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 Chapter 2.



   On the day the end of the world came, Xiao Xiao was taking notes in the police station...


    Cough! That's right, it's the police station, because the detective who followed her was beaten by her.


    Xiao Xiao did it on purpose.

After the awakening of her mental powers, she was very sensitive to being watched.

Just like the time in prison, she always knew when someone was staring at her.


    However, since Xiao Xiao was not too familiar with the use of mental power at the time, she could only find an opportunity to lead this stalker out to see who it was


    Xiao Xiao had just dealt with the scumbags on the list at that time, and thought that someone was investigating her, but she never expected it to be a policeman!


    Under the full of malice in the prison, Xiao Xiao can decisively let them all die.

After all, they are not innocent, so Xiao Xiao has no burden to start.


    However, Xiao Xiao can't make such a ruthless hand with this kind of people's nanny.

She is performing her tasks faithfully, and her view of right and wrong has not been completely distorted.


    Of course, Xiao Xiao at that time didn't know that her newly awakened ability couldn't work on someone with very perseverance.


    Anyway, under the circumstances, she could only resort to this, and deliberately led people out and beat them, hoping that the stalker would stop following her.


    As the one who was beaten, Gu Chen was also helpless!


    He knew that he was the one who was in the wrong, so he didn't dare to fight back when he was attacked.

Anyway, the little girl was weak, so he thought it was a tickling.

If she accidentally hurt someone, it would be him who would be in trouble!


    As a star criminal policeman, he followed a little girl who just got out of prison for about half a year, and he really thought he was a pervert every day.

Anyway, with a guilt mentality, Gu Chen let Xiao Xiao have a good time.


    Gu Chen actually didn't understand this case very well, because in fact, Xiao Xiao didn't have the ability to do it directly, but all those who died unexpectedly had grievances with her.


    In other words, Xiao Xiao is a suspect with a motive for committing the crime, but in a society ruled by law, this kind of thing is very demanding of evidence!


    You must know that Xiao Xiao was convicted back then because of the relationship of 'witnesses', that is, the testimonies of the little sisters who bullied her, so that Xiao Xiao could be imprisoned so smoothly.


    Five years later, there are electronic cameras everywhere, and the video is more intuitive than human testimony.

These accidents are really 'accidental', and they can't be used as evidence to arrest Xiao Xiao.

There is no excuse for even detention, and they didn't have anything on her!


    The police had no choice but to do this, but after Gu Chen was following for half a year, Xiao Xiao, a little girl, who was acting like a normal person, going out every day to find a job, eating and socializing normally...it was extremely normal.


    However, because of these 'normal' behavior, Gu Chen felt that Xiao Xiao looked very abnormal.


    After seeing Xiao Xiao's case, Gu Chen understands very well that those so-called witnesses are false.

As a person who has been wronged, it's fine if she doesn't want to be rehabilitated after she is released from prison.

Normal people will have some complaints against them, right


    Not to mention, there are several accidental death cases in prison, and the cause has not yet been found out!


    And when she was released from prison, Xiao Xiao did not respond after the serial death incident, which was very strange.


    However, Gu Chen couldn't figure out what method Xiao Xiao used to get revenge, so he could only keep following, hoping to catch him someday.


    In fact, three months ago, Gu Chen's boss had already instructed that these serial accident cases could be closed.

Anyway, it showed that it was an accident, and there was no point in chasing it any further.


    However, Gu Chen was very unhappy with the result.


    You know, in order to prove his ability, he ran out of his home to attend the police academy in K city, and his grades in the school were very impressive.


    Since Gu Chen successfully graduated from the police academy, he has never encountered a case that cannot be solved.

Some clues that are easily overlooked are right in front of him.


    After proving that he is very capable, the police, looking at the face of the Gu family, did not have any obstacles to Gu Chen's promotion, so Gu Chen has been on the rise all the way to the top.


    This kind of pride caused him, after his first setback, to really want to understand, what was the problem


    In short, it's been half a year since he was working with this case.


    Because of this relationship, Xiao Xiao and Gu Chen formed a team like this on the day of the solar eclipse and when the apocalypse broke out, and they roamed the apocalypse along the way.


    Gu Chen awakened his thunder powers, relying on his smart mind to fight a bloody path in the end times.


    Xiao Xiao is different.

After she has the spiritual ability, she awakens the space ability again and becomes a mobile warehouse.


    Her space ability was not large at the beginning, and she could only hold medicines or more precious weapons.

Fortunately, her space gradually increased over time, and her position in the team gradually became more stable.


    Xiao Xiao has always kept her mental system well hidden, and even did some extra physical training and shooting training for the sake of confidentiality.

After his movements are a lot neater, he can gradually fight sporadic zombies with mental powers.


    Normally, Xiao Xiao would not use her mental power unless she had to, but every time she used it, it would be a lore, and she would not leave alive.

The main target was those beasts who thought badly about her.


    Of course, this is not the case many times, so Gu Chen, the closest teammate, doesn't know that Xiao Xiao is a dual-type ability user.


    Xiao Xiao is lucky.


    Her luck is that when the apocalypse broke out, Xiao Xiao hugged a golden thigh inlaid with 24K pure gold.

Along the way, she followed Gu Chen to collect younger brothers, build bases, organize forces, and fight zombies.


    Xiao Xiao can be said to have lived smoothly until the seventh year after the end of the world.


    In fact, in comparison, Xiao Xiao lived a lot better life than before the end of the world.

After all, she has been on the side of being bullied since she was a child.

If it wasn't for the sudden awakening of her mental power, she might be living in such a miserable life now!


    But at the same time, Xiao Xiao was also unfortunate.


    Gu Chen and Xiao Xiao met in K City, but K City is narrow and crowded, and the zombies are like waves.

As long as they attract zombies, they will come in waves one after another.

The two of them escaped with great difficulty.

The Y city base was established in Y city six months after the end of the world.


    After Gu Chen established the Y city base, the survivors near the base gradually gathered and re-established the rules.


    However, Xiao Xiao, as the only flower beside Gu Chen, the base's patron, will inevitably be envied by the women more or less.


    It's not that women don't want to go out and fight zombies, it's just that their natural physical problems make it impossible for them to fight outside for as long as men do.


    After all, in addition to the fact that women's natural physical strength is slightly worse than that of men, there are also a few days of each month when the blood energy during that time will attract zombies, which is destined to be far more difficult for women to survive than men.


    What's more, many girls were raised by pampering, surrounded by all kinds of protectors, so even in the end of the world, there are still a group of people who live very luxuriously, can't see the crisis outside, just want to fight for power and profit, and only stay at the base all day.

The guns and arrows were shot back and forth.


    Among them, the most 'insidious' arrow is Gu Chen's 'pseudo' married wife...

Lin Dai'er.


    Lin Dai'er, as her name suggests, is just like the Daiyu girl in A Dream of Red Mansions.

She is delicate and soft, she speaks softly, her skin is as white as grease, and she is the standard of a whole beauty.


    It fits the aesthetics of men very well.


    As for, why is it a fake married wife and not a fiancee


    This is to mention the relationship between the Gu family and the Lin family.


    This was originally an agreement between Mr.

Gu and Mr.


Originally, the sons were going to get married, but unfortunately, both sides only have sons, so two sons can't be married, right There was no such open atmosphere back then!


    As a result, it was postponed to the grandchildren.

Gu Chen himself is not sensitive to this kind of white lotus flower, but most of the management of the base in Y City still relies on the Lin family.


    In order to maintain the apparent stability, he had to be under the threat of the Lin family.


    During these desperate days, Xiao Xiao and Gu Chen established a rather deep relationship.


    If Zhenxiao described it, it is probably a little more than AUO, but not full of lovers.


    Because of Xiao Xiao's introverted personality, she was destined not to be the active party, but Gu Chen, who should have taken the initiative, was silent in order to contain the Lin family, and did not pierce this thin blog's paper.


    For the stability of the base, the love of children is even more insignificant in this apocalypse.


    And this delay is seven years.


    In the seventh year of the apocalypse, the purification potion was finally developed.

The potion was made based on the ability of the psychic to resist viruses.

That is to say, as long as the potion is used, antibodies will be produced.

Although it will not change into a corpse after being bitten, but It is still possible to be eaten by zombies.


    Nonetheless, this is already a great boon for human beings, at least ordinary people dare to fight and dare to fight, so that the combat power of human beings is even higher.


    At this time, Xiao Xiao died unfortunately.

She died in the Lin family's conspiracy, perhaps with some accidents.


    Because not long after the purifying potion was announced, the Lin family induced Xiao Xiao to go with the army by issuing a mission.

For this reason, they even joined a team led by a sixth-level ability user, with a full fifty high-end combat power.

Almost all the force on Lin Jiaming's face.


    The task was to go to the Research Institute of City A to retrieve an important piece of data.

This whole bureau is designed to bury the uncertain factor of Xiao Xiao.

There is only one goal, so that Xiao Xiao will never come back!


    Before this, Xiao Xiao basically followed Gu Chen's actions, and rarely joined unfamiliar teams to go out of the city together.


    But at this point, unless there is an intractable zombie king, Gu Chen will take action.

Otherwise, he will be sitting at the base most of the time.

This time, it is because the base needs to be expanded and he needs to go out for inspections, so Xiao Xiao is left alone in the base to rest.



    After the Lin family received the news that Xiao Xiao did not go out with Gu Chen, they acted decisively.


    This opportunity is very rare.

Now the base is short of Gu Chen's sphere of influence.

As long as Xiao Xiao does not exist, the entire base is theirs!


    The Lin family's plan was perfect.


    In their thinking, they only need to sacrifice a few powers who may have different opinions to be buried with Xiao Xiao, then plead guilty to Gu Chen and bring up the marriage again.

In this case, for the stability of the base, Gu Chen will definitely agree.


    Considering the fact that the Gu family is not in K City, but far away in M ​​City, as long as they get married, isn't Gu Chen letting them handle it


    They can completely rely on this method to achieve the goal of completely controlling the K City base.


    After the appearance of the purification agent, Mr.

Lin held a meeting at home.

This meeting was mainly to discuss the future development, and the conclusion of the meeting was very simple, because they believed that the end of the apocalypse was not far away, and new rules must have new The ruler of , this is what the Lin family planned.


    They thought beautifully, but unfortunately, they didn't expect Gu Chen's ambiguous attitude to be short-lived, so their assumptions were destined to not come true.


    However, in this plot, they missed one item.


    Xiao Xiao was originally a steamed bun, but now it is a bean paste bun.

The inside is very dark.

At the beginning of this operation, Xiao Xiao felt it was strange, but she was so arrogant that she ignored the warnings issued by her spiritual power and ran away by herself.


    As a result, she was framed by the power user of the Lin family, and one of them was besieged by several zombie kings without paying attention.

Even after using all her mental power, Xiao Xiao couldn't save herself, and in the end she could only perish with the entire Lin family team.


    Lin Wei is the team leader of the Lin family this time.

He is a sixth-level wind power user, and he is also the executor of the task of secretly destroying Xiao Xiao this time.


    Originally, he thought that he would be able to escape while the chaos and retreated safely.

As a result, when the corpse tide came, Xiao Xiao was suddenly stopped by her mental power, and he felt the stiffness of his body, which made him extremely frightened.



    Xiao Xiao sneered at Lin Wei and the corpse kings who gradually surrounded her, and said, "Do you still want to harm me Since I can't escape, let's just die together! Hahaha, do you think i will let the Lin family live happy life"


    Since Lin Wei has reached level 6, Xiao Xiao can't control him completely, so Lin Wei could still speak.


    "No...impossible! Aren't you a space power user You...you have a a spiritual system! The information is wrong! Damn it! Ahhhh!" Before dying, Lin Wei shouted loudly, but this also became his dying words, because after saying this, he was eaten by the Corpse King and died.


    How did it happen


    For this mission, Lin Wei deliberately brought a newly developed experiment to kill zombies—the blood grenade.


    The design of this grenade is very special.

In short, the concentrated blood of high-level power users is added to the outer layer, and it can be divided into two stages.


    In the first stage, the smell will be emitted before the explosion, and the nearby corpses will smell the wind.


    The second stage, the explosion! Blast a giant pit directly on the spot, and by the way eliminate the zombies that were attracted.


    In order to frame Xiao Xiao, Lin Wei turned off the explosion function, leaving only the function to lure zombies.


    After all the calculations, Lin Wei didn't count Xiao Xiao's hidden tricks.

Before arriving at the research institute in City A, he threw dozens of blood gas grenades along the road and went out.


    But there was one thing Lin Wei didn't notice, that is, the humans in City A were basically dead, and a large number of zombies caused a large number of corpse kings.


    He originally estimated that this level of attraction would only attract five or six zombie kings, but he didn't know why, but in the end there were several times more.

We have to be buried together, this transaction is totally uneconomical!


    Xiao Xiao originally only estimated that the Lin family team would attract some corpse tides with a few corpse kings.

She can handle this level completely, because she has mental powers and can come and go freely among the corpses.



    But she didn't expect that in the end, there would be dozens of times of corpse tide.

In addition, there were more than 20 zombie kings!


    Unable to escape, she could only use her psychic powers to control those 'good teammates'.

She couldn't take revenge on the Lin family, she could only take this team along to the road of hell!


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