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The Blackest Blood Tit for tat?

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Startled awake by Jeremy Jostling her violently. Her eyes flickered open as her hazy sight slowly setting on her Colleagues face.

"Jeremy? Where am I?" She murmured my mind foggy and thrumming with an ache. She pressed her fingers to her temple slowing massaging the tender pressure point into a softer thrums of pain as she recollected the nights events slowly. Shed cut her had and she guessed shed passed out after getting too worked up because she distinctly remembered a nightmare marring her dreams after that she was unsure.

Jeremy slowly helped her to her feet.

" I don know was happened here doc but we

e in deep **." His tone sounded as unenthusiastic as ever.

" someone must have came in and snagged John Doe and for what I have no clue but a missing body is a hell of a good way to get out asses jail time for negligence" she ran a palm over his chin and then tousled his hair signing deeply. He looked over at Kiyora with a frown. Her eyes were wide with shock. A look hed never really seen her wear in all his years of being under her. " hey Im sure once we explain to the detectives ,that are on their way, your condition theyll be more lenient and just focus on catching the bastard who decided to jack the stif" he put a hand on her shoulder.

She was trembling like a leaf. Her breath choppy she was scared and he didn understand how scared til she started to cry. She turned into him and hi wrapped a arm around her thinking she must have tried to stop who ever did come in and was still in shock from that. "Hey shhh doc its ok. Its all gonna be ok you

e safe now" Jeremy stroked her hair back and continued to sooth her softly until she was calm enough to speak.

"I don remember anything Jeremy" her words barely audible. " I can remember last night after you left its all a blur" she shook her head stepping back from his grasp.

He looked at her solemnly "its gonna be ok doc its gonna be ok" he rubbed her shoulder again as they waited for the police to arrive.

Hours later after taking statements and making arrangements they both were informed that the facilities were to be shut down til further notice and the Brahlem police department would be handling the removal of the the other bodies and the work would be transferred to another facility outside the city limits and they would call on them when they had gathered more information. Kiyora had been checked out by EMT and had her hand bandaged up and was told to see a doctor soon for her head aches if they persisted due to her cancer.

She slumped over on the bed of Jeremys pick up only wearing a long sleeve black T-shirt and her denim jeans and her old sneakers as her coat was covered in blood.

"Well doc would you like me to drive you home" Jeremy said a bit more upbeat about being off work for a while. "No thank you but you could by chance take me to the nearest bar" she said flatly as he eyed her in what seemed disbelief. " now that I can do doc"

As she gulped down what she thought was her fifth glass of some dark brooding whiskey shed stupidly picked out to help drown her racing thoughts. Jeremy gave her a nudge when she placed her head down on the bay in the crook of her arm as if to sleep. When he mumbled something after the third nudge he decided it was time to get her home.

"Hey doc Im about to take you home can you give me your house number and keys ?"

He said putting one of her arms around his neck as he helped her off the stool. He fiddled with his wallet for a second before tossing a wad on the bar.

"Hey doc?" She heard him coo again but her mind was racy and a bit blurry at the moment. Jeremy had place a free arm around her waist to steady her and began to unlock his truck as they made their way through the parking lot.

"Jermie-" Kiyora sighed out, the walk taking more energy than you had in her current state. "Yeah Kora?" He said a bit flustered by the old nicknames theyd been given way back when. "Please.. d-do not take me home"

Kiyora almost whispered the last part feeling a deep unease at the thought of going home tonight alone.

Jeremy mulled it over for a bit in his head and let out what Kiyora could only guess was an exasperated sigh at her request.

"Fine fine. Ill fix the bed up for you. Just don make ** weird." He acted nonchalantly but she knew what he meant. She was almost one to pry and prod especially when intoxicated. Thats what had damaged their friendship years ago before she was orphaned. Then she was alone up until they got jobs at the same mortuary two summers ago. Theyd worked well together but never stepped back into friendship until now whoever they toed the thin line of acquaintanceship.

The drive was short but the silence made it feel like a small eternity. Kiyoras mind swam with unease. She kept closing her eyes and seeing clawed grotesque hands hanging above her head as a dark liquid drips onto her face. She startled awake every few minutes only to have another dream. Her head tilting back on a black upholstered chaise lounge chair. Her vision blurred but she could feel the cold air nipping at her skin. Her torso and arms prickling to life with the cool bite of air.

She shook her head palming each of her shoulders with a shudder. For a second she wondered where Jeremy went and where she was before wondering more on her state of dress. Or the lack thereof.

Her bare arms almost stung it was so cold. She felt something like a stabbing pain in her throat when she ran her fingers across what felt like a thin clasp of metal. She felt panic and bile rise up her throat as she began to Sputter and hack and arch off the chaise lounger trying desperately to cover her mouth and a she coughed and hacked up a deep thick liquid all over her self and hands while simultaneously struggling not to choke more against the bind around her throat. Her eyes becoming teary as she catches her breath only to open them. Her vision slowly coming too with a horrific sight of her hands covered in what looks like blood she began to feel around her mouth and taste the iron in the back of her throat. The blood trailing down her chest and dripping down the valley of her breast to her abdomen before trickling down the sides of her hips. She was suddenly aware of her nakedness and her dark gloomy surroundings as her gaze became more focused it fell upon a familiar face.

And suddenly a rush of dread and fear pierced her thoughts violently as she screamed.

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