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 Chapter 22.


While waiting for the sushi chef to prepare the meal, Xiao Xiao also wanted to mention that she needed Gu Chen's help.



Gu, that..." Xiao Xiao seemed to be at a loss as to how to speak.


    Usually she is willful, even if she says something wrong or inappropriate, she can use mental cues to fool them.


    But she didn't feel like doing this to Gu Chen.

Xiao Xiao didn't do it.

Xiao had a feeling that it was best not to use mental power on Gu Chen, otherwise some uncontrollable things would happen.


    It is also this hunch that her current vest is still in good condition and has not been removed.


    "Don't be so unfamiliar, you can just call me Gu Chen directly." Gu Chen saw Xiao Xiao's sense of distance, and said it was too polite.


    "Okay, Gu Xian...

Gu Chen," Xiao Xiao's psychology is very complicated, after all, she used to know Gu Chen so well, but now...


    "Gu Chen, you remember when you went to pick me up this morning, the bag I took..."


The two thousand-year-old ginseng kings said: So you still remember us!


    "That's two ginseng...

You know, I just bought a farmhouse amusement park a few days ago, and I want to start construction there.

It's that little garden...

Didn't I mention it to you in the car this morning


    Xiao Xiao said that when she was talking in the morning, she was off topic.


    "Those two ginsengs are thousands of years old.

I want to give you one of them as a reward.

Please help me."


    Gu Chen thought it was something, but it turned out to be the matter of the small garden!


    That is to say, if Gu Chen wanted to provide those raw materials and help her with this matter, it would not be impossible, but the two of them are not so familiar now.

Although Xiao Xiao has helped so much, she has not yet gotten on the chariot that was tied to him.

Woolen cloth!


    But he really didn't expect Xiao Xiao to have such a big hand.


    Thousand-year ginseng, also known as the king of ginseng, is now a legendary item that has only been known by its name.

With the explosion of science and technology, the scope of human beings has become wider and wider.

The deep mountains and old forests have basically been dug up, and the new ones are still alive.

There are but the years will not be that long, and the hundred years will be the sky.


    The main functions of Ginseng King are to replenish vitality, solidify detoxification, invigorate body fluid, and soothe the mind.

According to legend, there are no bones in the flesh and bones of life and death, but basically a small piece can provide an extremely large amount of energy.

Aspects can be regarded as holy medicine, not to mention other effects.


    Thinking of Xiao Xiao's so-called ancestral traditional Chinese medicine before, Gu Chen's eyes became sharp again, and he began to doubt whether Xiao Xiao could really artificially manufacture this kind of traditional Chinese medicine for many years.


    "King Ginseng It's a big deal, can I ask where you got it from One is as a reward, and the other"


    Hearing Xiao Xiao say this, Gu Chen immediately asked back, he didn't expect that kind of thing to be used by Xiao was just thrown into the car like this, which is too rude, isn't it


    "The other one I want to ask you to help me find a way to sell it.

You know, I'm still buying materials recently.

I want to arrange the farmhouse as much as possible.

It's better to prepare enough materials, the longer the better.

"Xiao Xiao knows that Gu Chen has doubts, but Xiao Xiao is also a little helpless, what she needs most is time, to be honest, it's already half a year from when she woke up to the end of the world, she just makes this little thing by herself.

It's been so long, and now there are about three and a half months left!


    As Gu Chen and Xiao Xiao met, a certain switch was turned on in Xiao Xiao's heart.


    Xiao Xiao didn't realize that although she always wanted to go on the road alone, her dependence on Gu Chen has remained from her dream to the present.


    This move is contrary to her practice of concealing herself all the time!


    "I don't have enough money.

If I continue to sell those hundred-year-old ones, it's easy to reveal my indentity.

I have invested too much in the market, and there will be no problem in a short period of time, but if someone traces it, I will still have trouble.

If you can do me this favor, I'll get it done once and for all in terms of funding."


    "Sell it" Gu Chen said, can this thing be sold What a joke, this year's ginseng king can be valued in grams, although he don't know whether Xiao Xiao's ginseng king is big or small, but Xiaoxiao uses 'bar' to describe it, you can know that the amount is definitely not too small.


    "Do you know the value of this thing And you've bought enough things.

Recently, major suppliers have been around the corner, and the prices of materials circulating in the market have risen slightly in some places!" Gu Chen was very shocked.


    "That's why I want to ask you for help, I can't get it myself..." Xiao Xiao shrank slightly, and replied with a little guilty conscience, and the more she spoke, the quieter become.


    She really didn't understand this aspect.

The previous set run was also what she saw on the roadside and ran to try it out, but she didn't expect it to be a success.


    "...Anyway, you need funds, and you need to build that little garden, right" Gu Chen had no choice but to help Xiao Xiao make a conclusion.

Since she was determined to do so, Gu Chen had no choice but to...


    "Well, don't go to buy materials anymore.

I will also help you directly contact the work team for your defensive measures.

By the way, let them get a scripture from you and cover it for you in the fastest way...

I'll go straight to Gu's pipeline and give it to you, as much as you want."


    "There are many logistics and hypermarkets under the Gu's group, so no one will find anything abnormal when you go this way.

We have already started to collect supplies, and the amount is several times yours, so don't worry that we can't handle it.

Then the king of ginseng will deal with it directly for me"


The water does not fall into the field of outsiders, Gu Chen is not as stupid as Xiao Xiao, this thing is the legendary stuff, take it to sell Are you crazy


    Anyway, he is going to deliberately interfere in Xiao Xiao's arrangement now.

What he doesn't know is that his current behavior is just like when he was in Xiao Xiao's dream, and it is nothing more than boiling a frog in warm water.



This is fine too, but won't it bother you too much..." Xiao Xiao didn't expect Gu Chen to be so straightforward.


    Of course, Xiao Xiao really doesn't understand the value of King Ginseng.

For Xiao Xiao, that thing can be made with a little effort, but no matter how stupid she is, she knows that the wealth is not revealed, she is still a little self-aware of herself.


    Xiao didn't know that she was being boiled, she just felt that Gu Chen didn't seem to know her that well.

He took his car home after asking questions in the police station last time, and then he was brought here today.

They met only two times in a row.

She dared to run because she had mental powers, but Gu Chen was too good for her


    "No trouble! Just put the two ginseng kings in the car, and don't take them away when you go back.

I'll take them back.

I'll let someone handle this matter later, and the engineering team will take care of it within a few days.

You can first think about how many things you need and how to cover them."


    Gu Chen said decisively: "Also, Xiao Xiao, if you can, please go back and help me get one list," Gu Chen paused for a moment when he mentioned the list, waiting for Xiao Xiao's reaction.


    And hearing this, Xiao Xiao doesn't quite understand, the list What list


    Seeing Xiao Xiao's doubts, Gu Chen continued: "Everything, everything, good or bad, as long as it's a list of all the people you knew in that dream!"


    "Also, those places were besieged by zombie kings, Those people in those places have done some irritating things.

In short, I ask you to go back and sort out a list like a record sheet.

Can you do it In exchange, you can tell me what you want to do next.

I will help you deal with it!"


    This is the main purpose of Gu Chen bringing Xiao Xiao to dinner, the list! Or call it, history!


    Whether it is useful or useless, as long as it is famous and all the people and things that have a special impression in Xiao Xiao's memory, this is what Gu Chen planned! What Xiao Xiao wants to do is nothing to Gu Chen!


    The doomsday is approaching, only time will tell for the good and the bad, but Xiao Xiao obviously has more of that dream, that is, Xiao Xiao is like a time thief, although Gu Chen will do a lot of things to change the so-called future, but some people can pre-observe.


    There is a saying that when someone who knows the future goes back to the past, the so-called future has already begun to change, so that precognition dream cannot be fully believed.


    Now Gu Chen completely trusts Xiao Xiao's so-called precognition dream, all purpose is to prepare for the end of the world.

If you can know in advance that some people will do evil, you can avoid some bad things from happening, and if you are good, you can also extra note, how much is a reference.


    Gu Chen has always thought about three steps one step at a time, only to first figure out what things can be used in advance and use them.


    Speaking of this, the sushi chef also came out of the kitchen to deliver the food.

Seeing that the food was starting to be served, Xiao Xiao had to stop the conversation and say to Gu Chen: "Okay, I will prepare it when I go back, how can I contact you"


Gu Chen thought for a while and said, "This is my phone number, XX-XXXX-XXXX.

I'll remember it for you first.

I'll go back and make arrangements.

You can call me if you have anything, and I'll arrange these things.I'll find you, anyway, you don't have a driver's license, so you just need a driver!"


    Gu Chen intends to speed up the progress, although he is not sure what Xiao Xiao's purpose is, but what he can know so far is probably consistent with him, then it is best to use this time to let Xiao Xiao get used to his existence, and finally study Xiao Xiao's purpose slowly.


    Having said that, what should be said has already been discussed, and then it is meal time.


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