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Chapter 33.

The source of chaos

   There are two flowers, one on each side.


    Leaving aside what happened to Gu Chen, after Xiao Xiao killed a mutant beast, she found that the head of the corpse also had a magic nucleus.


    'Xiao Xiao, there are traces of strange elements in this magic core that have not been transferred out, and can be directly put into the space for purification.' The system said when Xiao Xiao looked at the magic core.


    'What By the way, so what if someone wiped out this exotic element' Xiao Xiao suddenly thought that it was said before that mutant beasts and zombies would absorb it, but what about humans Even more plants 'Variant plants too'


    'Humans can't absorb it, but mutant plants can, but mutant plants can only absorb indirectly from the magic core or crystal nucleus.

The human body has been developed to the limit by mutant genes, which is too much, but if humans absorb the unpurified crystal core, it is just right.

There are remnants of strange elements in it, and it will corpse.'


    'The magic core is the opposite, because the mutant animals have used the strange elements inside once, so humans will not be affected.



    'What if there are zombies who have collected enough strange elements after reaching the fourth level' Xiao Xiao is very curious about this.


    'It would be a disaster, they would collapse physically.' The system waited for a while to answer after Xiao Xiao finished asking, it seems to be doing the calculation again.

'Like the fire god Zhu Rong and the water god Gonggong in human mythology, they can destroy the sky and destroy the earth with a single gesture, because they have surpassed the threshold of the physical body.

Human abilities are limited because the physical body exists, but they do not.



    'However, in that case, I should be able to return to the fourth dimension, because that kind of heaven and earth changes will make the universe unstable.

Of course, I will be punished by my main civilization.

So I don't want this to happen.



    Xiao Xiao left the valley and continued to drive in the opposite direction of the defense line.


    'So, the strange elements are more evenly spread now, so wherever I go, I will encounter them' Xiao Xiao didn't know where to go next, so she asked the system.


    The system gave her an affirmative answer, so she drove all the way to the opposite direction of the defense line.


    Leaving the forest, what she saw was a piece of broken walls that were different from those in the defense line, which was no different from the scene in the memory that Xiao Xiao was implanted in.


    It's almost time to reach Z City in Province B, and the situation is getting more and more serious, and the zombies have also grown from two or three sporadically to a density of groups.


    Xiao Xiao was not attacked along the way.

After all, in the eyes of zombies, there is only flesh and blood of living creatures.

She does not belong to that category, but she still directly uses mental power to materialize to destroy zombies.


    This was also what she learned in the systematic adult training at that time, but it was even more cruel at that time.

During that training, she was not fighting zombies, but bees.


    In fact, the system has already simplified Xiao Xiao a lot at that time, otherwise it should be something more microscopic.

You must know that spiritual civilization uses mental power to observe factors smaller than cells...


    But there is an advantage, at least Xiao Xiao can now pretend to be a person with the power of the wind system and will not be suspected by others.


    So as Xiao Xiao drove all the way, the corpses fell down like rice.

If someone checked, they would find that there were no wounds on these dead zombies, only a hole was punched in the head.


    'Xiao Xiao, there are a lot of strange elements ahead, and there are also second-tier zombies, there are a lot of them.

' The system suddenly reminded Xiao Xiao when she was concentrating on cutting rice along the road.


    'I heard that right Second tier Didn't it appear in three months' Xiao Xiao was very surprised when she heard the system's words, second-tier


    'Yes, the evolution of zombies is based on the number of stacks.

It's just that no strange elements were added to the calculation before.

Now the number of zombies is halved, and there are not enough mutant beasts, so there will be many second-tier zombies in two weeks.

For a while, the strange element will run to the mutant beast...

sorry.' The system doesn't account for this either, and such miscalculations are rare.


    'So, this is the case everywhere Doesn't that mean that Tier 3 will appear soon' Xiao Xiao didn't expect that she did so much, and in the end even accelerated the evolution of zombies.


    'The third-tier supernatural zombie should be shortened by about two months, which is much earlier than the result of the previous calculation.' The system can only inform Xiao Xiao of this bad news.


    Xiao Xiao's face changed, she felt that her warning didn't help anyone, and it had the opposite effect anyway


    'No, I have to inform them...' Xiao Xiao said they were the group of people in the line of defense.


    'It's too late, now that the second-tier has appeared, it means that many places are out of control, all you can do now is to recycle the strange elements as soon as possible, otherwise the longer the time, the more the second-tier zombies will only lead to more third-tier.

Even the corpse king was born directly.' The system gave advice: 'What's more, you can't change anything by notifying them now, because if it was so early, the corpse king would have died before the human race had evolved to the extent that it could compete with the corpse king.



    'Humans still have missiles and weapons!' Xiao Xiao defended: 'Because of my reminder, they saved enough weapons to wash the floor! '


    'Washing the floor' The system said coldly: 'You haven't recovered the strange elements, there are fewer zombies, the higher-order surviving ones, the remaining elements are concentrated in a large amount, and then the gods appear directly '


    'Wake up, the only thing you can do is to recover the strange elements as quick as possible before all the zombies are fully evolved.



    'I can't do it alone, not to mention the foreign part I can't do! '


    'You can rest assured that the meteorites were closer to China at the beginning, so most of the strange elements fell in China.

Now you only need to recover all the strange elements in the Chinese part, and the rest will not cause disasters.



    'However, now this strange element is not included in the previous calculation, so there shouldn't be much difference in the natural part, but human...

Maybe the list you provided is useless.



    The system took the initiative to admit a mistake to Xiao Xiao.

It is already very complicated to deduce the results under this kind of catastrophe.

With an additional unknown factor, it is not able to deduce the correct results, let alone that there are no more five years now.

Collect all factors once to infer.


    'After all, maybe those who didn't deserve to die, and those who shouldn't have died early, probably only a small number of people are still in the results.



    Xiao Xiao said angrily when she heard this.


    'Okay, shut up,' Xiao Xiao used mental power to express her frustration.

'Anyway, my reputation with Gu Chen's side has collapsed, right '


    'You don't allow me to notify you, and you want me to run around.

You just don't want me to be idle, right ' Xiao Xiao complained.


    'You know, the earth is like a timed bomb right now,' the system used a vivid analogy.

'Only you have the password and can dismantle it in time, and now that time is getting shorter, every minute and second you waste is irreversible.



    'Whether this bomb explodes or not, I can eventually return to my dimension, the only difference is whether there is punishment or not, you are different, your difference is whether there is a human race.



    The system said ruthlessly:


    'If you think your thoughts can change the result, then you do it, no one will stop you, but you have to bear the consequences yourself.



    After being poured a bucket of cold water by the system again, Xiao Xiao has calmed down.


    'Understood, destroying zombies to save mankind, right I really don't look like a savior! '


    Xiao Xiao laughed at herself, 'There is a group of second-tier in front, right I'm going to destroy it.



    After all, Xiao Xiao is not invincible now.

Her current state is the physical strength of a fifth-tier corpse king and the tenth-order attack power of a mental power user.


    There is no corpse that can hurt her now, so she can keep destroying the past along the way.


    When the strange elements converge on a zombie or mutant beast, when even she can't handle it, the human beings will change the state of being rescued everywhere, and instead will become less than one percent of the people who can live in hiding.


    She is the only golden finger of mankind, but the evolution speed of the enemy is very fast, so fast that she can destroy her golden finger in no time.


    After the demise of mankind, the next thing in the age of myths will happen.

Strange elements cut through this dimension.

After a bunch of abnormal energy invades, all the giant evolutionary bodies fight with each other.

In the end, only a black hole will be left on the earth.


    Whether Xiao Xiao wants to or not, she must take up this responsibility, because the system has chosen her, and she is the last hope of mankind.


    When talking to the system, Xiao Xiao still drove the car forward.


    In fact, there are still many survivors hiding in the dark to observe on both sides of the road.

After all, a car is essential to escape.


    Although it has been less than two weeks now, the outside of the defense line has been reduced to a real purgatory.

Unlike the group of people who ran out at the beginning, those who stayed are already desperate, and they can do anything in order to survive, just like It was Xiao Xiao's dream of the apocalypse that was no different.


    "Boss Cao, someone seems to have driven in." A young man with a dry figure like a monkey opened his mouth.

There were several scars on his face that had just healed.


    "The car Is it the search and rescue team" Known as Boss Cao, a bald and strong man, he was originally a prisoner.

When the end of the world came, he took advantage of the chaos to escape from the prison with a group of younger brothers, but unfortunately he didn't get the car.

So if you don't come and escape, you are trapped here.


    "No, there seems to be only one person, it seems to be a woman, approaching from the direction of Sunset Valley." The younger brother explained to him in detail.


    "Woman" The Boss Cao seemed to have heard something incredible.


    You know, women can't survive in this world.

Originally, there were many people who wanted to take advantage of the chaos to rob women and come back to enjoy them, but all the people who robbed them died.


    In this case, the smell of body fluids is so strong that zombies can't smell it Not to mention the essence of life, it is like a beacon in the dark to zombies.

People are starving to death and you are wasting it.

Who are you looking for


    Not to mention bringing women with them directly.

Those days of the month are zombie attractors, which is a huge burden.

Unless the team's firepower is strong enough, the waves of corpses can't be stopped at all.


    Zombies act according to the smell of flesh and blood, and those with the breath of life will have a larger range of attraction.


    In the beginning of the end of the world, the girls who did not escape could only live well if they awakened into supernatural powers, or had enough courage to go out with the team to fight zombies on their own.


    There is not even a chance to sell one's body in exchange for a chance to live.

Not being self-reliant is death.


    This made women directly eliminate most of them in the beginning of the apocalypse.


    Of course, as in Xiao Xiao's memory, after the establishment of the base, it is another matter.

Some girls have been protected well, just like dodder flowers.

As a result, after the protector died, they could not survive on their own.

A group of people will eventually become a tool for men to vent their desires.


    However, the road is chosen by oneself, as long as you dare to pick up the knife, no one can stop you.


    Living is the most important thing.

As for how to live, everyone has a different method, and no one is more noble than the other.


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