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 Chapter 23.


It is very necessary to abide by the rules of not speaking when eating or sleeping during meal time.

It is unhygienic.


    As the meal was ready, Gu Chen ate the tempura in front of him on the table, and then looked up at Xiao Xiaoqi's meal, feeling that something was wrong.


    The table is full of sashimi, one plate after another, Xiao Xiao seems to have not eaten for a long time, one after another, pick up the mustard sauce with chopsticks and dab water on the mustard soy sauce, he don't know whether it is stained or not, and then bite off.


    Mustard said: I can prove it! No! She doesn't! She is pretending! People don't eat it after using it, scumbag!


    Xiao Xiao also noticed Gu Chen's gaze, but she said: "The feeling of being able to eat the taste is really touching!" Suspected or something, wait until I finish eating!


    Xiao Xiao knew from the first bite, at least this trip was worth it, then this sashimi is so delicious and sweet, even the medium-rare steak she ran to eat before was far inferior!


    One bite after another, Xiao Xiao didn't stop since the sushi chef set it on the plate, and the wind and clouds quickly swept into her mouth piece by piece.


    She has decided! It was useless to collect that kind of meat fish and throw them in the small lake in the space.

She should have specially opened up a plot to raise this kind of deep-sea fish.

The taste is too good!


    Originally, Gu Chen thought that Xiao Xiao's food was very strange, but gradually he also felt bewitched and wanted to be fed!


    Xiao Xiao's own mental power will exude a sense of pleasure when she eats.

Before, when she was in prison, Chen Wei was not as strong as it is now.

Yes, it was the one who was transformed into a rabbit by Xiao Xiao's mental power.

Bewitched by her mental power, she kept sneaking some snacks in for Xiao Xiao to eat.


    Not to mention now, it was okay to eat a three-star steak before because it was not delicious enough.

In other words, if Xiao Xiao eats something delicious, her mental power will send out a strange hint, indiscriminately giving the nearby creatures expressions: Bring this stuff to me!


    This has to be said of hunting instinct.

It should have attracted the nearby prey and automatically ran to Xiao Xiao to eat it.

It didn’t expect that Xiao Xiao now has human emotions and the body of a fifth-tier zombie, so she will use this lure function twisted into this feeling that makes one want to feed her.


    The sushi chef next to her was quite critical about Xiao Xiao only ordering sashimi.

After all, nigiri sushi is what he is best at.

This kind of sashimi can only perform knife work and plate setting.

Whether it is good or not depends on the ingredients.

How can the menu compare to the skillful nigiri sushi!


    But seeing Xiao Xiao eating so happily, he gradually accepted the conclusion that this customer probably really likes sashimi.


    It is the greatest honor for a cook to see a guest eat up everything, which represents the guest's affirmation of the chef!


    Anyway, after Xiao Xiao had eaten the whole five servings, she brazenly asked the master for a few more servings.

She would not be able to eat enough, as much as she could eat.

The powerful digestive ability makes you who are afraid of fat worth having!


    Anyway, when Gu Chen finished his meal, Xiao Xiao had already eaten up all the stock, yes, it was really all eaten up!


    After all, the amount of this kind of thing in a day is not very large, as for the people behind it...

who made them come so late


    Gu Chen was a little surprised by Xiao Xiao's food intake, but it was still within the acceptable range.

After all, the amount of sashimi was so small, it was okay in terms of quantity, mainly because Xiao Xiao would have indigestion.


    By the time the two of them finished the big meal, it was already half past seven, and Gu Chen immediately said that it was time to take Xiao Xiao back.


    Before Xiao Xiao was about to leave, she reluctantly asked the sushi chef for contact information, which made Gu Chen feel a little amused, and said, "Didn't I say that, everyone here has studied under famous chefs, if you are interested I'll take you to see them next time, and taste their craftsmanship by the way"


    Unfortunately, Gu Chen was completely wrong, Xiao Xiao wanted to find out where these ingredients came from, the chefs...



    "Hehe, thank you, but no need...

I just want to know where the ingredients for these sashimi come from!" Xiao Xiao immediately knew that she had asked the wrong person.

Vent to the right people.


    "...You like eating sashimi so much" Gu Chen was helpless, everyone eats cooking techniques, so how can anyone only love sashimi!


    Xiao Xiao thought to herself, 'I can't say that I only have the taste when I eat raw fish.

There is a reason why I like to eat sashimi! ', so she could only say: "Yes! That's right! So can you please tell me where this ingredient is from!"


    Gu Chen wanted to piss off Xiao Xiao's appetite, so he deliberately said: "I'm sorry, business secrets, only our employees can know."


    Xiao Xiao expressed his dissatisfaction, the damned Gu Chen just said that she could ask any questions, but he immediately backtracked.


    "Isn't it! It's still a commercial secret" Xiao Xiao complained with some wail: "I won't say it anyway, didn't you say that you can send it to me if I want Well, don't tell me where it is.

It’s produced, I just want you to send some live fish to my farmhouse, okay”


    Hearing this, Gu Chen was stunned, and explained to Xiao Xiao, “Most delicious sashimi is Deep-sea fish, the fish you want to live will not survive in the pond in that paradise!"


    "I don't care," Xiao Xiao said angrily, "just say yes!"


    "I was just joking, this is all from the outer sea.

It is brought back by fishing boats.

It is only purchased every once in a while.

If it is frozen for too long, the taste will change.

Today is also a coincidence.

If you really like to eat, I will take you to eat next time when the goods come..."


    Gu Chen found out that Xiao Xiao was eating sashimi, and deliberately planned to use this as an excuse, so it wouldn't be a problem to eat together.


    "That's so troublesome, you give me the person to contact, otherwise you can send me to live, I don't believe that I can't live!" Xiao Xiao used aggressive tactics, otherwise she would have no boat and no time, how could she get this Fry This is her future food source!


    Xiao Xiao completely forgot her original plan to eat mutant beasts.

After all, eating raw meat or something is worse than eating sashimi.

If you want the energy inside, you can absorb the magic core.

Anyway, she has no crystal core.

Poor, whether there is purification is something that humans need to care about, she doesn't need it!


    "Okay," Gu Chen found that this trick would not work, so he could only take a step back and said, "I'll have someone send it over, it doesn't matter whether it is supported or not, if you really want to eat it, I can take it with you."


    Gu Chen really thought that Xiao Xiao wanted to try raising it in that lake, but it was impossible anyway, let someone send it to her to try a few more times, and when she wanted to eat, she could only find him, of course Gu Chen didn’t know Xiao Xiao had Space to farm, so he miscalculated again.


    "Thanks!" Xiao Xiao was relieved when she saw that Gu Chen finally agreed.

She was really afraid that Gu Chen wouldn't bring it to her.

This is her daily food for the future.


    Thinking that there will be sashimi to eat in the future, Xiao Xiaole's eyes are bent.


    Next, on a short walk from the restaurant to the parking lot, Xiao Xiao said while walking: "Then let's say it like this, I'll handle that thing for you, you can help me build the fortifications, and I'll take care of the supplies and so on.

Now just send the amount that I can receive every day, and pile it up in those warehouses, I..." Speaking of this, Xiao Xiao was startled, she said too much!


    Seeing Xiao Xiao's reaction, Gu Chen smiled: "Space power, right"


    Xiao Xiao blushed, not knowing whether she was angry or ashamed, she actually forgot about this!


    "Don't be ashamed, I can only infer all the causes and consequences.

Don't worry, only I know about this matter." Gu Chen comforted her without any sincerity, and his voice also teased with a smile: "Same send go to the warehouse, no problem!"


    "We'll have a good talk when I've dealt with these things now." Gu Chen emphasized the pronunciation of the two words.


    "Okay! Let's talk about it!" Xiao Xiao was a little bit broken.

She was too influenced by that memory, which led to many things that she did not protect against Gu Chen.

It pissed her off!


    "There's no need to wait, I'll just say it directly, I already have the space ability in my memory, so I'm very sure that the precognition dream is real, this space can hold things, but the time inside is static, you can get out as you go in, the size is about the size of a baseball field, so I tried my best to collect supplies, anyway, I can use it when the time comes!" In order to fear that the mental power ability will also be seen through, Xiao Xiao can only take the initiative, so she confessed that she now has space abilities, and she didn't plan to say anything about the things that could be supported in it anyway.


    "Huh It's that big I thought you just used it to move those things to the farmhouse, but I didn't expect you to put them all in there!" Gu Chen said in surprise, he really didn't expect this.

The scope of the field, the size of this space can be said to be no trivial matter, and there are many things that can be used to do in the current era of peace.


    "..." Xiao Xiao stupidly found that she had successfully sold herself again.

Why did her IQ run away when she was in front of Gu Chen


    The space in the space ability increases in size with the strength of the ability.

She forgot that she didn't have much space at the beginning.

She only remembered to reduce the actual size now, but did not notice this.

How unreasonable this description is.


    "In that case, come with me in two days and do me a favor.

I have some things that I can use abroad, but they are not allowed to be released abroad.

We smuggle them back, and we can give you 10%." Gu The has something to say.


    What Of course..!


    These things are high-risk items.

They are common in Europe and the United States, but they are strictly prohibited in China.

However, if you want to fight zombies, you can’t do it without this stuff.

Gu Chen was still thinking about how to get it in.

He didn’t expect Xiao Xiao to have such a big surprise.


    If there is really a baseball field, even some medium and large ones can be transported.

There are still many places in foreign countries that are still full of flames.

There are trades in the black market of armored vehicles and combat helicopters.

Gu Chen can use some means to get it.

It's just that there is no way to ship it into the country, and it's worth not selling it.


    "Okay!" After Xiao Xiao promised Gu Chen, she turned her head and went sulking.


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