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 Chapter 27.


Since all the nearby targets had been dealt with last time, and the remaining ones were far away, Xiao Xiao had to plan the route first and prepare to solve them one by one.


    But there is a problem.

She still doesn't have a driver's license or a car.

What about the convenience of transportation


    Xiao Xiao can drive, so after thinking about it, she ran to the rental car and rented a car for walking.


    What How can she borrow a driver's license Of course, it's still the old way, leaving a fake identity.

Anyway, the waiter didn't feel anything wrong under the spiritual suggestion.


    In fact, it really doesn't matter whether she stays or not now, she didn't hide what she should hide, and no one would look for her if she didn't.


    The next step is to follow the location recorded yesterday.

Xiao Xiao ordered a nightmare package for all the remaining targets.

Anyway, they were all ordered to stay at home.


    The results were very gratifying.

The group of people who were dealt with yesterday had already begun to be a little nervous and their mental state was very poor.


    Xiao Xiao is satisfied with this.

The energy she uses will probably keep them in their state for half a month.

It is conceivable that such an outcome will be their only destination.


    It just so happens that the mentally ill cannot be sentenced, so they should thank her well!


    Then there's the housekeeper's business.

It can only be said that Xiao Xiao made a lot of trouble before.

She thought it was too simple.


    Guan Lili's affairs are a pain in the heart of the housekeeper's house.

Although most of them made enemies around because they didn't teach them well, it is impossible for them to reflect on it.

My baby is so good, it must be brought by so-and-so.


    At the beginning, Xiao Xiao was sentenced to five years, which was considered a severe sentence, not to mention that she was still a minor.

No matter how she was sentenced, this sentence would not be passed, but it happened under their pressure.


    Originally, they planned to wait for Xiao Xiao to come out and then show her a good look, but after the time passed, Xiao Xiao was also forgotten by them.

What Chen Wei said before was very reasonable.

The family has a great career and will not remember her for five years.


    They forgot, but Xiao Xiao didn't!


    It wasn't her initiative to kill Guan Lili for the first time, it was the result of her mental power explosion.


    But in the next three lives, it was indeed the judgment that Xiao Xiao had blood on her hands, so she hated it so much!


    If there was no apocalypse, Xiao Xiao has to carry a life on her back to survive in this realistic society, without education and carrying records, how hard would her life be


    If it weren't for her spiritual ability and then the end of the world, her life would have been over long ago, due to Guan Lili's whim, not to mention how many innocent people had been killed by her before.


    Xiao Xiao doesn't know how to attack the housekeeper company, and she doesn't plan to use it again.

Anyway, the Nightmare Package works so well, so let's have a set of each, but the content needs to be changed.

After all, they are serious businessmen.


    So Xiao Xiao thought about it and decided to let them run in their dreams every day, and they would wake up when they were tired, but they were still tired when they woke up.


    This is also a kind of nightmare, but it is much lighter than the previous ones.


    However, in terms of difficulty, this kind of dream is more suggestive than the previous one, and it can last for a long time.

Xiao Xiao wants to see what will happen to the two sides in the end.


    She doesn't want their lives, it will come to the end of the world, she just needs to make it difficult for them to live.


    As long as they were not doing well, she was relieved.


    After finally solving this step, Xiao Xiao felt a lot more relaxed.

Sure enough, scumbags or something is the correct pressure relief posture!


    After returning the car to the dealership, Xiao Xiao was on her way home.

She will go to the warehouse again tomorrow to scan the goods.

By the way, all the warehouses and orders will be returned, leaving only one warehouse.

Anyway, the preparations are almost done now, there is no need to collect materials in such a large amount.


    As for the car dealership seeing that there is no record and the mileage of the car has increased so much for no reason, what will they think It has nothing to do with Xiao Xiao.


    Xiao Xiao continued to prepare those lists when she got home.

She wanted to write down more things and leave them to Gu Chen.


    That's right, she really planned to part ways with Gu Chen when the apocalypse came.


    Two parallel lines will never intersect.

She and Gu Chen are like two lines that should not intersect.

Anyway, with her data, Gu Chen can handle it better!


    Next, she processed the list at home, printed it out, and prepared to hand it over to Gu Chen when she went to Gu Chen's place tomorrow night.


    Xiao Xiao was about to lie back on the bed after finishing her work.

She glanced at the space and was about to close it, only to find something strange.


    The black and white house in her space was gone, and the contents inside were not left, only a ball of light remained there.


    Xiao Xiao only needs mental control to take things from the space, including the livestock and seeds she searched and purchased, which she herself cannot enter.

As for whether other people can do it, Xiao Xiao does not know, but she has no plans to try!


    After trying to use her mental power to touch the ball of light, Xiao Xiao realized the fact that from the beginning, she had not been reborn!


    What is this ball of light It is a storage container that travels through space to the earth at a distance of tens of millions of light-years from the earth.


    And it has been on the earth for hundreds of millions of years.

It should be said that dinosaurs appeared because the genes stored in them were exposed!


    It is a storage container forged by a spiritual civilization.

Spiritual civilization has no body.

They are studying why there is the existence of carbon-based life, so they created this space.


    Those mutated genes have also been on the earth for a long time.

Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, these genes have been leaking from icebergs.


    It was originally in an iceberg, but its operands detected an extraterrestrial meteorite that would land on Earth on the day of an eclipse, bringing a stimulating gene.


    This kind of gene will induce mutant genes that have existed on the earth for many years, which will lead to the end of the world, so its huge number of operations will automatically select Xiao Xiao, and the time when Xiao Xiao wass dragged to the toilet by Guan Lili.


    Of course, it chooses Xiao Xiao because Xiao Xiao is gifted with extraordinary talent and is the intelligent individual with the highest spiritual power on earth.

The result of its calculation is that it can solve this accident called the end of the world by attaching to Xiao Xiao.


    After all, spiritual civilization has regulations that prohibit meddling in the process of any carbon-based civilization.

This is the first law engraved in its procedures.


    Now that it's broken, it needs to be remedied.


    As a result, it collected all the information on the earth from Xiao Xiao's imprisonment to her release from prison for five years, and began to evolve the 'future' that Xiao Xiao saw, that is to say, the precognitive dream.


    At least the moment before Xiao Xiao wakes up from the dream, 95% will follow its calculation, but when Xiao Xiao wakes up, it can only guarantee 50% of the dream.

How many things Xiao Xiao can do before the meteorite arrives is changed, so Xiao Xiao saw it before that is what the material room in 'that dream' looks like.


    And Xiao Xiao also knows that the so-called time acceleration is just an application of energy, there is no such thing as time acceleration and stillness, but there is a human saying that time particles will change the exchange rate between matter and matter.


    Time acceleration was to increase the amount of this time particle, so that the substance can receive a long-term exchange in a short period of time, such as those yams used by Xiao Xiao.


    When time stands still, it is to extract this substance as much as possible.

In the so-called vacuum of human beings, there are actually things inside that cannot be detected by the current technology of human beings, so things will slowly decay.


    After the matter is pulled away, all exchanges will slow to a speed that, from a human point of view, is equivalent to stillness.


    Using this mechanism also requires energy consumption, but according to the energy still in it, it can still be used for a long time, so Xiao Xiao can use this function.


    Also, not only animals can enter and leave this space, Xiao Xiao can also enter, but because this thing is developed by spiritual civilization, they only have a spirit body, so they have a mechanism - in order to prevent a spirit body from taking it to do bad things, and all the same life forms of the bound cannot enter the space.


    As for Xiao Xiao's body, what happened


    Xiao Xiao's body was also transformed by it.

After all, Xiao Xiao's original body was too fragile, so it was rectified according to the leaked genes.

This is the fundamental reason why Xiao Xiao is getting thinner and thinner!


    Eating meat is also caused by its lack of technology.

After all, the human body is very mysterious.

It can only modify what it can calculate now.

It will not touch unknown areas, so it can only eat meat, similar to zombies.

It's a side effect of that gene.


    That is to say, the so-called zombies are individuals that have failed to evolve.

Whether mutant beasts, mutant plants, zombies or superhumans, they are all carbon-based life that evolves under the promotion of genes.

There is no difference in essence.

When genes are too fragile, they will be failed individuals—zombies.


    But this gene is too domineering, and even failed individuals never give up evolution, so zombies will attack humans!


    The evolved Zombie Kings are already close to successfully evolving, and there is only one last chance, so Zombie Kings are opposed to each other, unless something like Xiao Xiao appears to be able to control them, such as the Lin family in the precognition dream.


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