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 Chapter 30.

End Times

   This trip went very smoothly, because Gu Chen had arranged it in advance, but he still had doubts about the size of Xiao Xiao's space, so the goods to be shipped back did not exceed the standard too much.


    Xiao Xiao actually felt that it could be a little more, but she didn't dare to mention to Gu Chen that her waistcoat had almost disappeared with the wind, and she would feel bad if she lost a layer or two!


    Moreover, Gu Chen promised her 10%, but the difference between the 10% and the 10% is very big.

You must know that among these goods, weapons such as individual combat weapons account for the vast majority.


    If she could take away a hundred of a thousand wooden warehouses, that was quite a lot.

But if you add in the chariots, combat helicopters, RPGs, etc., what if there are only a dozen or so


    Gu Chen didn't know Xiao Xiao's concerns, but when he said that a good achievement is 10%, he is a person who abides by the agreement.


    In his thinking, anyway, Xiao Xiao will be with him in the future, and it will be the same if he needs to exchange with Xiao Xiao.


    In addition, there are some luxury goods, which is also the goal of Gu Chen.


    You must know that the so-called luxury goods are those that require meticulous craftsmanship, such as wine, cigars, special cigarettes, etc., but all tobacco, wine, cosmetics, which occupy a small area but are very expensive.


    Don't underestimate these things.

In the big environment of the end of the world, it is not possible to reproduce these things.

Therefore, in Xiao Xiao's notes, these things will reach the mid-term.

Then comes the real hard currency.


    If the search team finds these things, it can be said to be rich overnight.


    Despite Xiao Xiao's notice, Gu Chen has already prepared all the materials that can be recorded, from the simplest techniques such as papermaking technology and steel refining to the design methods of various military weapons materials, such as submarines, helicopters, and even the aircraft carrier and special alloy technology obtained from Magnesium should be protected first.


    This is also the reason why Xiao Xiao's influence range has increased from 5% to 30%, mainly because of the speed difference in promoting civilization recovery.


    In the memory of the system simulation, many data will be lost in the apocalypse as a backup.

The ordinary ones are fine, and many scattered files can still be found, but the high-end technology and the really important data have lost a large part.

It has only led to the regression of civilization for decades.


    Moreover, Gu Chen also sent a few agents who survived the first wave of mutations in Xiao Xiao's list to highly defended places such as professional research institutes and the Ministry of Defense of various countries, ready to pack everything directly when the end of the world comes.


    This trick is also marked by Xiao Xiao.

In that memory, Gu Chen was the first to start strong, and then he laid the foundation of the Huaxia Federation.

After all, this kind of information is not useful for survival, only for development.

There are many things that are needed.

Survivors didn't realize the importance of information in the first place, and it was relatively easy to obtain.


    In short, after Xiao Xiao followed Gu Chen to pick up all the prepared goods, he hurriedly came and went to board the return flight.


    There is a saying that the thief shouts to catch the thief.

In order to avoid suspicion, Gu Chen is also ready.

If someone from the forces behind those small countries brings something missing to the table to say, he will also send the arranged people to follow the miserable wave.


    After all, the power of those warlords is so much, only when everyone has losses, can they fish in the muddy waters.


    Not to mention that in fact, many people with domestic backgrounds are supporting their own forces in small countries.

Gu Chen didn't want to be too ruthless this time.

It should not be discovered in a short time, just as a precaution.


    Anyway, after Xiao Xiao finished picking up the things, she realized that when Gu Chen asked her to unload the goods, he really kept 10% of all the objects, and expressed her affirmation of Gu Chen's credit.


    No matter what Gu Chen planned, at least he did what he said and was a good deal partner.


    Next, the things Gu Chen promised Xiao Xiao were also fulfilled one by one.

With the help of the system, Xiao Xiao opened a pseudo-ocean area in the space to breed future rations-deep-sea fish.


    Although it is known that the sense of taste will be restored when the energy is enough, but who knows how long it will take to recover, and you can still eat after recovery, it is right to prepare!


    You must know that the mutation of fish and mammals in the ocean is even more terrifying.

The fish that originally weighed less than ten pounds will mutate into hundreds of pounds.

If almost all seabirds ran to land and competed with other beasts for territory, it is impossible for a ship to sail in the ocean if it can still fly over the ocean.


    Think about sharks weighing thousands of pounds, and mutated whales that are worth tens of thousands of pounds! The waves caused by light swimming will directly overturn the boat, not to mention the aggressive group.

After the end of the world, the ocean has really become a forbidden area for human life.


    So if you don't raise it now, if you want to eat it later, you will have to fight for your life.

Although it is not dangerous for Xiao Xiao, it is too troublesome!


    Then there is Xiao Xiao's small garden.

Xiao Xiao originally wanted to say that she would only provide some opinions and leave the rest to professionals, but now with the assistance of the system, the entire fortress has risen from the ground, not only the walls are specially strengthened.

However, many traps have been established even on the nearby mountain walls, which can be said to be impregnable.


    Even the system also provides a lot of black technology, obviously the same principle, only a small part has been changed, and the functionality has been directly increased several times.


    These are what Xiao Xiao didn't let the team know.

It's not that she was hiding it, but it was impossible for the team to do it on Gu Chen's side, because many things are only suitable for this area.


    However, the work team basically contacted the Gu family 24 hours a day, and most of them also directly launched live broadcasts.

After all, the text description is too simple, it is better to use the video to explain what Xiao Xiao has built so that it is convenient for the Gu family to learn.


    Interestingly, since Xiao Xiao informed Gu Chen about the doomsday, most of the Gu family began to train their bodies in a targeted manner.


    Because Xiao Xiao's information clearly stated that in addition to being more likely to avoid becoming a zombie, that is, successful evolution, the trained person has greatly increased the probability of becoming a power user, and the body is the foundation of everything.


    Anyway, there is no harm in fitness.

Coupled with the wealth of the years, all kinds of decoctions keep up, so that their strength has been improved on the basis of the original.


    The Gu family had already heard about this mysterious prophet.

This was something Gu Chen couldn't hide.

After all, many things could only be implemented through the Gu family.


    The Gu family's attitude towards Xiao Xiao can be said to be very ambiguous.

After all, although Gu Chen didn't say it clearly, his family could clearly see that his attitude towards Xiao Xiao was not ordinary, and even far exceeded his official attitude.


    They would also be happy if Gu Chen could marry Xiao Xiao, anyway, at least the space thing is real, no matter whether this precognitive dream happens or not, this secret weapon can be good with him.

It's better for it to be in the family!


    At least in terms of character, Xiao Xiao's behavior is called the Holy Mother, there is nothing to be picky about, not to mention that Gu Chen is almost thirty, and he doesn't even have a familiar female friend.

Happy to see it happen!


    Anyway, without Gu Chen's knowledge, the Gu family had already tied the two of them together.


    Under this tight construction, the fortifications Xiao Xiao wanted were finally completed a month before the end of the world.


    Looking at the defensive fortress in front of her, Xiao Xiao felt very happy, at least her home was already built, so there is no need to be afraid of any waves in the future!


    The tall city walls, various special devices for zombies and mutant beasts, as well as internal self-sufficient power supply, water purification systems, etc., coupled with the materials that Xiao Xiao specially left inside, are enough to supply tens of thousands of people for more than ten years.


    In addition, there are various ground-to-air defense devices, and even mutant birds can be directly shot down to store food, just like the Peach Blossom Spring in the end times.


    As for the survivors who may come here in the future Xiao Xiao didn't intend to let people approach her.

Anyway, under the operation of the Gu family, she believed that the situation in the last days would not be as bad as the prediction of the system, and it didn't matter where this small base was built.


    Gu Chen's side also followed Xiao Xiao's defense.

One thing that caught his attention was that Xiao Xiao seemed to be avoiding him.


    After the things were delivered last time, Xiao Xiao avoided Gu Chen, looking for various reasons to find excuses, but Gu Chen couldn't stop her anyway.


    Gu Chen was very uncomfortable, and felt a little bit lost after being used up.

Of course, he knew that this was his mental state, but he didn't want to think about it.


    He had already pulled Xiao Xiao under his wings, but he never thought that Xiao Xiao wanted to run!


    However, there are still many things that have not been reached with the above, and the two parties cannot agree on their ideas.

He is tied there and cannot run after Xiao Xiao.


    After all, the stakes are very important, but as time becomes less and less, the Gu family directly expresses their position to put pressure on them, but the interests cannot be discussed.

In the end, only a few families who are familiar with the Gu family are willing to completely implement the defensive policy.


    In other words, the face has already been torn apart, and many people still think that the Gu family is bluffing, and they want to watch the fun, but they don't want to be in this mess.


    The final result is that only about 30% of the cities in the country have established defense mechanisms, 40% have established preparatory plans, but 30% of the cities have not responded.


    All of these were discussed without being announced to the public.

How much confusion would be caused if the matter were directly announced No one dares to take this responsibility.


    This is also not far from the calculation by the system, and only the preparatory plan will not be much better in the end, but the Gu family has done their best.


    The time is too short, and the involvement is very extensive, they are not gods, they can only save the scope of their ability.


    Xiao Xiao also knew the situation of the Gu family, so she boldly released Gu Chen's pigeons.


    Anyway, when the disaster strikes, Gu Chen will also go back to M city, and it will be difficult for him to come to K city to find her.


    This is very good, while the feelings are not deep, get out early!


    As for the degree of matching that the system said, Xiao Xiao scoffed.


    'Is this okay You can say it's a match made in heaven, a couple destined for each other.

' The system can't bear it, after all, the reason is the memory it gave.


    'Even the races are different, how we can fall in love' Xiao Xiao said that with her current body, Gu Chen will be crushed into scum in minutes.


    'If it is really fate, when his evolution is completed, maybe we can meet again.'


    '...I hope you don't regret it.' Although Gu Chen and Xiao Xiao ended tragically in the calculation, but it feels that the situation has changed now, Gu Chen doesn't have to choose between cruel ones, they should have happy after.


    'No regrets, if I am delaying him now, anyway, don't you still need to collect strange elements I can't run around with him, can I' Xiao Xiao's heart is very clear, she has never forgotten to promise the system.


    'Well, if that's the case, I'll leave you a little present before leaving.' The system can only be a guarantee, after all Xiao Xiao sacrificed too much.


    'Hehe, according to your auspicious words, I hope I can really find the things you want.'


    So under Xiao Xiao's seemingly calm expression, the end has come.


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