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 Chapter 16.

Interpretation of Dreams

Xiao Xiao didn't expect Gu Chen to play stupid with her.

After all, in Xiao Xiao's dream, when he was not familiar with it at first, Gu Chen was an unsmiling spokesperson.

He was very strict in his work and took everything seriously.


    It was not until later that the two gradually became acquainted with each other, and their conversation gradually eased, and occasionally they made small jokes.


    After careful calculation, Xiao Xiao has only met Gu Chen for the second time since she was released from prison.

Was the process of acquaintance eaten by dogs!


    Although Xiao Xiao kept roaring in her heart, her face was still calm, so she explained, "No, you know what I'm talking about"


    At this point, Xiao Xiao paused and said, "Okay, I confess, I bought a piece of land in the suburbs of K City, and I want to build a fort there.

At least it can resist those disasters, but if it is absolutely not enough according to the civil standards, you must know..."


    Xiao Xiao looked up from the rear mirror and glanced at Gu Chen who was driving, seeing that he seemed to be listening, she continued to explain go down.


    "In my dream, the zombies weren't so scary at first, it's just that humans have been at ease for too long, and this kind of cataclysm will bring such terrifying casualties.

What I want to defend against will appear after a period of time.

The mutant beast."


    After hearing Xiao Xiao's explanation, Gu Chen didn't plan to continue pretending, anyway, he just made fun of her: "The mutant beast You mentioned it last time, you said this beast in your dream or other plants are edible."


    Gu Chen is a little puzzled, after all, in the end of the world, whether it is a movie like Resident Evil, or all kinds of apocalypse, zombies are the first threat, and some authors may set a mutation Beast, but it will not be mainstream.


    After what Xiao Xiao said last time, Gu Chen did not wait until there was a tsunami before proceeding to investigate.

Instead, he collected evidence from various sources and informed his family.

Using his contacts to determine that many abnormal events were not accidental.


    Gu Chen even made up for those doomsdays that he had never touched.

Although they were all written without evidence, there are not many people who can learn from them.


    "Yes, mutant beasts, they generally don't take the initiative to attack humans," Xiao Xiao and Gu Chen have already started to discuss her 'precognitive dream', one thing happened by coincidence, but a series of events are going according to prophecy.

It would be terrifying if it happened.


    "They even like to hunt zombies very much.

In the later period of my dream, about 80% of the zombies had disappeared when humans regained their lost soil.

It was no accident that the mutant beasts were eliminated."


    "And, the main changes of mutant beasts are that their bodies have become larger, their furs have become extremely hard, and their claws and teeth have become very sharp.

Correspondingly, their food intake has also become extremely large, and some of them will even evolve supernatural abilities!"


    Hearing this, Gu Chen was also a little surprised, but his face still had a wrinkled expression.

He thought that the main threat was from zombies, but he never thought that there was such a beast.


    "According to civilian specifications, ordinary buildings are fine to defend against zombies, but it is far from enough to defend against mutant beasts!" Xiao Xiao finally made a conclusion.


    Then there was silence in the car.

Gu Chen was silently digesting Xiao Xiao's words just now.

In fact, Xiao Xiao didn't realize the most important point, and it seemed that her waistcoat was accidentally ripped off by herself.


    Don't get it Then let's do a simple analysis.


    First of all, Xiao Xiao said that mutant beasts like to hunt zombies, and secondly, she said that she wanted to establish measures to defend against mutant beasts.


    This is the first point.


    Furthermore, Xiao Xiao's speech was 'attacking humans' instead of 'attacking us', which means that she did not regard herself as a human being in this sentence.


    This is the second point.


    Of course, generally speaking, normal people don’t think too much about it.

They only think that what Xiao Xiao said is to defend against zombies, and in order to be strong enough, they want to find some military-grade materials to build defenses, and go a step further.

Defend against mutant beasts that may attack.


    But in Gu Chen's eyes, all these clues are very fatal.


    Fortunately, at present, Gu Chen has not noticed the news revealed by Xiao Xiao inadvertently.


    After all, Xiao Xiao hasn't shown any clues yet, so he didn't think about it.


    At this moment, Gu Chen is also running according to the normal thinking, and even thinking about whether the previous plan needs to be completely overturned and restarted.


    The tsunami that Xiao Xiao mentioned earlier has also happened, and even the time is very punctual.

This impact on Gu Chen is not small, it is completely unscientific, right


    But no matter how unscientific it is, what happened is still happening.

Gu Chen, who has received elite training, can quickly adjust his state and quickly organize his thoughts.


    In short, let's hold a five-second silence for Xiao Xiao's own death and wrong words, one, two, three, four, five, well, it's time!


    The car was still driving on the main road.

After being quiet for a while, Xiao Xiao looked at the scenery outside the window and found that they didn't seem to be on their way to the police station, so she blurted out the question directly: "Cough...

Where are we going"


    Hearing Xiao Xiao's question, Gu Chen said amusedly: "I have specially hired a few crisis management experts and some authoritative people.

You can describe the situation in your dream later.

Of course, be as detailed as possible."


    Xiao Xiao was a little surprised when she heard Gu Chen's answer.


    After all, she thought that she would explain it to Gu Chen first, and then Gu Chen reported these things, and then there would be nothing to do with her.


    After seeing Xiao Xiao's strange expression in the rear mirror, Gu Chen couldn't help but laugh, and said, "Don't worry, I won't sell you! And most importantly, I have corroborated many aspects.

The signs you mentioned, what should and should not have happened, have already happened.

Even the fishes along the coast have some strange symptoms recently, all of which are signs of the possibility of the future.

There are variations."


    "I wouldn't believe you, if I didn't know that some unscientific things happened to you," Gu Chen meant something, Xiao Xiao also understood that Gu Chen was referring to the Several cases of accidental death in prison, "And your prophecy has also come true, so I take it seriously!"


    Gu Chen briefly explained a few words to Xiao Xiao, comforted her by the way, and then continued to drive.


    "If you are tired, you can take a rest.

We are going to the observation station that is some distance away from K City.

The nearest professors are there.

It takes about an hour to drive."


    This is also because Gu Chen did not stop Xiao Xiao from going up.

The reason for the back seat, etc.

may be an uphill battle, it is better to let her rest first, after all, there are enough people to go there at the time.


    Gu Chen had just arrived at Xiao Xiao without contacting her first, but the time arrangement was more urgent, so he drove Xiao Xiao directly there without discussing it with her in advance.


    Hearing Gu Chen say this, Xiao Xiao also understands, anyway, she is frank and lenient today, right


    Although it exceeded her expectations, it was okay.

After all, she believed in Gu Chen very much in her heart.

Even she herself did not know where it came from.


    Xiao Xiao thought for a while, since there is still a long way to go, let's just mention some details to Gu Chen first, and prepare for the explanation by the way.


    So, Xiao Xiao first picked a few important things to say:


    "If that's the case, then I'll tell you about my dream first.

There are four main stages of zombies..." Xiao Xiao, who is suspected to be fifth-tier zombie, saved some information for later.


    "In the first stage, there is a need for the flesh and blood of living beings, and they mainly hunt by smell and sound, but they have no brains, and their strength and speed are within the range that ordinary people can handle.

The only thing stronger than humans is endurance."


    "I don't know how they act in the dream, but I'm pretty sure it's a mass of walking dead that stops moving only when the brain is completely destroyed, and the infection is very high, whether it's scratched by them with their fingernails, if bitten or infected by their saliva and body fluids, they may become zombies."


    "Ability users are basically immune to all infections, so most of them are fighting on the front line, but when people are killed, they will become zombies.

Not being infected does not mean that there is no danger, so power users also need to pay attention to as little injury as possible."


    "The second stage is more complicated, they have a relatively fast speed, about the strength of two or three adult men.

Quantity it is relatively rare, and will only appear in about three months.

Basically, it is still humanoid, but at first everyone didn’t know that they would evolve and kill many people, and it was not until the news spread that the casualties were reduced.”


    “The third stage is the most dangerous .

The third-order zombie is more terrifying than the second-order, because the watershed of the third-tier zombie is the ability.

As long as the ability evolves, it will become the third-order zombie.

Whether it is the first-tier or the second-tier, there is a chance to evolve the ability.

They basically have simple thinking, so they can't continue to kill them by hunting beasts."


    "The fourth stage is the corpse king," When Xiao Xiao said this, she suddenly remembered the few that besieged her at the beginning.

Now, after replaying her memory, she found that some things seemed to be different, but when she had time to think back and forth, she should explain the words to Gu Chen first.


    "The Corpse King" Hearing Xiao Xiao's unexpected silence, Gu Chen immediately asked a question, indicating that he was still listening, and motioned for Xiao Xiao to continue explaining.


    "Yes, Zombie King, the most terrifying thing for them is the leader," Xiao Xiao shuddered when she said this, after all the memory of being besieged by hundreds of thousands of zombies still lingered in her mind: "It is already another kind of human being.

It can think and has wisdom, but it is more powerful than human beings.

The only disadvantage is that it needs blood.

Corpse kings are all evolved from third-order zombies, and some even evolve bodies similar to beasts."


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