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Chapter 20.


The crystal nucleus are not in Xiao Xiao's plan.

To put it another way, there is a chance that a crystal nucleus will be generated in the head of a zombie.

Xiao Xiao is sure that although she is a zombie, there is no such thing in her head, and from the previous memory she has never used a crystal nucleus to practice.


    "At the beginning, some people used the crystal core directly, or used plants to purify it, but because the process was too cumbersome, in the end, only professional plant power users were more convenient, and most of them were used as transaction currency."


    "The crystal core's intensity is related to the amount of energy concentrated in it.

As long as it is an ability user, you can clearly know what level of crystal nucleus it is at close range."


    "There is no crystal nucleus in mutant plants, but they can absorb it according to it.

The crystal nucleus grows.

The mutant animal also has a crystal nucleus in its body, but in order to distinguish it from the zombie head, it has another name—the devil nucleus.”


    “The devil nucleus is different from the crystal nucleus.

The demon nucleus can be directly absorbed, but due to the many people can't tell the difference between the crystal nucleus and the devil nucleus, in the end, only the ones that have been planned by the masters of the bases can be used, and the unpurified ones are all currency."


    "We will mention the rank of zombies.

The fourth rank of zombies is only can be regarded as the difference between the four types, and the energy intensity is also different.

There is no difference in the crystal nucleus of the first-order and second-order zombies.

They are all the same white solid hexagonal crystal.

The main currency in circulation.

The nuclei dropped by zombies after Tier 3 have different amounts of energy.

However, the price ratios for nuclei are not the same in major bases, so I can't give the exact value."


    "All in all, these are roughly the situation, the main thing is that I hope you can find a way to improve the situation in the first place, do you have any questions" After Xiao Xiao finished explaining, the time was probably close to noon.


    What followed were questions from various professional scholars, ranging from people's livelihood issues, climate conditions, disaster situations in various places, and even the main types of mutant beasts, all kinds of strange and strange parts that Xiao Xiao ignored were pointed out one by one.


    This can't help but make Xiao Xiao sigh when answering, worthy of being a professional, the idea is to hit the nail on the head, many of which she has never cared about at all, but she can't stand her mental power ability to search in memory, and provide clues to various experts and scholars to do for reference.


    For example, in terms of water supply and power supply, many rural areas still rely on wells or water sources to extract water for use, but most of them are provided by tap water pipelines.

Electricity is also generated by major power plants, centralized and then distributed.

Only through cables and wires the electricity is transmitted to various places.


    Many things that seem so convenient now are impossible to maintain after disaster strikes.


    It can be said that when the apocalypse comes, human technology has degenerated from the technological era for nearly 30 to 50 years, and many functions will be shut down.

After all, it takes decades to build a usable system, but it may only take a few minutes to destroy a system.


    Especially when earthquakes are so frequent, many pipelines have already been damaged, plus the first telephone poles, exposed water pipelines, water pipes, etc., can't survive in such a chaotic world.


    You must know that these water pipes are the most convenient weapons for people to escape.

They are easy to obtain and spread everywhere.

They are hard enough and long enough.

They are the best weapon for fighting zombies.


    I won't talk about other various aspects any more.

Anyway, this group of experts only has more troubles, not the most troublesome problems.


    Although Gu Chen was the main messenger who deliberately raised the question at the beginning, and Xiao Xiao did not make any guarantees to them, all of these people are elites in crisis management, and talking about professionalism is enough to make people are at ease.


    Their idea is very simple.

Everything needs to be dealt with first.

Whether it happens is one thing.

There is room for this.


    Anyway, Gu Chen's attitude has been very clear.

No matter whether this is true or not, this group of experts and scholars just want to come up with a charter.

What about the boss.


    Moreover, Xiao Xiao has successfully predicted the occurrence of many things.

They would rather believe it or not.

Various emergency solutions are planned in advance, and they should be considered from all aspects as much as possible.

The more detailed they are, the more cleaner and neater they are.


    This question and answer, the whole day passed, and they found that Xiao Xiao is very special, if the dream was woven, how did Xiao Xiao make things so complete


    Seeing the big from the small, such a meticulous world is too real, and the real is terrifying.


    So they asked more and more questions seriously, and their thoughts changed from being a little careless at the beginning to waiting for the last time.


    Xiao Xiao is not a professional for these sincerity, but she is willing to give the greatest assistance.

After all, saving a life is like creating a seven-level embossing, and the most important thing is that Xiao Xiao has her own selfishness.


    Here is a hypothetical theory: how did the zombie king come into being


    The answer given by Xiao Xiao is: cardinality.


    The so-called cardinal number means that the number is too large to prompt the emergence of a leader in a group, which is a biological instinct.


    In other words, reducing the appearance of zombies, in addition to saving people, can also greatly reduce the evolution speed of zombies, and at the same time it will affect the speed of level promotion of power users and mutant beasts.


    After all, this is a food chain, yes, to describe it in the most cold-blooded way, humans eat mutant beasts, mutant beasts hunt zombies, zombies attack humans, and even the order is reversed and disordered.

The strongest group of creatures stood at the top of the Bone Pyramid.


    What Xiao Xiao has to do is to fundamentally slow down this progress.

After all, with her current force, she cannot be said to be invincible.


    As she said before, mental power is suitable for one-on-one, subsidy, or plot calculations, and it is not aggressive, which means that Xiao Xiao is very insecure now.


    This kind of thinking is hidden deep in Xiao Xiao's heart, driving her to make this series of seemingly bizarre reactions, which can be clearly seen from building a fortress, finding allies, announcing the situation in her dreams, and even highly hiding her anomalies.


    She can now hint at a lot of people or manipulate a small group of people in one breath, but deep down she feels that it is not enough.

The memory of being besieged by zombies is too unforgettable and branded in her heart.


    It's too hard to eradicate these symptoms unless she's really strong enough to be fearless one day.


    What about being bitten by a snake once and being afraid of rope grass for ten years is the best portrayal of Xiao Xiao's heart now, but she herself doesn't know that.


    She just blindly followed her inner instinct, and Xiao Xiao was essentially a twenty-nine-year-old girl.


    Although she has experienced being bullied, jailed, avenged and murdered, and even seven years of apocalyptic memories that she doesn't know if it's true or not, these seem to be wonderful but very monotonous lives, but she has too little experience.


    Even the largest part of that memory was written by Gu Chen.

Gu Chen paved a road for Xiao Xiao in that dream that seemed to be true and illusory.

The worst and most painful things were left out in very far away, except that in the end she sneaked out to kill herself, and she succeeded.


    Even if it is the spirit behind the back sixty years, she can only look at Gu Chen, and she can't even think about it.

After all, she can't eat, drink, sleep, move, speak, and no one can see you.

Thinking about it carefully, it would be stupid to want a horse in this situation, and crazy to want a horse!


    Although Xiao Xiao thought she was mature enough, in fact she was still a little girl.


    After such a long question and answer period, Gu Chen looked at the watch in his hand and said, "Okay! Stop!"


    There was silence for a moment, and a professor who had just asked half of the question seemed to be suddenly strangled by the neck.


    Looking at the situation at the scene, Gu Chen said: "From the day until now, what time do you guys look at! We came in at 8 in the morning and have been discussing for nearly a whole day!"


    "I heard it clearly from the side just now.

You already have all the information that you should ask.

Don't ask the other extra questions.

I don't want the Gu family to spend so much money to invite a group of wine buckets."


    Everyone understands that Gu Chen is very angry now, but it is no wonder that the topic has gradually turned to the left side half an hour ago, but Xiao Xiao didn't understand and answered seriously.


    At first, Gu Chen didn't stop like a joke, but it turned out that Xiao Xiao didn't respond after being asked for half an hour, only then did she realize that she was really stupid, not pretending!


    Gu Chen was angry and funny about this situation, so he had to come forward to control the situation.


    "That's it for today, I'll give you two weeks to prepare all the plans, and that Professor Sun!" Xiao Xiao stared at a gray-haired old man in the crowd who seemed to be in his 60s or 70s but was still full of energy Grandpa said: "Since you are so interested in Miss Xiao's interpersonal relationship, how to report it to the above and make them believe it is up to you!"


    This old fox learned about the 'precognitive dream' from the details described by Xiao Xiao 'Gu Chen and Xiao Xiao have a very deep bond, and they kept knocking and trying to dig something out, so mad at him!


    Gu Chen said sullenly: You want to pass me on something I don't even know yet No way!


    After he finished speaking, he took Xiao Xiao and walked outside the conference room, and said as he walked, "Professor Sun is very mature, he is very good at this aspect.

It can be said that he can achieve his method!"


    It was only when now she realized that she had been tricked a bit, but she was very excited about the fact that so many people could cooperate with her.

This was under the condition that she did not use her mental power to suggest it! The first time when she didn't cheat and accepted everyone's attention.

Xiao Xiao felt that it was not bad.


    Helping others is the foundation of happiness.

Only those who are willing to help others can understand the truth of this sentence.

The satisfaction of that kind of grateful vision cannot be described in a few words!


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