddenly fell silent, and thought about those things, including the famous news during that time, which seemed to be the one that Xiao Xiao read.

Coupled with the generosity of the scene, there is no teammate situation at all...


    "I see! You..." Chen Wei racked her brains and came to a conclusion, which almost made Xiao Xiao nervous.


    "After you became a power user, you joined the military's power group, right! That's why they vented their anger for you, I knew it! You are still performing tasks for the military now!" Chen Wei, who had a big brain hole, finally put everything together and came up with a plausible reason.


    Xiao Xiao said that she really couldn't resist Chen Wei's enthusiasm.

As long as the military was replaced by the system, it would be the standard answer.

The system gave her the golden finger, and she avenged herself, so the system avenged her.

No problem.


    Afraid that the vest will fall off, Xiao Xiao had no choice but to bring up this topic with a few words.


    Looking at Xiao Xiao's more perfunctory expression, Chen Wei thought she had guessed the truth.


    Chen Wei pulled Xiao Xiao even more excitedly and said, "I'll keep it a secret! Thank you for saving us! If you go back to K City in the future, remember to come to me~ I'll report to the police station!"


    "I'll go back first! Thank you, you worked hard! Come on!" After speaking, she ran away, leaving Xiao Xiao, who was already embarrassed to dry, in place.


    'In the end...she made up a palace fighting drama of ten thousands words!' Xiao Xiao collapsed a bit, but at least the vest didn't fall off, that's fine.


    Anyway, it's full of calculations, one Gu Chen, one Chen Wei, a total of two acquaintances of Xiao Xiao, as long as they are good, she will be satisfied.


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