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 Chapter 17.

The Devil

"You know the angels, the ones with pure white wings that they believe in the West, a bit like the bird man."


    Xiao Xiao wanted to use a few more vivid descriptions, and wanted Gu Chen to understand the type of those corpse kings .


    "Or, with a tail similar to a scorpion and claws on the hands, you can refer to those demons in the West."


    "These may be the type of zombie kings.

After all, most of them still can't run away from the human form, and many have animal characteristics.”


    After Xiao Xiao finished talking about the form of the corpse king, she continued to introduce other parts:


    “They are quite different: one corpse king and the other corpse king are opposite to each other, if the two sides meet there must be a fight, and the strength of each Corpse King is very different! Some have just evolved and are as easy to fight as Tier 3, and some can ruin whole city." Speaking of this, Xiao Xiao suddenly thought that the ability user hasn't been mentioned yet, so she plan to share this with Gu Chen.


    Gu Chen still focused on driving, Xiao Xiao intends to continue talking.

Anyway, let's rehearse it now, so that there will be no stage fright later.


    Xiao Xiao, who has difficulty speaking, said, what is this all about How could she say it!


    Despite her inner wailing, Xiao Xiao still had to continue the story:


    "You should still remember, I mentioned before, superhumans! People who have supernatural powers after human evolution."


    Hearing this , Gu Chen suddenly figured out something, and immediately said to Xiao Xiao: "So you used your ability to kill them before"


    This wave of straight balls came suddenly!


    "...Do you still want to listen to me Don't ask me!" Xiao Xiao was a little embarrassed, because she suddenly thought of talking about ability users, but Gu Chen still remembered this.



please continue!" Gu Chen closed his mouth a little embarrassedly, continued to act as a quiet and beautiful man, and continued to drive his car.


    Glancing at the back of Gu Chen's head, Xiao Xiaocai continued:


    "There are several main types of abilities, the most common ones are the five elements of iron, wood, water, fire, and earth, and some more exotic ones are like space, lightning, freezing, etc.

, but the tiers are the same, and the tiers are based on the degree of energy."


    "As long as the accumulated energy reaches twice, it will advance to the next stage, and the abilities that can be used also depend on the degree of energy.

Generally speaking, it becomes a supernatural power.

Those who can use 0.1 degree of energy, those with energy below 1 degree are considered as new born superpowers, and their aggression is not so strong."


    "There is a division between 10 degrees and 100 degrees, and it is a small threshold to advance to the fourth rank, but it only takes time to pass most of it."


    "The seventh rank is not the case, only the best among the superpowers can advance successfully, even in the years after my death in my dream, it is rare.

It can be said that it is comparable to the legendary gods who destroyed the world and moved mountains and seas."


    "Each type of power user has a different attack method, and the number of power users initially accounted for about ten percent of the survivors.

One, and gradually increase over time, that is to say, the survivors who were ordinary people at the beginning also have the opportunity to become superhumans."


    "The levels of superhumans and zombies are not calculated together, it does not mean that the first-order zombies have only one level.

Power users can deal with it, and the level of zombies is different from the level span of power."


    "With the increase of power users, zombies and mutant beasts are also increasing, so the situation of human beings is still very difficult."


    At this point, the mood is very complicated.


    After all, in that memory, apart from the disaster in which the human race was almost wiped out in the early stage, the situation after the establishment of the bases has stabilized.

As a result, the nature of human beings to kill has been brought into full play.


    What's more, in the back-spirit period, she even saw that in the secret report that Gu Chen received, several bases actually wanted to manipulate zombies.

As a result, a research institute was set up in the base.

As a result, the outside corpse king felt that and he sent an army to destroy it.


    The Zombie King's interest in human beings is quite high, but in fact, most of the real battles in the apocalypse are between zombies and mutant beasts, and human beings are actually just playing soy sauce.


    The order of magnitude is really too different.

Generally speaking, humans go to the site of zombies and mutant beasts in order to collect materials, professional equipment or some important information.


    In that case, if zombies or mutant beasts took the initiative to attack human beings, human beings would have been completely wiped out, and at most a small group of people would be left to live in hiding.


    However, there are too many people who are not greedy enough to swallow elephants.

In many bases, some people die to attract hatred, and they even follow one after another, which is why the corpses are attracted to destroy these bases.


    Many people were kept in the dark, thinking that the zombies were actively attacking, and as a result, many epic hero stories were triggered.


    All of this is only from the greed of a few people.


    After all, the enemies of mankind are only human beings.

After all, since the history of the world, human beings have been constantly challenging the limit of death.


    In the various records in the History of Danqing, the battle is never-ending, and the history of human beings is the history of wars spread out from countless flesh and blood.


    It's not easy to get peace and quiet, but there are always people who want to come out to make trouble, for the sake of desire and profit, treat human life like a mustard, and use the people as a tool for their own power-seeking.

Are such selfish thieves still rare Look at the Three Kingdoms period, look at the Warring States period.


    These bases don’t count themselves dead, because zombie sieges are mostly triggered by the commander of the corpse king, and as long as the corpse king tastes the sweetness of the siege once, it may trigger the next siege again.


    Anyway, this is a vicious circle, and all Xiao Xiao can do now is to explain as much as possible, hoping to avoid these tragedies from happening.


    Gu Chen saw that Xiao Xiao seemed to have introduced a paragraph, and after she didn't speak any more, he said: "If this is the case, does that mean that power users are not very rare It should be said that power users are among the human beings.

Then they are soldiers, a group of people who were chosen as the last line of defense for mankind"


    After all, in Gu Chen's conception, the powers should be extremely rare, but Xiao Xiao's mouth does not seem to be the case, at least the number is to a certain extent of.


    Hearing Gu Chen's words, Xiao Xiao thought it was a bit ridiculous, and said with a slightly sarcastic voice, with a sharper voice: "Maybe so, but unfortunately most of the power users only want to deal with their own people after they have reached the level, the knife aim at your own stomach! If you can unite sooner, the troubled times may be over! How can there be so many tragedies!!"


    Xiao Xiao also knows that this cannot happen, after all, they are people, unless someone has the ability to overpower the pack, such as Gu Chen in memory, otherwise the beacon fire will not stop.


    Since Xiao Xiao was born, what she has received the most is not the kindness of human beings, but more unfair treatment.


    Gu Chen couldn't do anything about it, after all, this is the reality, the past has passed, and he can't change it.


    Perhaps, Gu Chen should be fortunate, at least at this moment Xiao Xiao still has a bright light in her heart, and is willing to pass on his goodwill, rather than stand on the sidelines with a world-destroying mentality.


    Otherwise, if no one warns the end of the world, it will be like Xiao Xiao's prediction dream, with heavy casualties, mourning everywhere, people living in poverty, bloodshed and drifting, causing all kinds of turmoil and bloody incidents.


    But what Gu Chen didn't know was that the bright light in Xiao Xiao's heart was exactly himself in that dream!


    It was Gu Chen who brought light to Xiao Xiao and hope in the end times!


    "This..." Gu Chen said, "I can't guarantee all mankind, but I can guarantee that I will do my best to prevent these things from happening."


    In addition to this kind of pale and powerless remarks that can be exported, Gu Chen is also speechless, the reality is so cruel.


    "This has nothing to do with you." Xiao Xiao said: "At least in that dream, you did a good job!"


    Then, neither party spoke again until the car arrived at the destination.

Xiao Xiao originally had something to say, but just thinking of the negative episodes in that memory, she felt that she needed to calm down.


    Moreover, Xiao Xiao understands that she can't bring out such negative emotions when she explains later.

After all, the group of experts and professors are really a group of people who think about human beings, and they are not the targets that Xiao Xiao hates.


    Everyone has angels and demons in their hearts.

Morality is the only shackle that can bind oneself in troubled times.


    When the law can no longer control chaos, and when someone unleashes the demons in their hearts, there will only be chaos and destruction.


    But at least, there are far more people with angelic hearts than demons among human beings.

Kindness is the innate instinct of human beings.

Human beings can eventually resist aliens and regain their lost soil, that is, relying on the unremitting struggle of this group of people.


    As the car continued to drive, Xiao Xiao also closed her eyes, expressing that she did not want to speak.


    Gu Chen saw this situation in the rear-view mirror, and thoughtfully did not speak again.

Although he was still full of doubts, he still knew gentleman etiquette.


    Xiao Xiao didn't know that in Gu Chen's eyes, in that dream, she was like a cute and pitiful little animal.

In order to survive, she kept sending out temptations, but she was hurt again and again by the darkness.

Finally, she resisted and armed herself.

She has teeth and claws, but she still can't change the fact that she is a small animal.


    During that time, Gu Chen was attracted to her and wanted to redeem her.


    In that dream, Gu Chen defiantly took a useless space power user by his side and taught her by example.

You must know that the space power user is not so indispensable to her.


    Now it seems that Gu Chen's education is very successful, because Xiao Xiao is willing to find someone to tell all this before returning to the end of the world.


    Sow what, reap what!


    This is also the reason why Gu Chen always wants to kick Xiao Xiao's ass unconsciously when he gets along with Xiao Xiao several times.


    Because he has compassion from the bottom of his heart, but he doesn't even know it himself.


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