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 Chapter 28.

Going Abroad

In that memory, Xiao Xiao appeared in the first person, but in this ball of light, Xiao Xiao can observe the results of its simulation evolution from the perspective of God.


    This is something Xiao Xiao can't imagine.


    Although it said that many futures have changed, the degree of change is still below 5%, and this change will gradually increase over time.

What Xiao Xiao is doing now will affect about 30% of the future process.


    But Xiao Xiao still thinks it's too scary, the future can be calculated


    After careful consideration, coupled with this portable space and time factor, what is the level of technology in this spiritual civilization


    However, Xiao Xiao actually thinks too much.

Even the races are different, and the angle of observation itself is different.

All the technologies of carbon-based creatures such as human beings are based on the physical aspect, while spiritual civilization is studied from a more microscopic part.


    No matter what, if the other party really has this ability, then destroying human beings is just a matter of thought.

Xiao Xiao thinks that it will be useless, so after realizing that she has an additional weapon that she can use, she uses it directly.


    The list that has just been made is being pulled out, and it is being re-written again, with more details and content at a glance.


    Anyway, Xiao Xiao now have a golden finger.


    But Xiao Xiao is of course not that boring.

The most important thing at present is to reduce the number of zombies.

Although there are still many people who have not survived the first time, this does not mean that one more zombie means one less human being.


    Those who survive will also kill zombies in order to survive, which will be reduced in multiples, and of course there will be many chain effects, but Xiao Xiao can't control that much.


    It was another night of struggle.

With Xiao Xiao's current mental strength and strengthened body, she could reach more than 160 words per minute, and typos could be completely eliminated, so she could be called non-human.


    Normal people input about 20 to 60 words per minute, and the professional point can reach 80 words, but the error rate still exists, about 10%.

From this, it can be seen that she is like a machine now, and her words will not be stuck.


    After this night, the list changed from two thin sheets of paper to a somewhat thick document.

Sleep was still a problem for Xiao Xiao anyway, and she also wanted to find a solution from the ball of light, but It said that it would take a certain amount of experimentation to know what the problem was.

Anyway, the list would be handed over tomorrow, so Xiao Xiao hurried to work all night.


    Xiao Xiao has not fully understood the function of the light ball.

In fact, it can do a lot of things.

In order to make it easier for Xiao Xiao to call him, he found a more suitable adjective in human words.


    'You can call me the system, it will be more convenient.



    This sentence appeared directly in Xiao Xiao's mental power, which directly surprised Xiao Xiao.


    'This is the communication method of spiritual power, and it is also the communication method of our main civilization.

You can try it.



    Xiao Xiao really didn't expect mental power to have this kind of communication.


    'Hey '


    Trying to extend her thoughts with her mental power, Xiao Xiao quickly mastered this method, because she always operates in this way when using space, and it is not difficult for her.


    'Very good, you have already learned this way.

In fact, you can communicate with humans or other creatures, including mutated animals and plants.

The system points out the way in which psychic power is used.

The hints and commands you used before were relatively compulsive.

In our main civilization, they were provocations and could only be used by higher-level beings for lower-level beings.



    'And what you call scanning is the perspective of all spiritual life in our main civilization, only when you are accustomed to observing with the naked eye will you close the spiritual perspective, just like humans abandoning their eyes and relying only on other feels like hearing.



    'The mark is used to remember the mark.

In the state of the spiritual body, there is no difference between up and down, left and right, only three-dimensional and four-dimensional coordinates can be used.



    'So it is!' Xiao Xiao said she understood, and she have to say that the existence of the system is like a teacher, teaching Xiao Xiao various ways of using it.

During the question and answer, Xiao Xiao understood a lot of questions about mental power and how to use the space.


    The system told Xiao Xiao that she was chosen master, and that it would help her solve the apocalypse together.

The right to use the space could only be used until then, and she was also obliged to help it find special elements.


    It said that this special element can help it return to its owner, but it is not sure where this element is.

It can only sense that there is a certain amount of the earth, unless Xiao Xiao gets close to it.

Position the springboard.


    Xiao Xiao can only agree.

Although this space has a limited period of use, it can help many things during this time.

She can only hope that the elements it needs will not be too difficult.


    After completing the list, Xiao Xiao thought about what she had to do before waiting for Gu Chen to pick her up, so she planned to use this time.


    With the help of the system, Xiao Xiao tried several times to put her mind to sleep, but to no avail.


    The system said that the spiritual life also has the so-called dormancy, which is to withdraw all the spiritual tentacles, just like when a human sleeps, closes her eyes and loses consciousness.


    But Xiao Xiao's problem now is that she usually only opens her eyes and doesn't release her mental tentacles unless she wants to use them.


    And when she wants to sleep, she has to close her eyes, but when she closes her eyes, her mental tentacles are particularly active, which leads to her wanting to sleep but unable to fall asleep, at most letting herself go.


    To put it simply, the use of mental power is not skilled enough, and the tentacles of mental power cannot stretch freely.


    The system gave a solution.

There are many small tutorials for training mental power in the system.

As long as Xiao Xiao uses her mental power to exhaustion, she can fall asleep.


    After Xiao Xiao heard it, she hurriedly asked the system to give her this supply to try out, but Xiao Xiao was tragic.


    When Gu Chen came to pick up Xiao Xiao at night, he saw her holding a bag of documents with her eyes blank, standing at the door against the wall, as if she was in a daze.



didn't sleep well Could it be because of that list" Gu Chen felt that if that was the case, then it would be his fault.

Because of him Xiao stayed up late to work.


    Xiao Xiao said that staying up late to rush to work is true, but her current state has nothing to do with this matter.


    "No, this document was prepared yesterday, I'm just a little habitual insomnia..." Xiao Xiao couldn't figure out any reason, she just had a splitting headache now.


    It can only be said that Xiao Xiao deserves it.


    The mental training of the system is divided into many levels.

Xiao Xiao chose one for the adult spiritual life.

She thinks she is an adult.

Although the system indicates that her level is only about kindergarten, Xiao Xiao does not want to be a baby!


    The system determined that Xiao Xiao would be mentally exhausted if she used this kind of training, but it was indeed beneficial and harmless.

If she had a headache for two or three days at most, it would not stop her.


    Seeing that the system didn't stop her, Xiao Xiao thought there was no problem, so he happily chose, and then she became what she is now.


    "You seem to be in a bad mood, doesn't it matter" Gu Chen thought that Xiao Xiao was reluctant to figure out the list.

After all, he didn't know what Xiao Xiao experienced during that time, maybe it was very painful.

If he wanted to help her get this document out, he would be too troublesome.


    "It's really okay," Xiao Xiao said, "Take it, I'll rest in the car for a while, anyway.

I'm not going to take the plane until tomorrow morning, right I can rest after a while."


    Gu Chen originally wanted to take Xiao Xiao to have another meal, but judging from Xiao Xiao's situation, she probably didn't need it anymore.

It seemed that she only needed sleep.


    "Alright then!" Gu Chen took the document and put it on the passenger seat, letting Xiao Xiao sit in the back seat and ready to go.


    As soon as Xiao Xiao got in the car, she leaned her body against the door.

She really didn't expect that the training method would be so painful.

Now she can say that she will fall asleep when she closes her eyes.


    Thanks to this training, all the mental tentacles have been withdrawn.

Today should be a good night's sleep, which is very important to her who has not had deep sleep for almost three months!


    Otherwise, she will have a nervous breakdown!


    Seeing Xiao Xiao's appearance, Gu Chen had no choice but to change his direction and drive directly to the airport.


    The time when they use the route for their flight is during the early morning.

Gu Chen just wanted to stop at this time and go abroad.

But he didn't expect Xiao Xiao to be so ill, so he had to send Xiao Xiao to the dormitory in the airport first.


    This is the private airport of Gu's family.

It takes about four hours to drive from K city to the airport, so Gu Chen made an appointment at 4:00 pm.

He planed to have a meal on the way and then go to the airport, so they can check in directly and leave the next day.


    But now in this situation, Gu Chen can only send people to the airport first and then solve his own dinner problem.


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